The O-Bot Chronicles – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: “Galena”

(Continued from The O-Bot Chronicles – Chapter 2)

Galena Porkulin awoke at 5 am sharp. She needed no alarm clock; the early years in the Soviet Army left her with that uncanny ability. She still considered herself KGB, although the KGB was officially disbanded and her old masters had new jobs in the Russian government. As she set off for her short two-mile morning run, she went over in her mind the conversation she had with her handler and mentor Boris Krushkin the day before.

Krushkin attained quite a following in the Kremlin as the former KGB apparatchik began to give his predictions of massive disruptions in the United States economy followed by riots and political disintegration in 2010.  Obama, he felt, had been a windfall, the perfect scapegoat for a country that had only a thin veneer of tolerance over an essentially racist population. Krushkin had every intention of making his prediction come true. Galena Porkulin was his tool.

Galena’s cover story was that she was a Russian Jew that emigrated to Israel and then to the United States. Her job with the online news site WorldDailyNet put her in a position to manipulate the largely uneducated American population with the propaganda techniques they taught her at the KGB Akademy. Her three-pronged plan of attack was:

  1. Undermine all Obama administration efforts at economic recovery, capture the news cycles and promote populist solutions that would deepen the economic crisis and increase desperation among the population
  2. Create dissention among the armed forces. Play on the racist tendencies of some soldiers, and the patriotic tendencies in others and turn them all against the chain of command and make them feel that they had no alternative to open revolt.
  3. Create a disinformation network among the general population and to lead them to create alternative political institutions to rival legitimate government. The method was to lead states to call Constitutional Conventions which would turn to Secession Conventions after the model of the US Civil War.

Galena was quite the student of the genesis of the First US Civil War (as she called it holding in her mind the glorious destruction of her contemplated second). Clearly she needed a modern equivalent of John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry to kickstart creation of civilian vigilante militias, which would be the core of her new “patriot secessionist army”. “Revenge is sweet” she thought, recalling that old Russian saying. “The Communists will have the last laugh.”

The first order of business after a shower and breakfast was to call that crazy California lawyer and feed her the latest bit of news for her rabid network of agents across the US. Galena had been feeding the lawyer increasingly improbable stories until the lawyer was conditioned to accept any and everything, including the calls for revolt in the armed forces. Getting military men from Iraq to join in the lawsuits was master stroke in support of her attempts to render the US military impotent.

To be continued…

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