Musings on the Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate

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Fake Birth Certificate

It looks like, at least in the eyes of its creators, the Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate has been a success beyond their wildest hopes. It has focused the scorn of the national press on the stupidity of the birthers, it has immunized at least part of the public against the next fraudulent document to come out and it tripled traffic here on Obama Conspiracy Theories. It was a very fine hoax because it was good enough to fool some of the people, but also bad enough so that thoughtful people could shoot it full of holes. The errors on it were in gradations of sophistication so as to drag out the agony for a few days.

What if…

What if it had been a forgery rather than a hoax,  with the intent to fool rather to embarrass? What if the forger were Kenyan and had access to a real Kenyan birth certificate for someone born in 1961 for a model? Say they even found a blank form from the period in the bottom of some government agency filing cabinet, and typed it up on a vintage typewriter, using real official’s names, but of those no longer living. Forgeries of old documents have fooled experts, and even defrauded museums. It would be well within the realm of possibility that a Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate could be created that would defy all but the most sophisticated analysis.

Despite the official record of Obama’s birth in the United States and denials from Kenya that claims Obama was born there are “baseless”, there are people whose judgment would latch onto such a document and never let go. In the end, it is not possible to force someone to believe what they do not want to believe through contrary evidence. It’s a fact that we just have to get used to. The birthers are here to stay.

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72 Responses to Musings on the Fake Kenyan Birth Certificate

  1. Bob says:

    In the end, it is not possible to force someone to believe what they do not want to believe through contrary evidence.

    If anything, birfers now say, “Don’t believe any images you see on the Internet!!!” Ignoring, of course, actual verifiers, such as provenance and authentication (as the Internet is a medium for conveying information; it cannot validate).

    The birthers are here to stay.

    The eighth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, and there are still people waiving (in plastic baggies?) pictures of “missiles” underneath the airplanes.

    So, yes, unfortunately.

  2. Nice link to the Vinland Map. That’s a favorite forgery of mine.

  3. misha says:

    That is exactly my concern. I initially thought it was to shake down Orly.

    Kenya is Corruption Central. I am sure some government official is scouring file cabinets for a vintage blank form, as we write. Circa 1950 typewriters are readily available. I have an Underwood from that era. Also, the “Another Typewriter” font for MS Word is even more authentic looking than Schmutz/Cleaned.

    If someone could pull this off, I think they could extract ~$1M from Orly and her coterie. Especially if said person told a record keeper in Mombasa he could get ~$15K to confirm it to Orly.

    Remember Douglas Dillman in The Man. And yes, I read the book. My parents bought it when it first came out in paperback; I still have it.

    There are people who spend their entire day, thinking of how they could torpedo Obama.

  4. FlameThrower Extraordinaire says:

    Fake Kenyan BC is BO’s worst nightmare come true. Soon, the Judicial Branch of the US Government will order the Executive Branch of the US Government, through diplomatic channels, to request documents from a foreign government(s) to verify or disqualify the document. Or the Federal District Court will order the Hawaii department of records to produce the complete birth record of BO to disqualify the Fake Kenyan BC.

    Either way BO is exposed.

  5. richCares says:

    verify a fake document, wow!
    Delusions Galore!

  6. kimba says:

    It’s a fake. It’s already been “disqualified.” Sheesh. You need to take something for that birther delusion.

  7. Heavy says:

    It MUST be a fake. Kimba said so!

  8. kimba says:

    You are troll. It has been proven a fake. Only a desperate troll maroon thinks there’s a chance it’s real. Why aren’t you angry at the people who have misled you with their lies about Obama?

  9. Sven, are you off your meds again?

  10. Bob Weber says:

    The fake BC had so many obvious clues as to its nature that I couldn’t see it as anything other than birfer-bait. It succeeded brilliantly. Most amusing were several multi-thousand-post threads on FreeRepublic where the birfers duked it out over the fake.

    Slightly off topic, but giving insight into their mentality, is that most of them seem to believe that real documents (like the Downing St. Memos) are fake, but fakes such as the Niger forgeries are real!

  11. FlameThrower Extraordinaire says:

    If I were an Obot, then I would start preparing to throw myself at the mercy of the Court and admit I created the Fake Kenyan BC to obstruct justice, tortiously interfere and subvert the US Constitution or I would encourage BO to produce his complete birth record for the Court so we could rub it in the birther’s faces.

    But that’s just me.

  12. AdrianInFlorida says:

    When that FreepTurd thread was started on that Saturday night, it was amusing to watch them go into “Investigative Wingnut” mode, checking it out, analyzing it with PhotoShop Elements (Cheap bastards) and MS Paint, tweaking the gamma and color correction…..Knowing all along that they were about to fail again. It’s like watching a train wreck.

  13. Heavy says:

    The only ones who have misled are your messiah and his disciples, the MSM.

  14. Bob says:

    But don’t forget: If Obama simply released his long-form birth certificate, all of this would be over.

  15. Bob says:

    Tossing off phases that you don’t comprehend (obstruction of justice, tortious interference) makes you look ignorant.

    But that’s just me.

  16. Welsh Dragon says:

    Yes it was fun to watch them particularly when the freeper on freeper in-fighting started.

    The thread was still going on earlier today – some of them seem to be trying to work out which ship Obama’s mom would have taken from Kenya!

  17. misha says:

    First, giving in to those retrogrades gives them legitimacy. Second, if it came to that, and Obama signed a release at the Justice Department’s behest, birthers would simply claim that it too, had been tampered with.

    The birthers simply cannot abide a black family in the White House, and will use extra-constitutional means to remove those occupants.

    And the consequences be damned.

  18. FlameThrowerExtraordinaire says:

    One more … modus operandi.

    I’m sure the Judge will be pleased when it is disclosed the interferer posted a “you’ve been punk’d” photo after the document was entered into the record for verification to an officer of the court after a complaint had been filed.

    Even better, the case was dismissed for procedural issues after Judge Carter said the case wouldn’t dismiss for procedural issues. I have my fingers crossed. I hope the Judge likes the show, “Punk’d,” on MTv.

  19. misha says:

    Ship? Nah, it was a Lockheed Constellation. Don’t you know anything?

  20. Greg says:

    I don’t think the “case” has been dismissed. The motion for expedited authentication and letter rogatory was stricken.

  21. Jeff R says:

    It was actually a sealed Soviet submarine, like that train that brought Lenin from Germany to Russia so he could start the Russian Revolution.

    It’s all so simple when you really think about it.

  22. Be thankful for small favors.

  23. Bob says:

    One more … modus operandi.

    Again, speaking from ignorance does not help your case.

    I’m sure the Judge will be pleased when it is disclosed the interferer posted a “you’ve been punk’d” photo after the document was entered into the record for verification to an officer of the court after a complaint had been filed.

    1. That motion has been stricken.

    2. The judge has every right to be pissed: Taitz requested letters rogatory based on a photograph (of unknown origin) of a document (also of unknown origin). That’s not how it is done in the big leagues.

    Even better, the case was dismissed for procedural issues after Judge Carter said the case wouldn’t dismiss for procedural issues.

    The case has not yet been dismissed, but the judge cannot prevent the government from filing an (inevitable) motion to dismiss based on lack of jurisdiction and failure to state a claim.

    I have my fingers crossed.

    Good luck when they start to cramp.

  24. jtx says:


    Naw Kenya isn’t #1 in corruption at all; it follows New York by at least one place if not more.

    Guess you didn’t know that.

  25. jtx says:


    “disqualified”??? Don’t be funny. This kangaroo court can disquality (or qualify for that matter) nothing at all. It’s just chin deep in BS and leftist blather.

    It could very well be that the image of the certified copy Orly produced is legitimate. Time (and not Doc’s website infested as it is with Flying Monkeys) will tell.

  26. jtx says:

    FlameThrower Extraordinaire:

    If the guy had one that would pass muster he’d already have done that rather than spend 1.5M$ keeping it from view along with all of the many other of his records.

  27. jtx says:

    Bob Weber:

    Actually you don’t seem to realize that the BC doesn’t really matter since the man has told everyone he was not a “natural born citizen” at birth, but a Brit.

    Or perhaps you think that Brit and NBC mean the same thing??

  28. jtx says:


    You can’t seem to get it through your thick liberal lefty skull that the BC matters little and only as one bit of evidence in a chain of evidence.

    The man has already admitted he’s not a natural born citizen … or did you miss that?? That’s what being born a Brit means!!

  29. richCares says:

    “It could very well be that the image of the certified copy Orly produced is legitimate.”

    ha ha ha ha ha ha
    jtx confirms his ignorance, thanks for the confirmation.

  30. Greg says:

    No, he said he was both a natural born citizen AND a British citizen at birth. Duh.

    Of course, based on British law, he would have been born a British citizen even if his dad had naturalized in the United States. Or if his grandfather had been born British but naturalized in the United States.

    British law doesn’t determine who is eligible to be President, jtx. Our Constitution does.

    And the Founders recognized that people could have British permanent citizenship thrust on them without their consent or approval. They knew that Britain had permanent citizenship, and bestowed citizenship upon everyone born to British parents here whether their parents (or grandparents) were naturalized or not!

  31. kimba says:

    He didn’t say he was a Brit, Troll, and you know it. He said he had dual citizenship at birth. You have yet to cite a law says a person with dual citizenship is not a natural born citizen. You must do better. Ground Hog Day again for jtx.

  32. Greg says:

    British law doesn’t matter. If they changed their law to say that everyone who went by the pseudonym jtx was a citizen of Britain, that wouldn’t impact your citizenship here one bit.

    Our Constitution controls, jtx, not British law.

  33. SFJeff says:

    “rather than spend 1.5M$ keeping it from view”

    No JTX, its up to $3.5 Billion- soon the amount President Obama has spent to cover this up will be paying for the deficit. Try to keep up please.

  34. SFJeff says:

    JTX- really- we keep asking- cite one authority- a recognized authority* who agrees with your theory? Because right now all you are doing is parroting yourself, and have been saying the samething without any support for 3 months now.

    *not one with a list of degrees but whose only publications are all on whacko websites.

  35. richCares says:

    “…have been saying the samething without any support for 3 months now.”

    jtx says “I don’t need to prove it, he’s a nigga, that’s proof enough”

  36. SFJeff says:

    Oh can I just point out that:
    a) President Obama has been our duly elected and confirmed President for almost 7 months now.
    b) Even though not a single legal filing has succeeded, Birthers still claim that the Truth will come out any moment.
    c) American’s can still own guns.
    d) There are no detention camps.
    e) We haven’t gone to war with another country yet.
    f) We haven’t abandoned Israel
    g) Obama still hasn’t revealed his true Muslim faith.

    What I am really trying to say, is that the great strength of our country is that our system of elective government, and transition works. Obama was elected and the transition of government was peaceful. Many dislike his agenda, just as much as many of us disliked what Bush did. All of that is part of our amazing system.

    But the Orly’s and Heavy’s out there don’t like the political process and essentially argue for extra-constitutional methods, where a small elite or the military decides who should be President.

  37. milspec says:

    “It’s like watching a train wreck.’

    More like picking off a scab.

  38. Where do you think all that TARP money is really going??

  39. Bob says:

    The Onion’s possible explanation of why Obama won’t release his birth certificate.

  40. Shrieking wombat says:

    Hurry everybody! Run on over to Ben Smith at Politico right now!

  41. FTE says:

    “There are no detention camps.”

    Help me out, Bob! What’s GITMO?

    ‘Cause, I thought GITMO had a detention camp.

  42. Definite addition for the media page, but in no way surprising.

  43. I don’t get it, I mean the article. The Onion is usually funny.

  44. jtx says:


    Certainly one of us is confirming his ignorance. I’m the one, however, who is willing to see court-authenticated records of whatever sort rather that proclaim the documents of the Forgers as valid like you are doing.

    In the long run there will be several pieces of factual evidence to be authenticated for Obama to attempt to demonstrate that he is legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

  45. jtx says:


    The 1.5 million is a pretty good figure but does not include all the tax money and governmental salaries (attorneys, forgers, hitmen, etc.) that he’s also spent. The 1.5 million figure is just the DNC/party funds from Soros, Saudi Arabia et al.

  46. jtx says:


    You miss the point that your hero himself stated that he was born a Brit. That admission against interest will be very important in the trial.

  47. dunstvangeet says:

    jtx, no one here’s denying that he was born a dual citizen, under both British Law, and American Law. What we’re denying is that the American Citizenship Law actually cares what the British Nationality Act of 1948 says.

    Perkins v. Elg already states that U.S. Nationality Law operates independantly from any other nation. Therefore, why would we care what the British Nationality Act of 1948 actually states? It has no bearing on whether or not Barack Obama is a Natural-Born Citizen. And no legal fringe theory from a professional poker player can state otherwise.

  48. Sven, try to work on getting the context.

  49. Greg says:

    Wow indeed! What a completely lunatic conspiracy theory! It’s like the guy woke up after election day and wondered, “what happened? I think I’ll hatch a conspiracy theory!”

    “Actually most of America was surprised when McCain was placed on the ticket as the Republican nominee.”

    Um, no. Most Americans who payed attention knew exactly how McCain was placed on the ticket. He won enough primaries to beat his competitors! (He also polled better against Obama than any of his competitors!)

    And if you are writing for an audience of people clueless enough to be confused about how McCain became the Republican nominee, it’s easy to make statements like “Obama hasn’t kept a single campaign promise.”

    Actually, in the 7 months he’s been president, Obama has fulfilled 34 of his campaign promises and has 77 more in the works.

  50. Jeff R says:


    Easily impressed, aren’t you?

  51. richCares says:

    a link to a Bigoted article by our leading Bigot, no surprize! (however the article was a good laugh based on the ignorance displayed)

  52. Heavy says:

    No. I amazed that, in the face of the facts, you sick people still prop up this imposter.

    It’s almost over now.

  53. Greg says:

    If, by almost over, you mean only 7 years and 5 months to go, then sure, it’s almost over.

    If, however, you mean, like the folks who, for 8 years suffered from Clinton Derangement syndrome, that indictments are just around the corner, or somesuch nonsense, I’ll just say, yeah, right.

  54. SFJeff says:

    No, $3.5 Billion is the accurate number, and all the money comes Hugo Chavez, Osama Bin Ladin and the Chinese Communist Party.

    This doesn’t count the federal money spent building Detention Camps in South Dakota to house all the Birthers.

  55. misha says:

    “No, $3.5 Billion is the accurate number, and all the money comes Hugo Chavez, Osama Bin Ladin and the Chinese Communist Party.”

    You forgot several million provided by corrupt Kenyan officials.

  56. Bob Weber says:

    The Politico article deals with only a tiny portion of Orly’s shenanigans. Doesn’t mention things like her harassment of Kelly Ann Dunham of WA, who Orly thinks is actually Stanley Ann living under an assumed name. Stanley Ann faked her own death in 1995, you see.

  57. richCares says:

    heavy don’t forget, Klan meeting next Tuesday, bring your own sheets.

  58. Jeff R says:

    “It’s almost over now.”

    Careful, coming from someone plainly inflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome, statements like that might be construed as a threat, don’t you think?

    Anyway, I can count the “facts” in that article on one hand that has been mutilated in a piece of machinery so that some fingers are missing.

    It has an extremely low fact-to-noise ratio.

  59. strikefighter says:

    I love the part in there about how he is sure that there is some shady group ruling the US through nefarious means. Although he doesn’t know who “they” are, but he seems sure “they” are there.

    And really, the whole NWO bull needs to stop. We have been dealing with this conspiracy since, what, the beginning of the Clinton years, if not longer? Always told that the NWO is coming soon, yet it hasn’t come.

    Really, the tin foil hat brigade needs to lay off the shrooms, maybe think rationally again.

    We’ll all be better off.

  60. Bob Weber says:

    “The thread was still going on earlier today – some of them seem to be trying to work out which ship Obama’s mom would have taken from Kenya!”


    Mombasa Airport in 1961 was just an airstrip and wasn’t serviced by scheduled airlines. Add to that the tremendous distance from Mombasa to Obama, Sr.’s native village of Kogelo and the birfers have a big problem with their fantasy-scenario: What the hell would they have been doing in Mombasa?

    VOILA! Obama’s parents must have traveled by
    boat! Problem solved!

  61. milspec says:

    Well the picture was funny, that’s about it.

  62. milspec says:

    Yep big boy, very soon, so why don’t you go back and do what you where doing before you started bothering the adults.

  63. The “new world order” has been around since I was in high school 45 years ago.

  64. Be sure it’s not a colored sheet.

  65. Black Lion says:

    I guess there are reasons that some stories won’t die…

    “An Aug. 10 email by right-wing retailer The Patriot Depot, sent out on the Newsmax mailing list, touted the Aug. 2 WorldNetDaily article presenting what it purported to be Barack Obama’s “Kenyan birth certificate.” The WND article was further touted on the Patriot Depot’s blog.

    But WND itself conceded that the certificate was a fake four days before the Patriot Depot sent its email out. The Patriot Depot folks need to keep current on their conspiracies.”

  66. Heavy says:

    Did you say “Colored”, Doc? How racist!

  67. Heavy says:

    Aw, Millie made a funny. STFU!

  68. Heavy says:

    Threat? There you go again. Liberals are weak. That is why they scare so easily.

  69. Heavy says:

    Maybe you should have stayed there.

  70. It’s a joke, son.

  71. Gordon says:

    I didn’t get it either.

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