You know you’re an Obot if…

As a follow up to my article, You know you’re a nObama if…, Obama Conspiracy Theories turns inward with a look at the quirks of those who try to get out the facts.

You know you’re an Obot if…

  1. You’ve been banned at ObamaCrimes, FreeRepublic and DefendOurFreedoms.
  2. You have a portrait of President Chester A. Arthur on your wall.
  3. You’ve tried to donate a negative number at Orly’s web site.
  4. You know date of Barack Obama’s birth, and the date it was registered in Hawaii
  5. Your friends know what subject you’re going to bring up before you open your mouth.
  6. You know what question Minor v. Happersett left unanswered until United States v. Wong Kim Ark.
  7. You’re getting a second mortgage to pay your PACER bill.
  8. You have “Bysiewicz” in your spelling dictionary.
  9. You know Barack Obama’s step grandmother said he was born in Hawaii.
  10. Obama Conspiracy Theories is your HOME  PAGE!

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17 Responses to You know you’re an Obot if…

  1. Cat Claw Calls says:

    I must say I do enjoy your web site. I haven’t been banned at the silly sites…I never join those things. I did, however, get permanently banned by IP at Politijab which stunned me as I’ve never commented and just recently joined. I think that site was having problems and I was reading, refreshed the page and then wham, banned! lol Bizarre. Anyway, because I used to read there I found your site. At least there is still a voice of reason to read.

    I guess I’d be called an O-bot but hey, could be worse. There are people who, no matter what, will never be happy. I just figure that’s a crappy way to walk through life. Regardless, I’ll come here to read the latest since I still can’t read at PJ. Thanks for all your work.

  2. Hi, glad you enjoy the site. I left Justin a note over at Politijab about what you said.

  3. If you will leave your real email address in the mail address on a comment or in a contact link message, I will send you an email address for politijab that can help you get the ban straightened out. The only folks supposed to be banned there are IP addresses of advertising spammers.

    You folks don’t see them but there are thousands we filter out here.

  4. Cat Claw Calls says:

    Oh my thanks much. I tried writing to them but, of course my gmail addy was blocked. lol I did write also on the email addy you see now and got zero response. I’m just wondering, if they blocked my IP how will I get email through? Silly me. Oh well, I’m still going to read here…I like it. }:>

  5. mimi says:

    by Brian Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:14 pm
    Cat Claw is no longer banned. The account, errr the IP, got caught up in a banning of suspected spam IP’s. I’ve removed the IP from the ban list.

    Was a mistake Cat Claw. I didn’t think anyone had ever been banned from there.

  6. Hitandrun says:

    You know you’re an Obot if…

    11. You’re a Wikipedia adminstrator.

    Syme is back!


  7. Bob says:

    That article is some of the most inaccurate tripe ever to run on WND. And that’s saying a lot.

    Wikipedia has an entire page devoted to these theories. All that is lacking is a link between Obama’s page and conspiracy-theory page.

    So, yes, if you ever have edited (or perhaps even read!) wikipedia, you are surely an Obot.

  8. Hitandrun says:

    Perhaps, Bob, you could spell out the factual inaccuracies in the WND piece for our benefit. Mere ranting does not convince.


  9. Bob says:


    And try poking around wikipedia’s site to observe how it actually works, rather than taking WND’s word for it and swallowing what they’re shoveling.

  10. Hitandrun says:

    Thanks, Bob.
    I suggest you do the same, only without the blinders.
    Here for your consideration is a WND followup from Aaron Klein:


  11. richCares says:

    Here’s a WND link for you
    “A separate WND investigation into Obama’s birth certificate utilizing forgery experts also found the document to be authentic.”

  12. Bob says:

    I’m not the one with blinders on how wikipedia work; I also note you had nothing of substance to critique.

    All Aaron Klein’s second report says is that Obama’s page was locked down, which is standard procedure for any page subject to vandalism or edit wars. Nothing special to Obama.

    But speaking of Aaron Klein, he “invented” the original story:

    Journalistic ethics require disclosure of the writer’s participation in the story.

    But that assumes those who work for the WND are actually journalists, or have ethics.

  13. That’s the same folks that also protect WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah’s article from vandalism. Farah threatened to sue the Wikipedia because it didn’t clean up fast enough. Hypocrite.

    There is a whole page devoted to Obama Consipracies. Generally the Wikipedia does not allow FRINGE views on its pages, and the Obama eligibility tiff is fully fringe. See the Wikipedia article WP:FRINGE.

  14. Bob says:

    Talk about a nonstory: wikipedia made an editorial decision that these “eligibility issues” were not noteworthy in the totality of Obama’s life. Which is why they aren’t on Obama’s main page.

    Obama’s main page does link to the 2008 presidential election, which links to the conspiracy theory page.

    In other words, WND wrote an article accusing wikipedia of censorship because someone had to click their mouse button twice. How repressive!

  15. Bob says:

    Phil, who runs the Right Side of Life, called me “jackass” because of my “bad attitude.” (Then, amazingly, denied engaging in an ad hominem attacks.)

  16. Expelliarmus says:

    Yeah, they are ganging up on you over there…..I guess the truth is making them squirm.

  17. Gordon says:

    I have been banned from Free Republic twice and Team Sarah four times. In spite of it’s name, since the election, Team Sarah is fast becoming a site of birters and insurrectionist.

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