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I’ve been thinking about the appearance of a page from Obama Consipracy Theories in a motion in a federal lawsuit (Hamblin v. Obama). Since Clark Hamblin is representing himself, I assume that he personally visited this web site and copied the page which became Exhibit Z to his motion. This is a remarkable connection between the discussion here and the real people filing lawsuits.

I was interviewed by Orange County Weekly for an article on Orly Taitz that I believe will appear June 18. Even someone from FactCheck.org visited and read a few of these pages.

Things like this encourage me to be “more serious” with the web site’s coverage. I don’t plan to change the wisecracking attitude, but I may try to cover some things more thoroughly, and not just what’s new and interesting.

“Exhibit Z” sounds like a great name for “the final word” on a subject. It’s a worthy goal to live up to such a name.

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49 Responses to Exhibit Z

  1. SvenMagnussen says:

    I have a news tip for you, Doc. Obama has appointed zero members to Presidential Intel Advisory Board.


  2. nbc says:

    Your point being?

  3. Bob says:

    The exhibit after Exhibit Z is Exhibit AA, but it is great sounding name (or motto).

    Much better than, say, “A Place to Ask Questions To Get the Right Answers”.

  4. Jeff R says:

    Maybe you should rename this website “Exhibit Z.”

  5. Sven, what’s the conspiracy theory associated with this bit of news (if accurate).

  6. ROFL 😉

  7. richCares says:

    “I have a news tip for you, Doc. Obama has appointed zero members to Presidential Intel Advisory Board.”
    That’s strange Sven because the news about this is that:
    As Mike McConnell was named by Obama to the President’s Presidential Intel Advisory Board he stated that McConnell will “continue to offer his counsel through my Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board”

  8. SvenMagnussen says:

    I thought it was an interesting tidbit of information. It could turn out to be nothing at all. Or it could be an opening to the leading edge of new conspiracy theories concerning Obama and his reckless disregard for the safety and security of America.

    Isn’t that the purpose of this site … Obama conspiracy theories?

  9. SvenMagnussen says:

    Quoting from the article … “But for whatever reason, a formal appointment of Mr. McConnell has not yet been made, Mr. Pointer said, nor have any other members of the Board been designated.”

    Sounds like the beginning of a conspiracy theory to me.

  10. nbc says:

    Ah, I forgot…

  11. richCares says:

    “Sounds like the beginning of a conspiracy theory to me.”

    sure, in your comic book. So what?

  12. richCares says:

    after reading Apuzo’s case it’s a double ROFL!

  13. Ah well, to have a conspiracy theory, you need an unconventional theory to explain what is happening, not just a fact and a criticism. But keep working on the narrative and let us know how the story comes out.

  14. Apuzzo’s filing has been a mystery to me. The guy doesn’t come across to me as a nut case, which leads me to believe that he himself understands the “birther stuff” is false, and that leaves me wondering why he would sign such a thing. Even if the case is nothing more than a smear campaign masquerading as a lawsuit, lawyers are still professionally bound not to lie in their filings.

    The vast majority of the Obama lawsuits are not filed by lawyers, but by the defendants themselves. The Lawyers are few. Kreep appears to be a smear campaigner. Berg, I think, was conned by that Bishop Shuhubia person, and really believes Obama was born in Kenya. Orly seems never to have met a conspiracy theory she didn’t like. But Apuzzo seems to be more rational than the others. He remains a mystery. We may never find out what his motivations are.

  15. It would be a cool name, but I got brand recognition going for me with the old name. It takes quite a while to build that up (when you don’t have an organization or money behind).

    For anyone interested, the exhibitz.org domain is available (.com is taken).

  16. Bob says:

    Apuzzo primarily was in the soil-and-blood camp, but also believes in arguing the alternative, which is why he also tosses in the crazy birth-certificate/born-in-Kenya claims. (Apuzzo was chastised in an unpublished ruling for filing a “shotgun complaint,” i.e., something alleging any and every thing, and hoping something sticks.)

    I would speculate Apuzzo believes that Donofrio’s argument (based on de Vattel, etc.) is correct (and the strongest attack against Obama’s presidency), but Apuzzo would also say that a good litigator should press every available argument. (Which is highly debatable, to say the least.)

    While Donofrio, Apuzzo, etc. make a reasonable but ultimately unconvincing argument about the natural-born citizen case law, what confuses me about Apuzzo is the incredibly unsupported legal claims he also makes, like you can sue Congress for failing to act, a writ of quo warranto is available to remove the president, or (my favorite) that Obama is still a subject of Britain. He may use big words and complete sentences, but it is just the same pseudolaw encountered elsewhere.

    I suspect he has, despite his denials, grown enamored by the attention.

    Given Berg’s record as a troofer, it seems he suffers from tunnel vision, which clouds his judgment (legal or otherwise). Taitz seems plain ole crazy, but it is nonetheless impressive she got Keyes to sign on (not that it is impressive that Keyes sued to prevent Obama from getting on the ballot, but that Taitz convinced Keyes to let her represent him).

  17. Except the soil-and-blood is little more than a footnote in his second amended complaint.

  18. NBC says:

    Seems Obama doubters may have numbers similar to Palin supporters who rallied in large numbers to call for the firing of David Letterman. The numbers ranged from an estimated 15 to an astonishing 40.

  19. Bob says:

    I suspect that’s the realization that that argument repeats Donofrio’s failed suit. Then again, his suit also repeats much of Berg’s failed suit.

  20. Soil and Blood……where have I heard that phrase before????

    Oh, right, Blut und Boden


    “Blood and Soil (German: Blut und Boden) refers to the ideology focussing on a concept of ethnicity based on descent (Blood) and homeland (Soil). It celebrates the relationship of a people to the land that they occupy and cultivate, and places high esteem on the virtues of country (as opposed to urban) living. The German expression was coined in late 19th century Racialism and National Romanticism.
    Richard Walther Darré popularized the phrase at the time of the rise of Nazi Germany (Neuadel aus Blut und Boden, 1930). Darré was an influential member of the Nazi party and a noted race theorist who assisted the party greatly in gaining support among common Germans outside the cities.

  21. Well, many of the suits have basic Berg DNA in them, (including, ironically enough, most of Dr. Orly’s suits). Some have been cross-pollinated with Donofrito’s suit.

    It’s like one big interbred garden of fail

  22. ballantine says:

    I would sue him for connecting you to his ramblings. I couldn’t understand what points he was trying to make. He is right that McCain probably isn’t natural born. Anyone think the left would have pursued him like this?

    BTW, anyone see this tongue in cheek article on the natural born citizenship clause. They actually make a much better arugment than the birthers.


  23. Black Lion says:

    I was over at Orly’s house of hate earlier and from what I was able to dechiper (as we know you need to lower your IQ about 50 points to understand anything she or her cult followers say) they seem to be upset about a couple of things. First of all they are upset at Rachel Maddow about her comments….

    Secondly she claims that her blog “is among top, most frequented 6% of all 3,783,554 blogs in the cyber world.” I am not sure where she got those numbers but that is her claim.

    Next the usual claim that Obama is part of the “Muslim Brotherhood”…Not sure if that is like the “Brotherhood of Evil” like in the Marvel Comics but I am sure that is the implication they want…

    Of couse another annoyomus death threat that the FBI is not taking serious….

    Her new motion to the SCOTUS for leave to refile her quo warranto case…Entertaining stuff…A perfect example of a little information can be dangerous…

    Bumper stickers and t-shirts to “expose Obama and educate the masses of the usurper President Obama”…You can’t make this stuff up…It sounds like a Junior High Bake Sale…

    Boycott the media that are not supporting the WND billboard scam….

    And finally someone e-mailed former Attny General Ed Meese to help “support Orly” and her crusuade against the “Muslim usurper”…

    This silly birthers are so pathetic it is almost funny….With all of the lack of success they still see Orly as their “white kkknight” (kkk is intentional)…One of the rantings of her “followers” (I guess Phil is no longer on the Christmas Card list)…

    “I wonder if Nobama and his thugs got to berg, threatened or paid him off to slow orly down. It is obvious Nobama had no Idea that this eligiblity, fraud and treason issue would be as big as it is. He is trying to rush rush rush because orly is putting on the pressure and he wants to accomplish his agenda before he can be exposed. If Nobama paid Berg off to try and derail orly…yet another illegal action by the nobama thug.”

    Or another funny one…

    “Berg is either getting senile and losing it, or he is a deliberate “plant” to sabotage the “birther’s” cause and make all of us look like simpletons and fools in the eyes of the world. Remember…the man is a Democrat! We should have counted on something like this. Any way we look at him, he is a problem.”

    The best line is “to make us look like simpletons and fools”…Don’t they realize that they are doing a great job of that themselves? When all of the cases finally fail these individuals are going to need a lot of therapy….However according to the right these people are not dangerous at all…

  24. SvenMagnussen says:

    Continuing on with my conspiracy theory … if you’ll recall, NBC, I previously discussed how Soetoro was an Indonesian refugee after being identified as an Indonesian citizen abandoned by his American mother in Indonesia.

    An NGO (probably the Ford Foundation) assists Soetoro in filing for refugee status at the US Embassy in Jakarta. With papers in hand, he’s off to see grandma in Hawaii … alone. Actually, he was probably escorted by an NGO employee. But I seem to recall Obama discussing his port of entry experience in one of his books. Can you provide more flavor on that, NBC?

    Later, the NGO flies Barack Sr. to Hawaii to relinquish his parental rights and grandma Toot is named as Barry’s legal guardian. Barry is still an Indonesian citizen with refugee status because his father can’t bequeath US citizenship because he’s a Kenyan and not an American.

    Isn’t it true, NBC, that an Indonesian can’t become a US citizen by default but must take affirmative action to become a US citizen?

  25. Bob says:

    “Berg is either getting senile and losing it, or he is a deliberate “plant” to sabotage the “birther’s” cause and make all of us look like simpletons and fools in the eyes of the world.

    Would it surprise you to learn that Berg’s fans say the same of Taitz?

  26. TRUTH says:

    Sven buddy, really, let that dog lie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on your side as far as the Messiah has avoided showing the “most factual” document, and stopping all the questions, clearing up any doubt. BUT, it’s a lost cause. The powers of DC decided pre-Election they won’t allow embarrassment our very first Minority President, that would be a terrible thing. And “NO” that’s not a racial attack Misha, although you’ll read it that way.

    ANyways SVEN, your just spinning your wheels in here on that issue, let it go. It started looking like a bad ping pong game awhile back. A smart person mentions it then a leftist hits it with their spin and its right back in your face again, the same old useless rhetoric of an answer…”sniffle HE Showed his COLB already blah blah”.

    Man, I had a little extra caffeine today, better get outta here. 🙂

  27. thisoldhippie says:

    I have to say that your convoluted “theory” has quite a few holes.

    1. For President Obama to have been an Indonesian citizen Barack Sr. would have had to relinquish his parental rights early in the process so that Lolo Soetoro could adopt the child. Otherwise, the adoption in Indonesia is not legal or recognized in the US for an American citizen.

    2. If the adoption were legal and recognized in the US then Lolo Soetoro would have to relinquish his legal rights at which time the minor child would no longer have dual citizenship – at least under your theory.

    Even if an “adoption” occurred in Indonesia – without the father’s consent it would not be legal in America.

  28. richCares says:

    wow, truth, a registered Democrat, giving advice to a Birther, how quaint!

  29. kimba says:

    “But I seem to recall Obama discussing his port of entry experience in one of his books. Can you provide more flavor on that, NBC?”

    Oh Sven, that whole flight of fancy is a real knee-slapper, but you gave yourself away when you didn’t cite the page and chapter and title of the book in which such a “port of entry” narrative was written!

    But thanks Sven. This was shaping up to be a mundane Wed, but you made me laugh so hard I have endorphins to spare now.

  30. kimba says:

    Are you seriously positing that Obama was found wandering the streets, living like a little refugee urchin, in Indonesia, by the Ford Foundation?

    That might explain where he got those ninja-bad-ass fly-catching skills!

  31. nbc says:

    Isn’t it true, NBC, that an Indonesian can’t become a US citizen by default but must take affirmative action to become a US citizen?

    On the contrary, a US citizen cannot become an Indonesian citizen by US and Indonesian law when being a minor.
    The suggestion that Obama was somehow abandoned and thus obtained refugee status is neither supported by facts nor bound in legal relevance. As the US law clearly states, a child cannot abandon his US birthright through the actions of his parents

  32. Gordon says:

    Sven is out to lunch today. Man should be a science fiction writer.

  33. SvenMagnussen says:

    Barack Sr. abandoned his wife and child when he moved to Massachusetts and had no further contact. Why would a family court deny Jr. an adopted father if a reasonable effort was made to find Sr. but he could not be found?

    If Sr. showed up after the Soetoro adoption, then the adoption could be objected to and possibly voided.

    Which brings up an excellent point!

    Soetoro adopted Jr., takes Jr. and mom to Indonesia and applies for Jr and mom to become a Indonesia citizen. Later, Jr. is taken to an NGO and told Jr. has been abandoned. Jr. gets refugee status and US travel docs.

    Mom and Maya meet up with Jr. in Hawaii so Mom can get Maya a COLB. The NGO flies Sr. back to Hawaii to dispute the Soetoro adoption and reassert Jr.’s Kenyan citizenship.

    The Soetoro adoption is voided, Jr is back to Barack Obama II and a Kenyan citizen.

    Thanks, thisoldhippie, you’ve been a big help.

  34. nbc says:

    Soetoro adopted Jr., takes Jr. and mom to Indonesia and applies for Jr and mom to become a Indonesia citizen. Later, Jr. is taken to an NGO and told Jr. has been abandoned. Jr. gets refugee status and US travel docs.

    No evidence of adoption, no evidence that Indonesian law, or US law allows Obama to become an Indonesian citizen, no evidence that Obama was abandoned.

    In fact, Obama himself claims in his book that he returns as a US citizen I believe.

    So far, your fiction is on par with Obama being from Krypton. Now that would answer any birther’s wildest imagination, would it not?

    I do appreciate your imagination but seriously, do you really believe that this will take off? If so, it could set back the birther movement even further. Brilliant

  35. nbc says:

    My grandparents laughed and pointed at me and wave some more until the customs official finally tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was an American. I nodded and handed him my passport.

    Dreams From My Father, Paperback 2004, page 52

  36. thisoldhippie says:

    You really don’t have any understanding of family law, do you? Biological parents almost always keep their parental rights unless deemed by the court to be unfit. In order to do that the parent has to be served with the complaint – either personally or by publication and since President Obama was an American citizen this would be done in here in the states. There would be legal documents or newpaper publications regarding this matter. Don’t you think someone would have found this?

    An adoption in Indonesia would not be legal for an American citizen. You can make up this fantastical stories all you want, but you have NO EVIDENCE to back them up. Whereas, President Obama has and has shown his COLB which clearly states who his father was and where he was born. You are just wasting air.

  37. Black Lion: she claims that her blog “is among top, most frequented 6% of all 3,783,554 blogs in the cyber world.” I am not sure where she got those numbers but that is her claim.

    My understanding is that she gets numbers from alexa.com. Given that most blogs are of limited interest, top 6% is nothing to brag about.

  38. Bob Weber says:

    Both of McCain’s parents being U.S. citizens is a sufficient condition, though not a necessary one, to make him a citizen by birthright. Ergo, a natural-born citizen.

  39. Bob Weber says:

    Berg’s florid complexion suggests to me a certain substance-abuse problem. (This is of course, speculation.) His well-documented ethical lapses are another matter. Draw your own conclusions.

  40. Bob Weber says:

    “The vast majority of the Obama lawsuits are not filed by lawyers, but by the defendants themselves.”

    Doc, I think you mean plaintiffs, not defendants.

    “Anyone who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer.”

  41. Bob Weber says:

    Conspiracy theories are more convincing when they are backed by facts. Yours isn’t.

  42. nbc says:

    That is far from clear from the history. I believe there is some foundation in English Common law but there are some real problems here.

  43. Bob says:

    Taitz makes that claim based on urlfan.com’s ranking.

    But I agree that top six percent of all websites referenced in other blogs doesn’t mean much, as most sites are of very limited interest.

    For example, google is fifth on urlfan.com, but it is actually the most visted site.

  44. Re McCain, you might find this opposing opinion of interest:


  45. ballantine says:

    There is some authority to support McCain’s position, but it is clearly in the minority. I believe the general view was that children born to citizens overseas were aliens under the common law unless naturalized by an act of parliament. Accordlingly, the first Congress, knowing such children were generally not considered to be citizens under the common law, proposed that “[t]he case of the children of American parents born abroad ought to be provided for, as was done in the case of English parents in the 12th year of William III” (Annals of First Congress, 1109, 1110 (1790), refering to one of the many statutes of England that conferred “natural born” status to aliens born to natural born subjects overseas) and adopted language purporting to confer “natural born” status to such persons in the same manner as parliament. The fact that they thought naturalization was necessary, which, by definition, only applied to aliens, meant they considered someone like McCain an alien absent a naturalization statute. Sixty-five years later, after publication of an influential article by Horace Binney pointing out that since citizenship in the United States was still defined by the common law, children of citizens born overseas were aliens and the present natualization act did not apply to them, Congress amended the naturalization law, citing Binney’s article and pointing out the reason such amendment was necessary was that the best view of the common law was that such persons were aliens. Pretty obvious that these Congresses believed the common law continued to define citizenship and was defined by locality of birth or they would not have passed these laws.

    In support of McCain, I believe Ludlam v. Ludlam, 26 NY 356 (1860) for one held that children of citizens born overseas were natural born under the common law (in addition to those born within the realm). There are some other authorities, but the bulk of authority discussing “natural born” do no discuss such persons, but most such authority does not directly discuss the issue like the Ludlam court.

  46. That’s rich!

    Her rank is 251,186 and mine is 252,171 — a statistical dead heat.

  47. Bob says:

    The OC Weekly’s story on Taitz.

    Guess who will take the publicity?

  48. kimba says:

    It was an interesting article in the OC weekly. Best Line from Bob Haggard:

    “She tells her followers that she files’ all sorts of documents, but she never files anything. She drops stuff off.”


  49. kimba says:

    This is how not very smart people get convinced to believe BS – tell them you’re in the top 6% of 3.7 million! It makes me sad that there are Americans who graduated high school who can’t figure out that 6% of 3.7 million is 220,000.

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