Orly’s Blog — Unshackled!

I don’t know where to begin. Orly Taitz has had an odyssey from one web site to another. First there was DrOrly.Blogspot.com and a variety of defendourfreedoms.us (net, org) sites.

Friday afternoon DefendOurFreedoms.us went off the air amid fantastic stories of Obot attacks. Now the web site is is back online “under new management”. Here is the story taken from the web site posted by Lisa Ostella and a reply I left afterwards. Fascinating.

Understanding the Internet 101

What happened to Dr. Orly Taitz’s Blog?  What happened to Dr. Orly Taitz’s websites.

No, the FBI did not shut it down.

No, Obama did not shut it down.

No, her web host did not shut it down.

Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair.

Let’s go back to Dr. Orly’s first blogsite and start there.

I was an assistant web moderator on drorly.blogspot.com

The site is still there.  You can go see it.

The last message displaying on the posted blog is saying the site was sabotaged and redirects you to DefendOurFreedoms.US.

Allow me to give you background on that.

That drorly.blogspot.com did have some nefarious functions.  But those functions were authorized by Orly.  I assumed it was because she didn’t understand the internet.  There was a 3rd party program added to drorly.blogspot.com.  This program was collecting everyones information and transfering it to an unknown server.  Anyone that visited the site.  Anyone that posted at the site.  The data was being collected.  Why?  I don’t know.  Did Orly know?  Yes she did.  She authorized the head webmaster for that blog to install it on 12/24/08.

The data transfer took place via a jave script program plus a put command that enabled FTP transfer.  I have more screen shots on this.  But my point is, the java program is what caused trouble with people using the site.  The browsers and people fire walls don’t allow data collection that easily.  So people had trouble on the site.

Now, for the updates on what happened here at DefendOurFreedoms.us

April 2, Orly reports to the FBI, Supreme Court and various officials that her sites, blogs and PayPal are being hacked and sabotaged.

open letter to the Supreme court-request for cooperation with the FBI investigation

I just gave a brief explanation on the last blog.  That was not hacked.  That was authorized by Orly.

These sites, defendourfreedoms.us and defendourfreedoms.org, were never hacked.  Why does it matter?  Because they are my sites on my accounts.  I supported Orly and have always been involved with politics, campaigns and causes.  So when I saw the antics with the java script program on the other blog, and it was never clear on how much she realized was going on, I took her over here to my accounts.  Defendourfreedoms, all of the domains, are on my web accounts.  So, when you are a guest in someone’s establishment (my sites) and you start claiming injury (hacking/sabotage), that affects the owner, me.

DefendOurFreedoms, none of the sites, were ever hacked or sabotaged.  Unable to get to a site due to network latency does not equal hacking.  Traffic, congestion, line repairs affect network flow and all can always be checked on the Internet Traffic Report:  http://www.internettrafficreport.com/

Reporting cyber crimes on web sites, servers and accounts affects the account owner, me.  I have other customers and privacy policies in place with these clients.  If reports of my servers and accounts being compromised occurred, I need to notify them of possible compromise of their data.  But my accounts have not been hacked.

When Orly refused to clear up this report, I told her she had to move her sites.

Now in order to release a domain to be transferred, it has to be UNLOCKED.  The defendourfreedoms.us site is NOT a website.  It is a blog.  Specifically, an account on Quickblogcast.  So the domain, defendourfreedoms.us does not point to a website.  It points to an account.  A database label.  So, if I just released this site for transfer, everything on this site would be deleted.  So I mirrored the data onto defendourfreedoms.net for safe keeping, AGAIN at my own costs and released the domain for transfer.

Now, I have emails, phone calls, blog sites doing interviews on how I threatened Orly, I shut her down, yes folks, I’m the new Obama.

Here is a tip to make note of from the NetWorld.  If you want to trash you webmaster.  You may want to acquire your domains first.  Because now, I am immediately canceling the transfer of DefendOurFreedoms.US.  I am cancelling it to point it to this blog post.  You have made it so I have to Defend MySelf.

Oh, and for anyone wondering about the PayPal scandal.  Just ask Orly, where is the PayPal report.

I left this reply:

I just wanted to be part of this historic unshackling of the web site, having been censored and ridiculed in the past.

Lisa O. makes some very good points about shared web hosting; however, not only is it critical to own your own domains, I think it also good advice not to host your friends (if you want to keep them as friends).

Orly Taitz is a loose canon. While I am all for free speech, I wouldn’t want to be responsible for what someone else says or does on an account of mine or with domains I own.

I daresay that when the new manifestation of Dr. Orly appears on the Internet, the story of her journey there will be very much different (and probably more fantastic, heroic and sinister) than the straightforward story here.

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I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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56 Responses to Orly’s Blog — Unshackled!

  1. kimba says:

    Reading the comments on Lisa’s explanation were better than eating the ears off my chocolate Easter Bunny! Orly is going to come unglued. And all the links to this site! It’s like a truth bonanza! And I was going to stay away from the toobz today, glad I peeked in.

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  3. Gordon says:

    Just an aside, check out the picture of college aged Obama on Orly’s link. She states that he was known as “Kanye Blagojevich” Obama in college. She states he took that moniker because of his association with rapper Kanye West and Rod Blagojevich, who were both associated with the Weather Underground in the 80″. There is no claim to outrageous for this women. Kanye West is 31 yrs old, so he was a small child in the 80’s. Rod Blagojevich was fresh out of law school and back home in Chicago in the 80’s. Obama didn’t live in Chicago during his college years. Unbelievably.

  4. richCares says:

    like proving Soetoro attended Occidental college (when Obama was 3 yrs old), but her Obama hating fans believe any garbage.

  5. best post evar !!!!

    4/12/2009 1:02 PM Kukaniloko wrote:
    Don’t taitz me, bro.

  6. I think Orly’s new blog is forming at:


    check out the post regarding the turnout at the LA Tea Party

    “So… I am counting a total of six people in these pictures.

    Please tell me that was not the entire turn out.”

  8. kimba says:

    Here’s a video by a sympathizer. Looks like about a dozen. Woo Hoo, on a Saturday afternoon! I would predict this is the average Wed tea party size unless you’re party is promoted by Fox News and funded by the Koch family.

  9. In Greenville, SC, the tea party had around 1,000 folks turn out according to local news sources. But of course tea parties are tax protests, not Obama eligibility protests.

  10. Chris says:

    This is classic. Epic fail, if you will.

  11. In an email to Obama Conspiracy Theories, Orly Taitz describes her view of the web site turnover:

    please go to my new blog http://www.repubx.com as Obama’s sweetheart, law abiding, Chicago crowd supporters ruined yet another blog of mine

    To which I reply: if you’d get your own blog instead of leaching services from other people, then you wouldn’t have this problem.

  12. NBC says:

    Orly is so funny. The problem of course is that her case is unraveling all around her while she desperately is looking for an ‘angle’ to pursue further. Legal avenues have been closed off, investigative angles remain unresponsive, popular support is waning and the ‘worst’ is that President Obama’s policies continue to be extended, leading our country on a path of hope.

  13. Bob says:

    The censor-free comments are hilarious.

  14. mimi says:

    Orly has send a “Ceize and Desist” Letter to Lisa.


  15. Bob Weber says:

    IIRC, Lisa Ostello is the “Calpernia” who posts on Free Republic and is IMHO one of the wackier commenters there. But Orly is too wacky for Lisa Ostello! We’re really getting down to the hard-core crazy!

    Was I imagining things, or is Orly now saying that Kelly A. Dunham is definitely the same person as Stanley Ann, and is alive somewhere in Washington? And that Kelly-Stanley is “maybe” a foreign spy? (Link, anybody?) I’ve read on other wacko sites that Grampa Dunham “may have been” a spy-saboteur for the Nazis and later the Commies, but at least he’s safely in his grave. Poor Kelly Dunham! Attacked by the looniest of the loonies!

  16. You know those videos that political parties play at the national convention, showing the candidate of the party, their humble beginnings, their family, their home town, all to soothing, inspiring music? Well drop the video and the music track, and what’s left matches the latest article on the heroic Orly Taitz on WorldNetDaily.

    Meet fierce blonde behind Obama eligibility lawsuits” Soviet Union survivor: President spits in face of every U.S. citizen

  17. Stan says:

    Why is it so funny that people who pay taxes are fed up with their money being wasted, by either republicans or democrats? Maybe one day you’ll have a modicum of success and understand…maybe.

    Oh, hang on to your hat. Attendance for Wednesday’s tea parties are gonna blow you away!

  18. “Orly, I have a wonderfull idea why dont you send a ceize and resist order to the Uslurper and tell him to stop presidenting around like hes been doing. ”

  19. Stan says:

    What is different about your life now that the dems are in power? How is it different from when republicans were in control?

  20. The wise use of tax dollars is a legitimate concern; Obama eligibility to be president is not. Letting the two share the stage diminishes the tax issue.

  21. Bob says:

    I particularly liked how Taitz said that Obama’s election reminded her of the former Soviet Union, and her story was replete with anecdotes about food shortages, religious intolerance, state-run media, re-education camps, etc. … none of which have happened under Obama.

  22. Gordon says:

    I had to save the comments on her unmoderated blog. You couldn’t think of better comedy. Her delusional supporters are going nuts.

  23. If anything, the unmoderation of the Orly blog is like the fall of the Soviet Union.

  24. Stan says:

    There are always going to be fringe elements at any protest. To use them to paint the whole event is dishonest.

    It seemed that every anti-war protest had more than it’s share of nuts, from truthers, scrotal inflaters, to hard-core commies. I didn’t sympathize with most of the anti-war protesters’ motivations (just using it as an attack on Bush basically), but I certainly wouldn’t lump their message in with the other kooks.

  25. Gordon says:

    While the old blog site putters on unfettered, Orly has a new site. http://www.repubx.com. Here is a sample of a post Orly left. The run on sentence and misspellings are classic Orly.

    Call FBI
    By OrlytaitzApril 12, 2009 17:57
    As I have stated earlier, my paypal account was tampered with. after I reported this to FBI my former web master Lisa Ostella has locked me and other volunteers out of the blog and made defamatory posts about me and allowed Obama thugs make defamatory comments, including some under my name, even though she knew that she locked me out. I do not take this lightly. We are making progress and this shuld not stop us. We have seen a lot of criminal behavior exhibited along the way by Obama and his crowd. I hope everypne is reporting it.

    Assistant Director FBI Criminal Investigative division Kenneth W. Kaiser 281-973-6863

    Local agent asigned to the case Nathan Le Cyber Crimes Division 714-245-5328; 310-710-3459

  26. Stan, my suggestion was that the tax movement purge itself of the fringe.

  27. I can’t believe that I had omitted Orly’s #2 blog from my bookmarks page. That’s fixed now, plus the new one. The new one promises to be nuttier than the last. And censorship is alive and well there. I posted a note that the Marine One helicopter plans were disclosed back last June, so Obama wasn’t responsible. They didn’t pass it.

    Blogs that only allow one viewpoint tend to get nutty, like Mr. Apuzzo and his “Obama is currently a British Citizen” crap.

  28. thisoldhippie says:

    Plains Radio’s favorite strategy is to delete any responses that in any way might be sympathetic to President Obama, yet these same people scream about the Fairness Doctrine while burning books and effigies.

  29. Bob says:

    Looks like Lisa decided to “ceize,” as the original defendourfreedoms.us is down.

  30. I thought far-right wingers were AGAINST the fairness doctrine. They consider it an attack on right-wing talk radio that they claim would be put off the air.

  31. Chris says:

    Orly running to the FBI with every little complaint that she has reminds me of the lady who called 911 because McDonalds was out of Chicken McNuggets. Sooner or later, her uppance will come.

  32. Bob says:

    Things are getting confusing!

    DOF dot org [Taitz’s foundation’s old site] is basically “under construction.”

    DOF dot net is the new, unmoderated, Taitz-free blog.

    DOF dot us [the old blog] redirects to unitewith.us, which is offering “Key TV Info” and some odd anti-Obama agitprop.

    DOF dot com doesn’t resolve.

  33. Stan says:

    How do you purge a tea party of loons showing up (many being infiltrators)? You can’t stop them and even if you tried, then THAT would be a negative story. On websites, organizers have urged participants to be civil and to keep placards, etc. about taxation, and not so much about personalities. If one wants to focus on the nutbags, well I question the intent to be fair about this.

  34. Bob Weber says:

    I’ve been a part of numerous non-mainstream movements since the 1960’s. There’s always plenty of sincere, principled, and rational people involved. The problem is that these movements also attract kooks and nutters. You obviously can’t keep them from showing up at public events, but you can and should keep them out of the organization itself. How you do it is the key to success.

  35. Bob Weber says:

    Following up on my earlier comment:


    I wasn’t imagining things, they’re on Orly’s website, but are probably not written by Orly herself (not enough spelling, grammar, and syntax errors) though they are equally as crazy, rambling, and incoherent.

    WARNING: Recommended only for stout-hearted explorers of the Fever Swamp. All others take note.

  36. Heavy says:

    I just love how you are so sure of your claims, doc. People like you don’t go to so called conservative gatherings, so why do you care.

    Maybe because it is another opportunity for you to put your 2 cents (Now worth less than half thanks to THE ONE’s egotistical spending spree) in about how we should all just forget about this silly little NBC thing.

    Nice try , doc. We will not forget nor will we easliy forgive those who support this usurper.

  37. This blog is solely about the nutbags. Have a nice day exercising your constitutional rights.

  38. Chris says:

    I sleep better at night.

  39. thisoldhippie says:

    Bob – I read where Orly was claiming that Grampa was NOT dead and was alive and well and probably Grandma as well. I’ll try to find that link.

  40. Chris says:

    Funny, I didn’t realize the value of the dollar had fallen that much already. I must’ve missed the memo…

  41. NBC says:

    We will not forget nor will we easliy forgive those who support this usurper.

    Still pretending to be looking for the truth while also having a closed mind I notice.

  42. Bob says:

    Taitz’s new site has this “new” article: “Some interesting info about Birth Certificates.”

    It just rehashes stuff that’s been on the Interwebs for at least nine months now.

    It has a dead-end link that supposedly “proves” that in 1963 all birth certificates would have said “Negro” instead of “African.”

  43. Bob says:

    Yeah; I skimmed the technical article and got the sense if there was a nonstandard entry (like “African”), for data anaylsis purposes, it would entered as a standardized catagory in the database that was being created.

  44. The relevant comment from that document (natality figures from 1961) is:

    Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and “other nonwhite.”

    The key phrase is “classified for vital statistics”. Indeed data once collected are classified for statistical purposes. That’s the practice today. A person says what their race is, and then that is classified for statistical purposes. But one must always make the distinction between the legal record and the statistical record. A birth certificate is the legal record and will say what the parent says.

    If there were any doubt, just look at Obama’s certified copy from Hawaii, that says “African” on it.

    Nevertheless, I give whoever came up with that document credit for doing some research instead of just making stuff up.

  45. Bob Weber says:

    Shazam! That Freep posting is the nuttiest I’ve seen yet that was written in actual grammatical, syntactical, and correctly-spelled English. And nuttier that most that aren’t! Apparently it’s only an excerpt from something even bigger. I was going to follow the link, but my courage failed me. I wonder if looking for the ultimate in nuttery is like looking for the highest prime number.

  46. I do need to update the article with some authoritative material. Vital records is my profession, so I’ll tackle that problem.

  47. Stan says:

    Something less vague please.

  48. NBC says:

    A little bit of ignorance and sloppy database searches can indeed fuel the conspiracy.

  49. This comment on the unshackled blog caught my appreciation:

    In the interest of “transparency”, why doesn’t Orly just show her PayPal report and make this all go away?

    It has gotten very strange over there.

  50. Expelliarmus says:

    Orly hasn’t figure out yet that the boss of the FBI is Barack Obama. See: http://www.usdoj.gov/dojorg.htm

  51. The former Orly blog is gone as of this morning.

    I’ve received reports of infighting among the anti-Obama crowd, MommaE and Ed Hale (radio personalities), Berg and Orly. Orly may sue Lisa Ostella to get her domain “back”.

    I don’t cover the soap opera aspects of Obama Conspiracy Theories, but you can read about it at Politijab.com.

  52. kimba says:

    I think the nuttiest thing I’ve seen coming from the birthers is the crazy, 6 degrees of separation insinuation that Craig Robinson’s wife owned a company called Magic Plumbing that did work on sprinklers at WTC. Sprinklers no work on 9/11 Voila! We’ve tied Obama to 9/11! I think what we’re seeing now is desperation, like Dr C said once, throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see if something sticks. Maybe they’ll settle down after a nice teabagging today. Wait, they’re fighting over that too!

  53. Mark says:

    The Freeper story says “Indonesia is one of the “hot-spots” for organ trading.”

    Hmmm… Obama lived in Indonesia…

    So that is what the FEMA camps are for!

  54. Bob Weber says:

    Crackpot conspiracy theories usually postulate superhuman competence on the one hand with total incompetence on the other. In this case, wiping out the entire paper trail which would lead back to a Kenyan birth (passenger records, customs and immigration records, and the like), planting false corroboration of a Hawaiian birth (the 1961 newspaper vital statistics lists and the Indonesian elementary school enrollment form), organizing a vast conspiracy within the Hawaii Health Statistics Department and the clerks of the Supreme Court, but then making the incredible blunder of writing in “African” instead of “Negro”. Sort of like a caper movie where they tunnel underneath the vault, steal the gold, but then leave their names, addresses, and 8×10 glossy portraits in the vault.

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