Obama swats fly

President Obama singlehandedly swatted and killed a fly during a video taped interview today. Pretty impressive.

‘Dem birthers better know what’s cummin!

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13 Responses to Obama swats fly

  1. HistorianDude says:

    I told you he was one of the lizard people.


  2. misha says:

    I just took at look at her site. I think she is szichophrenic. I have some relatives with it, and they have the same rambling writing.

    I also looked at her use of Hebrew letters. Gee, I never knew that stuff I read had so may hidden messages. I’ll have to be more careful in the future.

    Someone needs thorazine.

  3. Shrieking wombat says:

    Join the dots, people!!!

  4. kimba says:

    Geez I stopped reading after I got to the part about what “stock” his DNA is mixed from.

    There is no doubt our Pres has ninja skills. I think Sven was onto something about there being two distinct identities: Barack Obama and Barry Soetoro. After seeing the reflexes on our Pres, I think we can agree that it is likely while “Barry Soetoro” was attending kindergarten at the Franciscan school in Indonesia, Barack was being trained in the ninjutsu way. Could our Pres really be a secret Buddhist?

  5. Black Lion says:

    Wow Sven..What an insightful comment…If flies loved stink then Orly and Berg must have them all over their houses…

    But what else would we expect from the genius that came up with the infamous “Indonesian refugee” and “Special diplomatic passport” theories…

  6. NBC says:

    Wow… Sven…

  7. dunstvangeet says:

    Does that mean that he actually cost Al Franken a vote in the Senate?

    Some guy voted for Lizard People and Al Franken, therefore, giving an over-vote. The judges rules that since there could theoretically be someone named “Lizard People” living in the state, they couldn’t say that this voter didn’t want to vote for him as well, and therefore, it was an overvote.

  8. If you haven’t seen the video of the election commission debating the lizard people votes, you’ve missed a treat. It is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen.


  9. TRUTH says:

    That’s nothing, I hear if you walk by the water of the Washington Monument at 3am some mornings you can see him part the water.

  10. NBC says:

    Hahaha, now that’s funny.

    He’s quite something isn’t he. What a refreshingly new president we have

  11. TRUTH says:

    Quite something? That’s the understatement of all Obama Conspiracy Theory posts.

  12. TheRealTruth says:

    Everything is just a conspiracy!

    This is the truth!


    Don’t belive the official version!

  13. TheRealTruth says:

    Everything is just a conspiracy!

    Watch this!


    This is the truth! Don’t believe the official version!

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