National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records


Andy Martin-Trigona

He’s baaaaaaaaack!

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin is convening a National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records: April 3-4, Washington, DC according to (a free self-service press release site) sponsored by Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama. You know, I was one of a handful of members of the McGovern million man club. Ah, those were the heady days when liberals were really liberal and conservatives were reasonably intelligent. But I digress.

It looks like the main purpose of the press announcement was to publicize his need for money. Yessir, more money!

Why we need your financial support

We raised enough money last month to file our Notice of Appeal and keep alive the lawsuit seeking disclosure of Obama’s original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate in the Hawai’i court system. A hearty and sincere thank you to all who contributed.

We now have new financial needs:

First, as noted above, on April 3-4 we will convene the first National Conference on Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records in Washington, DC. His personal records are now historical documents. Why is he concealing them? Why?

We timed our conference to coincide with the Cherry Blossom Festival, when there will be a potentially nationwide audience of visitors in Washington. Putting on the conference will take money. If you want to financially support the meeting, we could use your help.

…Second, the Attorney General of Hawai’i has demanded approximately $600 to cover the costs of reproducing the freedom-of-information materials we requested from his office and the Hawai’i Department of Health. Without financial support, we can’t obtain those copies. We don’t know what is in the freedom of information paperwork, but we hate to let those materials go by default. Please help. We would love to raise enough money to have these documents available at the National Conference.

It looks like it is OK with him of you show up, but mainly he wants the money. Good grief, I leave tips bigger than $600.

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17 Responses to National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records

  1. Ian Gould says:

    He claims to have a JD degree and an adjunct Professorship and he can’t raise $600?

  2. myson says:

    what exactly is an ‘internet powerhouse’ he keeps refering to himself by ?

  3. He was never admitted to the bar because of his psych tests.

  4. Ian Gould says:

    I’m not sure but it clearly doesn’t pay particularly well.

  5. myson says:

    Maybe he should change it to ‘internet nuclear bomb’ so he can make more money ??

  6. Bob Weber says:

    He’s an internet powerhouse because he can send you electricity by e-mail. Just deposit money to his bank account. {;^)

  7. Jason says:

    Good one, That was funny

  8. Mike says:

    Actually, Andy Martin is an internet powerhouse because his brain is so powerful that the internet relies on it to function. If he had a head injury, none of us could post here. True story.

  9. neonzx says:

    $600 is all that’s holding him back from throwing Obama out of the White House?

    Yet, he’s going to put on a ‘conference’ at the Capital Hilton. Uh huh. How much are guest rooms and meeting space going to cost him?

    To his credit, it seems he avoid using the ‘internet powerhouse’ description this time.

  10. thisoldhippie says:

    What is she up to now??

    The latest from Dr. Orly…A Call to Action!

    Thank you and let’s keep working until Obama resigns or until he is removed.
    Thank you all for your beautiful, warm words of support. It really touched my heart to read some 160 comments that were posted so far. Thank you for your prayers. Those kept me safe so far and hopefully will keep me safe in the future. It is interesting that completely deranged Obama thugs are now posting messages on the blogs saying that this meeting never happened and Roberts doesn’t have Secret Service protection. It is particularly laughable in light of the fact that their own leftist liberal newspaper Seattle Observer posted an article confirming the event, my presence there, my plea to Roberts and his request to give the papers to his Secret Service. (it is on this blog below). Albeit they twisted my words and the reaction of the audience, they confirmed that I was there, they stated that I have brought documents of Obama’s lack of eligibility and letters of half a million citizens and Roberts told me to give the documents to the Secret Service.
    After the event a number of students and professors have approached me and stated that it was an example of devotion and zealous advocacy, they commended me on it, they have given me their names and asked how can they help. Most of them stated that I had more guts then 99 percent of the people.
    We have to move on and continue our research, lobbying politicians and demanding action from our law enforcement and judiciary. Please, let’s work together to end this nightmare of illegal and criminal activity, surrounding Obama, as soon as possible:
    1. I need your help in sending by certified mail with my return address letters to Attorney Generals of each state, demanding immediate criminal investigation, Grand Jury and subpoena of records
    2. Demanding quo warranto proceedings by every US attorney and criminal investigation, Grand Jury and subpoenas
    3. Demand Judicial hearings and subpoena of records by the State and US Representatives and Senators.
    4. Looking for decent judges with some guts that would issue subpoenas
    5. Federal employees joining us and requesting that all of their federal agencies demand Obama’s proof odf qualification or immediate resignation or removal, as Federal employees cannot be true to their oath to uphold the Constitution with Foreign National usurping the White House
    6. Each and every member of the military should write 138 grievance to Secretary Gates, Chief of Staff Mullen and all their commanding officers, demanding that Obama proves his qualifications or is removed from the position of Commander in Chief ASAP .
    7. I need to get in touch with Martin Didier that has written articles in Chicago about the mob laundering stolen or otherwise illegal money through fictitious mortgages. that might explain all of the fictitious addresses and social security numbers for Obama in databases
    8.I need to get in touch with people running Intelius,, Lexis Nexis and Choice Point. I need to get info on how do they collect data, from what sources.
    9. I need as many articles as possible about 3 or 4 gay men, members of Trinity church that were found shot to death in a period of 45 days in the beginning of Democrat primary November-December 2007.
    10. I need info on Magic Plumbing aka Burlew Plumbing and the lean they had on the house of Kelly Mc Crum Robinson- Michelle Obama’s sister in law. I also need actual news paper articles about Magic Plumbing doing maintenance of sprinkler system in the World trade Center on 09.05.2001 and the articles from Nashville TN news papers about one of Magic Plumbing employees being arrested with a person working in the Nashville TN DMV who was accused of issuing fraudulent drivers licenses. (a woman, that later died under questionable circumstances).
    Please move fast, material is being scrubbed of the Internet awfully fast, you may need to go to the libraries and get actual papers or go to state and National Archives.
    Together we can end this nightmare soon.
    Thank you again for all your help, Orly

  11. Bob says:

    Here’s the audio from Taitz’s “question” to Roberts at the U of I:

    I think it particularly funny that at the beginning the moderator asks each person to state their affliation to the university, and to not ask a question about a case that is and will likely to become pending.

    Taitz, of course, describes her relationship to the school (flying 1000s of miles to be there!), and then talks about Lightfoot, for which she intend to file a motion for reconsideration, thus putting it into the “like to become pending” department.

  12. This is what happens when you censor your blog, and overdose on positive feedback.

  13. Gordon says:

    Everything but the kitchen sink tactic. Oh I’m sorry, Magic Plumbing, she’s including the kitchen sink.

  14. The conference started yesterday. This is the latest from Martin’s blog.

  15. ADR Productions says:

    If you want a laugh at Martin’s expense, here it is

  16. ADR Productions says:

    let’s all laugh at Andy Martin

  17. AXJ says:

    Andy deserves respect too. Let’s wish him luck in finding OBAMA’s Occidental Foreign Student records. Who the hell goes to Occidental anyway?

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