What does Strunk know, and when did he know it?

US Passport

US Passport

Strunk v. United States Department of State is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)  lawsuit filed late last year. Christopher Earl Strunk since amended his complaint to include the Department of Homeland Security. (The amended complaint file is rather large, so I haven’t uploaded it here.)

The essence of the matter is that Strunk had requested on November 22, 2008 passport and travel records for Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama. The Department of State (DOS) informed Strunk that the travel records were lodged with the Department of Homeland Security providing him with contact information there, and that all records for Barack Obama were exempted from FOIA. DOS further accepted Strunk’s request for information on passport records for Stanley Ann Dunham and assigned him a case number.

I speculate that the DHS replied similarly that the President’s travel records are exempt from FOIA, but that it would respond to the request for records of Stanley Ann Dunham.

The DOS asked the court for “more time” to prepare its response to the lawsuit, and the response is now due April 23, 2009. Strunk asked the court to reconsider granting more time, and the DOS replied to that motion and in that reply is the nugget of news.

In footnote 2, the DOS wrote:

Plaintiff has submitted three requests of which counsel is aware: two to the Department of State and one to DHS. The Department of State has provided a partial final response and is currently conducting a search for other responsive documents, and DHS has completed its search and provided a partial final response to Plaintiff (DHS has also requested additional documentation from Plaintiff as to some categories of requested documents).

Strunk has received partial replies to both requests, and those replies would have in the case of the Department of State been passport application records for Stanley Ann Dunham, and in the case of DHS, entry and exit records for Stanley Ann Dunham.

So what does Strunk know, and when did he know it?

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31 Responses to What does Strunk know, and when did he know it?

  1. Jez says:

    The question is going to be:
    When he receives the documents on Ms. Dunham’s Passport and travels, will he release them if they confirm she never went to Kenya, or did not have a passport prior to her marriage to Mr. Soetoro?

  2. nbc says:

    He already received the information. No data before 1982 I believe and three trips with protected data blacked out.

    Seems that the records just do not exist that would prove or disprove the myth one way or another.
    So on the one hand we have

    1. Hawaii certification of live birth, dated 4 days after Obama’s birth in Honolulu.
    2. Two newspaper articles with birth announcements based on Department of Health data.
    3. A school record that shows his city of birth Honolulu

    Somehow this seems a bit of an unfair advantage …

  3. That is the shoe that we’re all waiting for to drop. The Department of Homeland Security WILL REPLY to FOIA requests for Stanley Ann Dunham’s travel records. If they exist, they will answer the question for most people. If they exist, I am confident that they will show Stanley Ann Dunham did not travel to Kenya, they wipe out all of Berg’s allegations, and almost every bit of Apuzzo’s too.

    I assume the nObama’s already know the answer but they aren’t sharing.

  4. Ah, but passport records go back to 1925.

  5. Expelliarmus says:

    I think the passport records can show when Stanley Ann Dunham got her first passport and they may possibly show all records of re-entry into the US after travel… but not where the person was coming from.

    Passport holder do not to tell the US Government where they are going or where they’ve been. You don’t show your passport when leaving — only when coming back.

  6. Jez says:

    nbc –
    Where could I read about what he has received. I’m curious.

  7. NBC says:

    Valid point but the records asked for included entrance and exit information etc.

    Passport records do not include evidence of travel such as entrance/exit stamps, visas, residence permits, etc., since this information is entered into the passport book after it is issued.

  8. The key point is whether there was a passport or not. If there was a passport, I would think the nObamas would know and publicize it.

  9. Right, for that one has to ask Homeland Security. Strunk initially asked for this information from State, but was informed he had to go to DHS. He filed FOIA with DHS and added them as a defendant to his lawsuit in an amended complaint.

  10. Super!

  11. NBC says:

    But never served them apparently. Hence, Docket document 11, which you provide a link to above.

  12. Bob says:

    From the surreply:

    “Christopher-Earl: Strunk in esse”

    Someone is on the crazy train.

  13. NBC says:

    You have no idea

    In short the Jesuits are:
    A military Order NOT religious order
    They are formed to reverse the Reformation
    They are focused on the control of Jerusalem
    They are all about maintaining and increasing the wealth of the papacy
    They are the most cunning and dangerous global fighting force known
    They are sworn to five not four oaths which is their Achilles heal and have their hands into everything GLOBALLY
    The Protocols for Elders of Zion were written by the Jesuits during their exile in Prussia and Russia under Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great from 1773 to 1814.


  14. bogus info says:

    Here is this I found. How would you go about finding specific laws to Kenya regarding this in 1961?

    Anti-miscegenation laws

  15. Hitandrun says:

    “I assume the nObama’s already know the answer but they aren’t sharing.”

    Doc, any chance of you following through with your own FOIA request and sharing the answer with us?


  16. I sent in my FOIA on passport records for Stanley Ann Dunham back in January. Case Control Number: 200901145. You’ll know when I know.

    Strunk sent in his FOIA on November 22 and already has some results back. One would hope (possibly overoptimistically) that they can just look at what they did for him and send it to me.

  17. Chris Strunk says:

    4. That for the record and with no dishonor intended and if for no other reason other than as a matter of 28 USC §455 recusal clarification, Affiant asks whether or not the Court is able to make a judgment free and clear of other commitments, and must answer the following questions:
    a) Are you a member of any fraternal organization, such as the Kiwanis, The ELKS, the Society of Jesus, Opus Dei, the Knights of Columbus, Knights of the Eucharist, the Free and Accepted Scottish Right Freemasons, the Grand Orient Lodge, The Shriners, and or have dual citizenship as a member of the Order of St John Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta, Rhodes and Jerusalem (SMOM) ( )?
    b) Have you received the Thomas More award during the annual Red Mass?
    c) Have you taken any oath other than that of your oath of office?
    d) Have you taken a Knights of Columbus oath (See Exhibit 1) which is related to the Jesuit 4th level oath (see Exhibit 2)?
    e) Have you taken a Masonic oath (see Exhibit 3)?
    f) Have you taken a Kolnidre oath in which you must forgive all in your private capacity?
    g) Has Your Honor reported on the record any organizational membership, dual citizenship and or other oaths as may be construed to conflict with Your oath of office according to the Logan Act (18 USC §953)?
    5. That based upon information and belief the party-in-interest (in re 18 USC Section 371 – Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States) John O. Brennan educated by the Jesuits at Fordham University was the Deputy to George Tenent, then Director of Central Intelligence and member of the SMOM, conspired with Barry Soetoro as a spoliator.
    6. That party-in-interest (in re 18 USC Section 1001 – Statements or entries generally) Barry Soetoro is a 32 level member of the Prince Hall Masons Lodge 459 (see Exhibit 4), whose Grand Master Honorable Leslie A. Lewis of Massachusetts, became a member while at Harvard; and whose lodge is associated with the Free and Accepted Scottish Right Freemasons with members Colin Powell, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and many notables.
    7. That based upon information and belief, Barry Soetoro while a student at Columbia University employed as an agent of the then Carter Administration National Security Advisor Zibignew Brezinski, (member of the SMOM) made trips to Pakistan as an Indonesian Citizen.
    8. That based upon information and belief, Barry Soetoro obtained his first and only legitimate social security number (if he is more than just an undocumented tourist)while employed in college.
    9. That based upon information and believes that Barry Soetoro obtained his first and only USA Passport as a US Senator for “Official Use Only” (if he was not an active CIA agent while at BIC after Columbia).
    10. That as a matter of concern herein, due to the nature of this instant action, Affiant quotes President John F. Kennedy’s secret society speech on April 27, 1961, then a Knight of Columbus, expressed his wish to expose Jesuit and Vatican control, after being elected sided with the people rather than his Vatican controllers. Here are the words that led directly to his death, in part stated:

    “The very word secrecy is repugnant, in a free and open society. For we are, as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret proceedings and to secret oaths.” … “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system, which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” – John F. Kennedy’s secret society speech on April 27, 1961 (murdered on November 22, 1963).

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  19. “believes that Barry Soetoro obtained his first and only USA Passport as a US Senator”

    But why do you believe this?

  20. The Departments of State and Homeland Security filed a motion today requesting that their deadline for response be extended until April 9, so that they could respond together (State’s deadline had been March 31, and DHS’s April 9).

  21. The State and Homeland Security must respond to Strunk’s FOIA lawsuit today, April 9.

  22. The government has asked for another 2 weeks to respond, until April 23, 2009.

  23. Rickey says:

    Does anyone have an update on this case? The docket says that Strunk’s response was due on June 1.

    Strunk, by the way, is a total whack job. Check out his website for rants against the Vatican and Jesuits, his pro-secession sentiments, etc. Did you know that Jim Jones was a Jesuit? Chris Strunk seems to think so.


  24. No, I checked the court docket just last night, and didn’t see that anything had been filed since the Stay on discovery granted by the court, I think in June.

  25. AXJ says:

    No surprise. This is a government run and financed coverup all the way to Roberts in the Supreme Court…why else was he so nervous election day?

  26. dunstvangeet says:

    Great, a 50-year conspiracy that takes thousands of people to pull off! Yeah, that’s what really happened!

  27. AXJ says:

    No conspiracy here. Nobody questioned where he was born because nobody even himself never thought he would be elected. When the tapering of the his supposed passport and that of his supposed mother saw the light that is when the red flags appeared. He does not have 1 legitimate document to prove he was born in the USA. Wait till escrow releases documents in discovery September 8…

  28. Just a birth certificate, a birth announcement in the newspaper, and statement on the State of Hawaii web site from the head of the state health department. Apart from that, not one little bit of documentation.

  29. What is this escrow thing you’re referring to?

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