Government interest in this web site?

I frankly do not know how to interpret the following result showing where this site’s visitors come from. Note who is number 1, ahead of the major private Internet service providers. Note also the government of British Columbia farther down.

I am assuming that the larger number of bytes for other providers refers to direct links to large PDF copies court documents here from other sites. A request is access of any file, including a HTML page, a picture or a document.

Listing the top 20 organizations by the number of requests, sorted by the number of requests.

#reqs %bytes organization
8204 0.62%
5031 10.15%
4228 2.03%
4131 6.23%
4076 4.39%
3596 4.58%
3196 2.36%
2716 0.19%
2183 0.12%
2148 3.43%
1905 2.57%
1305 0.09%
1248 0.10%
1222 0.87%
939 1.87%
923 1.14%
863 1.48%
743 0.38%
685 0.38%
667 0.91%
31252 56.13% [not listed: 1,073 organizations]

I would speculate that .EDU organizations make up a significant portion of the balance, plus foreign accesses.

So I asked the GSA about it. I got a reply a few days later. The IP addresses where all the traffic came from were proxy servers. As best I can tell there are some GSA employees who are fans of thie site who check the latest during their lunch hours. As for the volume, the best guess I have  at this point is that there is a bug in their proxy server software because it kept accessing the same tiny graphic element on my site over and over again (it should have been cached locally).

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22 Responses to Government interest in this web site?

  1. Expelliarmus says:

    I think the bandwidth is more significant important than number of requests. As they explained, the requests are due to their own caching issues – which I guess probably are a result of the firewall or proxy settings.

  2. Northern NAFTA Neighbour says:

    Apparently my lunch breaks have been much longer than I gave myself credit for.

    I have been an avid reader of this site for some time now. I like to add a little variety on my breaks by also strolling through dentistry/legal combo sites for extra spice. As a loyal citizen of a neighbouring country I have watched the discussions here and elsewhere on the topics of citizenship with a certain amount of fascination – I cannot even begin to imagine such discussions happening in my country. Not because we are somehow above it all, but rather because it is hard to get a group of citizens into a hard fought discussion around what the Fathers of Confederation really meant by “peace, order and good government”.

    I digress. As an avid reader, I compliment you on your site Dr C. It has become my one-stop-shop for keeping up on the issues at hand.

    Sincerely…your northerly NAFTA neighbour

  3. hablo says:

    How current are these numbers?

  4. Heavy says:

    Don’t be fooled. THE ONE has his minions watching us all. Espscially us redneck racists!

  5. kimba says:

    Great! Maybe Rahm will think my comments are pithy and offer me a job! The Acorn pay just isn’t what it used to be.

  6. Heavy says:

    He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s gonna find out…

  7. Heavy says:

    Come and get MY guns, Rahmbo!

  8. TollandRCR says:

    I would be disappointed if you were not getting hits from government agencies (although some hits would not show up as such). Your site contains authoritative information assembled in a sensible way. It would be one of the first places that I would visit if I wanted to see how some new rumor or plot is developing, or what the status of one of the anti-theories is now. Maybe the Bilderberg theory has new adhesions (as in scars).

    For example, I might be checking back in a few hours to see if you have done some research on the “Blue Helmets at National Guard camp” rumor. You might have even found it to be a fact, because the U.S. Military participates in numerous international training exercises, thank goodness. Or you might find that the rumor just posted was posted 17 years ago in the exact same words. Either would save me a lot of work if I had as my job trying to figure this stuff out.

    Or I might just be monitoring Heavy before we send the Blue Helmets out to take him to that FEMA camp in Alaska. Actually, my Obot pay level is not high enough to be involved in that.

  9. Heavy says:

    I look forward to the day!

  10. I have a hard time accepting anyone from Illinois as a redneck. It’s just not right.

  11. Those are about a month old. A current report does not show the GSA in the top 20. It does, however include (the The National Archives) at .04% and (the Department of Veterans affairs) at .16%.

  12. I don’t have a chance to cover all the anti-Obama universe, just eligibility conspiracy theories. I really don’t know WHERE to send you for the best general-purpose anti-Obama rumor debunking.

    I’d probably to go to CNN or the NY Times first to try to find the underlying story, and then maybe, or

  13. NBC says:

    Seems that Obama needs to only stand by and enjoy the infighting and self destructive nature of many of those who oppose him on fear and innuendo…

  14. misha says:

    “I look forward to the day!”

    Yeah, go there dimwit.

    You birthers are straight out of a detective novel, or screenplay.

  15. richCares says:

    “Yeah, go there dimwit.”

    hey, show a little respect, that should be “Mr. Dimwit”!

  16. Gordon says:

    He’s got to get a chuckle from the shear insanity.

  17. Heavy says:

    Who said I’m from Illinois? Are you publishing PRIVATE information without permission?

    BTW, Illinois runs pretty far south. If you were to go to southern IL, you would certainly find some rednecks…Just like me!

  18. Heavy says:

    Oh, I’m going there. I hope they try to also. That would be FUN!

  19. Heavy, you said you were from Illinois on February 11, 2009, when you commented here:

    I don’t have to read his mind. I’m from Chicago. I know EXACTLY what he was trained to do.

    I wouldn’t disclose your private information.

  20. Heavy says:

    Joking, doc, joking. I really don’t care. I know you would not.

  21. misha says:

    Heavy, you have an opposable thumb, lemurs have an opposable thumb, therefore you are a lemur.

  22. Heavy says:

    …And it works too, hon! Why do liberals think they are so smart? You and Rahmbo would make a great couple.

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