Marine One Helicopter Plans for Iran

Marine One

Marine One

Under the general Obama Conspiracy world view, everything proves Obama is not eligible to be president, everyone who disagrees is a traitor and anything that goes wrong is Obama’s fault. The case in point is Obama giving Iran plans to the top secret Marine One helicopter.

Yes, last February it was reported on by TV station WPXI, that the top secret plans for the helicopter had indeed made their way to Iran. But did Obama “give them” to the Iranians as is reported all over the conservative blogosphere, or was it the ineptitude of his administration that allowed the Iranians to get them?


According to the WPXI story,

“Navy Says They Knew About Data Release In June”.

Now most of us know that President Obama was not president in June of 2008 and that his administration was not responsible for the security of US defense secrets then. But in the nObama world, blame is retroactive.

Video Here:

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38 Responses to Marine One Helicopter Plans for Iran

  1. Cee Cee says:

    Hmm wonder if all these wingnuts will get their head out of their @$$es. Methinks not.

    On a good note this Easter Sunday…..Captain Philips was rescued UNHARMED by the Navy on the ORDERS of President Obama.

    I got a post up at PJ about it.

    Of course from the crazy right Obama had nothing to do with the successful rescue, but of course if the rescue went wrong than it would have all Obama’s fault.

    The wingnutters and their logic.

  2. Heavy says:

    Doc,this is getting very boring. You guys are out of material.

    All the work you have put into this very nice blog and THE ONE is no closer to proving his elligibility. What a shame.

    The cloud gathering over his head is growing and it’s about to storm, yet you people continue to support the imposter in thief. How pathetic!

  3. NBC says:

    It’s true, the birthers are not providing us with much new information even though they have failed to gain any traction, achieve any legal success and even though most of their claims are flawed.

    What part of Born in Honolulu, as evidenced by prima facie legal evidence do you not understand?

  4. Heavy, I agree with you 100% that this is getting boring. However, site statistics don’t agree with us. Yesterday (4/11) was by far the highest number of pages served (7,552) of the month.

    About all that’s happening is a few lawsuits coming up for action of some sort. I was disappointed to see Strunk postponed (by two weeks until April 23). That one might have provided some real information.

  5. richCares says:

    “THE ONE”
    you forgot Messiah!

  6. Heavy says:

    No, I did not forget, Richie.

  7. richCares says:

    I’m typing slowly so the user of “THE ONE” can understand. In 2007, Obama requested his birth certificate from Hawaii to meet DNC requirements, after meeting those requirements with prima facie evidence, he posted it on his web site. There is considerable support that the document supplied by State of Hawaii is genuine. If you wish to file charges against the State of Hawaii for supplying this certificate, go ahead but be prepared for the laughs. The birth certificate issue is legally over and done with, Obama was born in Hawaii. Nothing Birthers can do changes that.

  8. Heavy says:

    We “Birthers” don’t want to change anything. We just want the TRUTH, not someone’s version of it.

  9. NBC says:

    You have been provided the truth. What you want is your version of the truth. Since facts appear to disagree with your version of the truth, you are not interested in the truth but rather you are interesting in shaping the truth to match your beliefs.
    When truth is placed under such stressed, facts, reality and truth all suffer.
    So what about the truth that the COLB show the place of birth of Obama to be Honolulu.
    That’s a fact.

  10. Heavy says:

    There is only one version of truth. It is simple and beautiful. Only we have not seen it yet. Only THE ONE can provide it at this point and he refuses. Not only does he refuse, he goes to great lengths to hide it. What a shame. YOU have elected a liar, thief and traitor.

  11. Heavy says:

    MY beliefs have nothing to do with the truth. Truth is self evident and absolute. We’ll all know it when we see it.

  12. NBC says:

    As I explained, the truth which you are seeking is not determined by the facts but rather by your desires. We have elected a de facto and de jure President of the United States who is bound to make an impact on the future of this country.
    All his detractors can do is let their disappointment guide them to a downward sloping spiral of denial, flawed facts and insults.
    The proof of such is found in Heavy’s own ‘contributions’
    For that I thank him

  13. NBC says:

    We’ll all know it when we see it.

    And yet you don’t…. What does that tell us?

  14. NBC says:

    Heavy continues to deny that his beliefs have anything to do with the truth and yet he refuses to explore the facts because they are at odds with his faith.

  15. richCares says:

    Mr. Delusion will never look at any real evidence, he is locked into hating Obama. He refused to call Okubo to verify the BC issue because the truth will hurt, no way he would call. No logical arument can over ride his hate. He doesn’t even know Obama was elected by and supported by the majority of Americans. He thinks idiots can overturn the will of the people. Being that ignorant is really sad. No sense supplying him with proof, he has large hands so he can cover his ears and eyes at the same time when shown proof.

  16. Heavy says:

    You are quite welcome. Just remember, yours acts against this country will not be easily forgiven. In that I find much comfort.

  17. Heavy says:

    The will of the people DOES NOT trump the LAW of the land. THAT is a fact.

    Now, start providing FACTS and you may become credible.

  18. NBC says:

    You are quite welcome. Just remember, yours acts against this country will not be easily forgiven. In that I find much comfort.
    Once again you are confusing your faith beliefs with acts against this country. While I can appreciate that you are disappointed with me opposing your ill founded assertions, you have no standing to decide whether or not my actions are against this country.
    I leave you in your comforts of your ignorance as I have abandoned hope that you will be open to the facts of the matter.

  19. NBC says:

    Facts have been provided. Which explains your focus on insults rather than on addressing them.
    That’s too bad.

  20. mimi says:

    Thanks Doc. Good story.

  21. Heavy says:

    Good. Now will you shut your mouth?

  22. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion.

    You are, of course, not entitled to your own reality.

  23. Heavy says:

    Ah yes…Reality!

    We have a usuper in office who refused to show his credentials. THAT is reality!

    You can HOPE and CHANGE all you want. It won’t change THAT reality.

  24. NBC says:

    Again you are wrong. First of all, by calling President Obama an usurper you have already reached your conclusion. Futhermore he did show his credentials.

    Wrong on all counts…

  25. richCares says:

    “Good. Now will you shut your mouth?””
    Good idea, ignore heavy and let him post in lala land.

  26. Heavy says:

    He did? I must have missed that one.

    He IS a usurper (Look up the definition) until he proves he meets the elligibilty requirements.

  27. Heavy says:

    Yes, please ignore me. The punch that does the most damage is the one you don’t see coming.

  28. NBC says:

    He did? I must have missed that one.

    He IS a usurper (Look up the definition) until he proves he meets the elligibilty requirements.

    Yes, you must have missed that one, even though we have pointed it out to you many times.

    And until President Obama can be shown to be an usurper, he is in fact the de facto and de jure President of our Country.

    I understand why you have to refer to some vague ‘dictionary definition’ since you certainly do not base your assertions on any legal, constitutional or other relevant evidence

  29. NBC says:

    What acts against this country? I am not the one accusing with no evidence, our President of being an usurper.


  30. Heavy says:

    Here’s a piece of irony for you.

    The current occupant of the Whitehouse has NEVER show the proper documents to confirm his elligibilty to hold office. yet YOU voted for him. THAT is an act against this country and ironic.

  31. Heavy says:

    Really? What did I miss?

    I base my “Assertion” upon the Constitution and the fact that THE ONE has not met the requirements set forth in that document.

    What do you base YOUR assertions upon.

  32. richCares says:

    “Yes, please ignore me. The punch that does the most damage is the one you don’t see coming.”
    hey nbc, let’s all honor this request, no sense trying to correct a complete idiot!

  33. NBC says:

    Contrary to Heavy’s assertions, President Obama did show prima facie legal evidence to support the fact that he is in fact a US born (and thus natural born) citizen.
    Furthermore, he was a legal candidate and was found to be eligible by the voters, the states, the electoral college and finally the Congress.
    It’s all over Heavy..

  34. NBC says:

    For a so called ‘heavy’ weight, you seem to punch without much force or effect.
    As usual, Heavy lives in his own imaginary world

  35. Truth is rarely self-evident.

  36. (Ezek 33:11a NASB) “Say to them, ‘As I live!’ declares the Lord GOD, ‘I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that the wicked turn from his way and live.”

  37. HistorianDude says:

    A couple additional points that need to be made.

    1. The “plans” were not “top secret.” In fact, they were unclassified.

    2. They were not actually for “Marine One.” Obama usually flies in a Sikorsky V-3, the larger and more modern sibling to the VH-60 that is used primarily as an escort helicopter or to carry folks other then the president. It was VH-60 plans that were found on the Iranian computer, not V-3.

    Now before people start quibbling, yes, if Obama ever rode in the VH-60 it would then be Marine One. But if he rode in a Cessna, that would become Air Force One, too. So the point is not even interesting.

    3. The plans were for the basic VH-60, and included nothing regarding the customized communications, avionics and security equipment aboard the Presidential helicopter fleet.

    Other than the use of peer to peer computer networks by defense contractors, this whole story is, frankly, much ado about nothing,

  38. bittorrent says:

    Oh that? Those plans are floating all over limewire and the other p2p networks. You can find it on the pirate bay under Marine1.hax

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