Orly withdrawal

Orly Taitz photo I said I'd never use

Orly Taitz, ESQ

I get the impression that a number of folks are suffering from Orly withdrawal now that her site has been identified as having malicious scripts that install unwanted nasties on your computer.

As a service to my readers, I have hooked up an RSS reader to my cell phone to bring you the highlights of what you are missing:

  1. Discrepancy between Obama COLB Number and Susan Nordyke Birth Certificate who was born 1 day later. August 11.This article argues that the birth certificate number on Obama’s certificate should be lower, not higher than the Nordyke number because he was born first. This article, based on a contributor email, argues that the Kenyan Birth Certificate is more authentic [even though its certificate number is Obama’s age plus 44 for the 44th president, Doc].
  2. Important – Major Cook Case, Nazi Germany mode of behavior of Federal judge Richard A Lazarro. August 11Orly claims the judge “sealed” his orders, and refuses to explain why he dismissed her motions [see article here, Doc]
  3. Kenyan Certified Copy of Registration of [Obama’s] Birth is authentic. August 11.Bomford is the fake.
  4. My Meeting today with Congressman Trent Franks (Az 2nd Congressional District).
    August 11.

    I met today with Congressman Franks (R) for about 25-30 minutes…. He was well aware of the many documents … under seal by Obama and the large legal expenditures…

    Trent also volunteered that at one point he himself was read to sue Obama on his lack of eligibility [but] … he became to believep [sic] that he was born in Hawaii as he claimed.

  5. Email from Sexton, David M Civ USAF AFMC 95 ABW/CETM. August 11.”ENOUGH!” to this gang of brigands looting the nation, denigrating and demeaning its citizens and using the Constitution for toilet paper…
  6. What is the hottest Google trend? August 11.Obama’s eligibility is considered to be “the buzz”, the most talked about issue. I did 4 TV shows on major networks and one more is coming out tomorrow, as well as articles in the major news papers and radio.

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84 Responses to Orly withdrawal

  1. Bob says:

    Regarding No. 1 (“Discrepancy between Obama COLB Number…”)

    It is e-mail sent to Taitz. It is signed:

    “name redacted

    …I sure would like to know which law school has classes in vital statistics documents.

  2. Welsh Dragon says:

    Orly will not be pleased – you haven’t mentioned all the media appearances! US, Russia, Israel – wherever they need a crazy, Orly’s there.

  3. AdrianInFlorida says:

    I think it’s hillarious how most of the Orly supporters are terrified that the White House is setting up an ‘Enemies List’, and as good conservatives, they are staying behind the cloak of freeper screen names, web browsing through proxies and generally tin foil hatting their way through life.

    Then they go and sign up as Orly’s Facebook friend, with an account that is in their real name. Bwahahaha.

  4. AdrianInFlorida says:

    Calling a Judge a Nazi, or Stalinist, sure isn’t a good way to remain ‘In Good standing’ with the local bar in that Judge’s jurisdiction. Just sayin’.

    If nothing else, the benefity of the doubt sure won’t fall Orly’s way next time he has to decide on one of her Mickey Mouse motions.

  5. AdrianInFlorida says:

    “malicious” + “Orly”= 195,000 hits in Google.


  6. Nobody says:

    Certificate Number != Serial Number

    The original preprinted (long) forms would have the certificate number already printed on them. This is because these are valuable pieces of paper and for security reasons it is necessary to keep track of the blank forms in order to ensure that none go missing.

    So the order in which the forms would be issued is dependant on the order that the forms are removed from the pile in the supply closet, not in the order that they are issued. If each clerk pulls a pile from the supply closet and then uses that supply over a few days or a week then I expect that there would out of order issues.

    Where I work we use these kinds of prenumbered forms and I often receive forms with numbers that were distributed years ago, but never actually used until recently.

    Just another case where the birthers jump to conclusions and don’t bother doing any research.

  7. FTE says:

    # Kenyan Certified Copy of Registration of [Obama’s] Birth is authentic. August 11. Bomford is the fake.

    Confirmation Kenyan BC is real from
    “Oh, For Goodness Sake Blog”

    *Ed Hale’s Chat 8/8/09

    Ed_Hale: Btw gang Berg admitted today to me on the phone he had the Kenya Bc that I said he had and it is that seal case

    Ed_Hale: yes it is the one I helped him get in Sept 08

    Ed_Hale: So guy Phil Berg has the real deal and yes I do I told you I had the
    Ed_Hale: Dhl tackign number

  8. Bob says:

    Taitz is not a member of the bar for the State of Florida (she can’t be), nor admitted to practice law before the district court for the middle district of Florida.

    Showing contempt for a judge, however, can get you disciplined by the bar (the California bar, in Taitz’s case). But unless the offended judge makes an actual referral, doubtful that’ll happen.

  9. Bob says:

    Oh! If Ed Hale says that Phil Berg says it is the “real deal,” it is over.

    Welcome, President Biden!

  10. Low Rider says:

    Is there really a malicious script on her blog? I’ve been going there consistently for my daily dose of crazy and my computer has suffered no ill effects thus far. I run a virus scan every night and have turned up nothing.

  11. Greg says:

    I’ve gotten a download warning from IE.

  12. milspec says:

    5,080 for nutcase+Orly

  13. jtx says:

    No, clearly there isn’t. That’s just more of the misinformation being put out by the Enablers, Forgers, and other Flying Monkeys.

  14. Bob says:

    The talk page for wikipedia’s Obama Conspiracy Theories page says there was (as of a week ago).

  15. Jeff R says:

    I would get the malware warning if I used Firefox but not if I used Internet Explorer. Haven’t tried Netscape.

  16. misha says:

    kimba: wonderful!

  17. I think it depends on your computer setup. I go there with Firefox, and ignore the warning — no problems. However a friend of mine had serious problems after going there with IE. It just depends on browser, OS, anti virus, anti malware, patch level, browser settings and which pages you visit.

  18. Bob says:

    Most federal courts have a rule that if you are not licensed by the state in which the district court is located, then you have to associate into the case an attorney that is.

    As Taitz doesn’t have local counsel in Florida (or, more specifically, the local counsel listed in her papers never signed them), Taitz cannot (yet) appear in the middle district.

  19. The birth certificate blanks used by hospitals are not security forms. They are just plain paper. In the case of 1961 Hawaiian forms, the certificate number is stamped on them by the state. When someone orders a certified copy, they photocopy the document onto security paper, then stamp and seal it. The security paper is usually controlled, although the stuff from Hawaii doesn’t look all that special and it doesn’t have serial numbers.

    Most modern birth certificates are printed onto security paper with serial numbers on them as “nobody” says, but this is not currently true in Hawaii.

    Evidence of this is that the Sun Yat-Sen certificate from the 1920’s has the same security paper as the Obama COLB printed in 2007. They are both modern printings onto modern paper stock.

  20. FTE says:

    Relax, Bob. Now, Obama can present his complete birth record, passport application forms, school records, tax returns, etc. and slam the “birthers” in their unpatriotic, racist faces.

    Whoo Hoo! I can’t wait.

  21. Black Lion says:

    Bob, the e-mail from the so called attorney was cross-posted over at tROSL. They are pushing it as some sort of smoking gun…

    “According to the following entry at Dr. Taitz’ site, it is conceivable that the birth certificate numbers on Mr. Obama’s alleged HI COLB may not be as solid as originally thought:

    Dear Orly,
    Attached are the Obama alleged “Certification of Live Birth” (COLB) as published by FactCheck.org showing the number of the COLB to be: 151 1961-010641 with Date of Birth Aug. 4, 1961. The very next day, Aug. 5, 1961, Susan Elizabeth Nordyke, one of a twin, was born at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu. Attached is her long form Hawaiian Birth Certificate, yet her certificate number is 151 61 10637 – a number lower than Obama’s number yet for a child born a day later. Also notice that the truncated numbers “61‘ were used in the long form Nordyke birth certificate for the year, not, “1961‘ and also the leading “0‘ in the last part of the section of numbers is omitted in the Nordyke birth certificate. Also, on the long form, a doctor signs and attests to the following: “”I hereby certify that this child was born alive on the date and hour stated above,” none of which appears on the short form COLB. Is it possible that another child was originally issued the number 151 1961-010641 which was then used by Obama? Janice Okubo, Dir. of Communications for the Hawaii Health Department has stated that she does not know what the Obama alleged COLB first appearing on the Daily Kos website appears to be.
    The Kenyan Certificate look convincing! Keep up the great work!
    Best regards,
    name redacted
    attorney [emphases original]

    Since the numbers appear to have been issued within 48 hours of each other, and while other factors could reasonably explain why certain digits were left out, the question becomes whether or not the numbers are arbitrarily generated or if there is a sequence protocol that is used.”

    It’s the new so called “smoking gun evidence” that will get that usurper out of the White House…Do the birthers ever get tired of being wrong?

    And their other news of the day involves our buddy Carl Swensson…

    “In related news, concerned citizens have been relaying to me that Carl Swensson, Georgia citizen grand jury foreman and eligibility activist, has filed in the US District Court for DC the case, Swensson v. Soetoro:

    Another lawsuit just filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, Swensson vs. Soetoro, charges Obama with document fraud for posting a fake “birth certificate” on his website.

    I’ll be on the look-out for the documentation on this case.”

    I guess there will be another case that will be dismissed soon. Do these individuals understand the rules of evidence? It is up to him to supply proof that President Obama’s COLB is fake, not for the President to prove that it is real.

  22. kimba says:

    They wrangle and fuss and celebrate that they have the smoking gun, but none of them has the huevos to call the Hawaii Dept of Health and ask how the numbers were assigned. God forbid you call and ask and then find out there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the numbers are not issued in sequence by date and time of birth. Several scenarios described in the birth announcement thread, particularly the one by Dr C, explain it to a rational person. Geez, the fact that they are within a few numbers of each other is more than enough evidence, and no one in birtherdom remembers Y2K? Who wants to bet that some of the same people stock-piled food and water ahead of Y2K. ( One of my mother’s goofy friends didn’t finish eating that freeze-dried, canned stockpile for about 3 years!)

  23. Black Lion says:

    Kimba, you are entirely correct. As you have realized the birthers don’t want any confirmation. They would rather believe in conspiracies and innuendo without any facts. I mean can you come up with any other reason why they continue to believe in facts that have already been debunked? Some still will quote the non-existent travel ban or the Indonesian school record that proves that Obama was an Indonesian citizen. They repeat rumors as facts and link to site that are extremely biased. That is their MO. We all know that the President could release all of his records and there would still be some to scream forgery or it doesn’t matter. The viritrol and hatred for the President goes beyond this issue.

  24. ObotsREvil says:

    Why isn’t there a newspaper announcement for the Nordyke twins in 1961?

  25. Black Lion says:

    Maybe their paperwork was not submitted in a timely fashion. Or maybe the Department of Vital Statistics did not receive the information soon enough. The point is that there are many non-conspiracy reasons that their announcements might not have been in the newspaper. Did you research the following week to see if it was in there? Probably not. The fact of the matter is that the Department of Vital Statistics were the ones that sent the list of births to the newspapers, so if there was an error, it would be on them. The implication is that the announcement was a forgery and somehow they made a mistake and forgot to list the name of the twins. That is a lot more farfetched than the more likely possibility of clerical or human error.

  26. Greg says:

    How do you know there’s no birth announcement in the newspaper? Until recently, nobody knew who the Nordyke twins were and weren’t looking for their birth announcements. And, if I remember correctly, the Obama announcement was found when someone actually went to the library and looked on the microfiche for the announcements – it wasn’t found online. So, have you gone to the library in Hawaii and looked on the microfiches for that month?

  27. Bob says:

    Are you referring to images of Obama’s birth announcement? You can clearly see that those images are not of the full newspaper pages.

  28. On average, there were around 20 births per day in Honolulu. The snip from the newspaper doesn’t show that many.

  29. ““According to the following entry at Dr. Taitz’ site, it is conceivable that the birth certificate numbers on Mr. Obama’s alleged HI COLB may not be as solid as originally thought:”

    That is really funny. Our expert of all trades Ron Polarik claims the Obama certificate number was “way off” from what it should have been statistically. Now we find it is right on the money. When did the birthers ever think the number was “solid”?

  30. The only case Swensson filed was the pretend Super American Grand Jury thing, which was not accepted by the court.

    There is no “Swensson vs. Soetoro” case in the Federal system. Check for yourself at http://docket.justia.com.

  31. jtx says:


    If he “can” – why doesn’t he do so?

    Merely prove his eligibility to hold the office he now occupies.

  32. jtx says:


    Which of those is you and which is mischa??? Michelle Obama is easy enough to pick out as it’s a very good likeness:-)

  33. Bob says:

    I’ve heard rumblings they were going to file something in their “Super American Grand Jury” case. Anything there?

  34. jtx says:

    Black Lion:

    More of your blithering and blathering.

    The only thing that is required is that Obama prove that he is legally eligibile to hold the office he now occupies.

  35. kimba says:

    That’s funny Sven. Because you haven’t had one presented to you, you think one doesn’t exist. How’s about one of you birthers getting your butt out of the barcalounger and trit-trotting over to the Honolulu Library and review the microfiches. Chr!st on a cracker, I have never seen such an intellectually lazy group of individuals as birthers. Say what? No birthers in Honolulu? I can’t believe no one did this months ago. You can probably buy the full newspaper for that day from the Honolulu Advertiser. What’s Orly doing with all that PayPal moolah?

  36. jtx says:

    Black Lion:

    Thet’s just more of your totally fabricated looney leftie conspiracy theories to enable Obama to be President even though he does not meet the legal requirements.

    You seem to not grasp that you Flying Monkeys have virulent conspiracy theories – and yours may very well destroy our country.

  37. kimba says:

    You have yet to point us to what law requires the President to prove he is eligible. You are a one trick pony, Mr Ground Hog Day.

  38. Black Lion says:

    JTX…You are the one that is blathering…You and your fantasy trials, your facisnation with “flying monkeys” and your inability to explain how other countries laws such as the British Nationality Act can affect US citizenship laws…All of your comments and you never say anything that you can support with case law. You remind me of the old axiom ““It is better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. JTX, you have removed all doubt.

  39. jtx says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:

    I guess it depends upon which exact version of which of your forgeries done by one or more of you Forgers we’re actually talking about.

    There are so many of them … but then that’s no doubt intentional to cloud the issue.

    But, ahem, you may as well stop flapping your gums about an irrelevant issue like that and consider the real issue:

    Obama has never shown himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies. If he can’t do that he’ll just be a footnote to history.

  40. Greg says:

    Why don’t you pick one? Either he can prove his eligibility by proving with extra special proof, above and beyond prima facie evidence admissible in any court in the land, that he was born in Hawaii, or he can’t because his dad was not a naturalized citizen.

  41. TRUTH says:

    HAHAHA!! I don’t care who ya are, That There’s Funny STUFF!

  42. SFJeff says:

    “Obama has never shown himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies. If he can’t do that he’ll just be a footnote to history.”

    JTX will still be saying the same thing 7 years from now. And in those 7 years, he still will be unable to cite any authority that agrees with him.

  43. FTE says:

    Obama turned 18 in 1979(ish). One phone call to Timmy Geithner, along with IRS Form 4506, and Obama can have copies of 30 years of tax returns kept in the IRS archives unsealed and ready for presentment.

    Bam! Birthers go splat.

  44. Bob says:

    How will Obama’s back taxes demonstrate eligibility?

  45. Bob Weber says:

    The Nordyke BC gives “date accepted by registrar” as August 11, which was a Friday. A bit late to make it into the Sunday listings. I’m guessing it’s in the next set of listings, assuming it’s not on the next page of the newspaper. A week’s worth of listings should have about 140 names if just Honolulu births, or about twice that for all of Hawaii.

    BTW, there’s nothing unusual about a delay in getting the info to the registrar. I was born in the county seat, and if they’d been frantic to get the info to the registrar, then a kid on a bicycle could have delivered it in a few minutes. But my birth info didn’t get from the hospital to the registrar until 11 days later.

  46. Bob Weber says:

    “I have never seen such an intellectually lazy group of individuals as birthers.”


    If the birfers had hired me as a private investigator, the first places I would have checked would have been Customs and Immigration records for August 1961, and the BOAC archives for any passenger manifests from then. Since no birfer appears to have even made an attempt to do so, one suspects they are not really intellectually serious.

  47. Heavy says:

    jtx, you just called Blackie a monkey. How RACIST!

  48. Expelliarmus says:

    We know from the Nordyke certificates that there was a delay in the signing of the birth certificate by the doctor at the hospital. The mom signed it early in the week, but that doctor’s signature was delayed until the Friday at the end of the week. Most likely the doctor who delivered the twins simply was not available for a few days and the paperwork sat on his desk or inbox for a few days waiting for his return.

    But there is a multistep process for birth certificates to issue that goes like this:
    * Medical worksheet completed
    * Mom’s worksheet completed
    * Medical & mom worksheet information is typed onto certificate form
    * Mom signs form
    * Doctor signs form
    * Birth certificate returned to vital records department and filed.

  49. AdrianInFlorida says:

    “If he “can” – why doesn’t he do so?”

    He has no legal obligation to prove anything else to a minority of people who simply can’t get over the fact that hey lost an election.

  50. Black Lion says:

    Donofrio’s take on Orly and her filing in the Cook case….


    Here is an interesting response from one of the commenters on his blog…

    kj Says:
    August 13, 2009 at 1:24 pm
    Orly has a new “law clerk”, Charles Lincoln III, a disbarred lawyer with a case that made it to the Supreme Court. Surely he knew what he was doing, but he has served time for fraud. Could there be a deal in this for him? “Is Mr. Lincoln working for the government?” would probably be the relevant question. If so, he will be sure that Orly’s cases will cause the most damage possible.

    So Charles Lincoln is working for the government in order to sabotage Orly…Wow…Conspiracies behind every door…

  51. Black Lion says:

    Heavy why do you mean by that? Are you now the race police?…JTX calls everyone that doesn’t agree with him monkeys…You on the other hand have already shown the rest of the commenters who you are by your posts…So there is no question regarding your intentions in your posts…

  52. Bob'sNewFriend says:

    Foreign Student/Foreign Scholar Filing Requirements for U.S. Federal Income Tax Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ

    Foreign students and foreign scholars have special filing requirements for U.S. federal income tax returns.

    1. There is no minimum dollar amount of income, which triggers a filing requirement for a nonresident alien, including foreign students or foreign scholars. The dollar limit thresholds which trigger a filing requirement for a U.S. citizen or a resident alien do not apply to nonresident aliens. However, Notice 2005-77 provides that a nonresident alien whose only U.S. source income is wages is not required to file a U.S. federal income tax return unless his U.S. source wages exceed the personal exemption amount. Please refer to Publication 501 to determine the personal exemption amount.
    2. Filing IS required by nonresident alien students and scholars who have:
    1. A taxable scholarship or fellowship, as described in Chapter 1 of Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education;
    2. Income partially or totally exempt from tax under the terms of a tax treaty; and/or
    3. Any other income, which is taxable under the Internal Revenue Code.

  53. Greg says:

    Are you reading impaired, jtx? It’s titled, “GOP Releases Flying Monkeys.”

    Maybe you’re not familiar with the idioms we use here in America? GOP stands for the Republican party.

    Michelle Obama is not in the Republican Party.

  54. jtx says:


    As the one who sought the office, it’s up to him – not me – to prove his eligibility.

    You seem to forget that, but then you are one of the Enabling Conspiracy embraced by the looney left.

  55. Mary Brown says:

    I was present when my second grandson was born last week and listened as the nurse called in the information about his birth to their front desk. Later my daughter-in-law added his name. They got the fancy hospital certificate with the footprints for the baby book but not the official one. I have asked them to photograph the official one when it arrives from the state.

  56. Greg says:

    Jtx, he’s in office. It’s now up to you to come up with evidence to prove he’s not eligible. That is, if you could overcome the insurmountable issue of standing.

    You are so bad at this law stuff.

  57. Shrieking wombat says:
  58. ObotsREvil says:

    Orly says Phil has it all wrong …

    Please, notice, the orders that were published by this web site, are old orders from July 27; the ones that are still sealed, are orders from August 6, Order#10,11.

  59. Greg says:

    There are no sealed orders. There are orders that were issued without a published opinion. That’s not unusual, which Orly would know if she practiced more law than dentistry.

  60. Greg says:

    There are no sealed orders. There are orders that were issued without an opinion. That’s not unusual, which Orly would know if she practiced more law than dentistry.

  61. Greg says:

    Caught the mistake not quite in time. There apparently was no decision, which is different than an unpublished opinion.

  62. Greg says:

    “If he can’t do that he’ll just be a footnote to history.”

    He’ll be a footnote to history who serves 8 years as President.

    Since you are unable to answer the question of what law requires Obama to prove to you his eligibility, answer this – When did Chester Arthur prove his eligibility? What case? Which judge?

  63. Greg says:

    Or Herbert Hoover? (14 years a resident, does that mean 14 years consecutively or 14 years total?)

  64. Orders 10 and 11 are published here as well.


    That’s all he wrote.

  65. Bob says:

    From Taitz’s site: “More work I do, more attacks I endure.”


    “Latest attack came from Leo Donofrio, who had his case dismissed in November, didn’t bring any more cases, doesn’t have any clients and together with Berg and Kreep, they are mostly engaged in attacking me.”

    She forgot Andy Martin. And after Taitz said there was “disinformation” on tRSoL, even Phil is beginning to see the light.

    “Here is a million dollar question: ‘Why instead of doing something productive do they gang on me?'”

    Because you’re driving this crazy train off the cliff. And for birfers, that’s really quite an accomplishment.

  66. Bob says:

    Says Taitz (via Salon): Obama’s gay lovers have all been murdered.

  67. Welsh Dragon says:

    Now Orly’s calling on foreign governments to intervene!

    “Any ambassador from any country can bring an action in the Supreme Court of the United States under Original jurisdiction. It will speed up the process tremendously. Please, try to find an ambassador or consul, who would be willing to bring an action. He will not state that Obama needs to be removed. He will state that before any treaties are signed with his country, he wants to see the proof that the treaty is signed by the legitimate head of state. Please, call the embassies, consulates and foreign leaders. Please mention to them the FEMA camps, our corrupt media and corrupt judiciary and law enforcement.”

    She’ll be calling for invasion next!

  68. ROFL. President Obama is more popular outside the US than in it.

  69. Bob says:

    From Taitz’s site: “All attempts to debunk Obama’d Kenyan BC, that I submitted for authentication were debunked.”

    (It is a repost of this article.)

  70. I left a note about pence and cents. Stuck in moderation.

  71. Welsh Dragon says:

    The Orly faction of the birthers will just not give up on the fake Kenyan certificate! Still I suppose it keeps them off the streets!

    Typical ‘birther evidence’ an Australian newspaper piece from 1915 is supposed to ‘prove’ the existance of ‘E.F.Lavender’ in Kenya in 1961!

  72. misha says:

    Orly Taitz is a double agent of the KGB and the Mossad. It is Russia’s and Israel’s interests to destabilize Obama’s presidency.

    I hope the media exposes her.

  73. misha says:

    “the existance of E.F.Lavender’ in Kenya in 1961”

    There is an EF Lavender in Kenya – it’s a brand of hand wash.

  74. Nullifidian says:

    “Please mention to them the FEMA camps, our corrupt media and corrupt judiciary and law enforcement.”

    Oh yes, please do mention them. It will greatly expedite the decision to hang up you, and thus save much precious time at the embassy.

    So, a woman named O RLY is asking her readership to call foreign heads of state, embassies, and consulates to babble about FEMA-run concentration camps. I’m beginning to expect that Ms. Taitz, DDS, Esq. is merely an ongoing act of performance art.

  75. Bob says:

    “In a classic, Americana twist, the matriarch of the birthers has not ruled out her own stint in politics. ‘You know I never ran for office, but I would not exclude this as a possibility.'”

  76. Bob says:

    From Taitz’s site: “Important filing in Keyes v Obama.”


    Lincoln (errr…Taitz) argues the case had not been sent to the magistrate, and that the magistrate was being overly nit-picky with the local rules (damn those rules!).

    But the main point raised (twice!): “Judge Nakazato’s hyper-formalistic order appears to be inconsistent with Judge David O. Carter’s oral assurances in court on July 13, 2009, that this case would be allowed to proceed on the merits without undue regard to technicalities.”

    Taitz not only actually believes Judge Carter is on her side, but that entitles her to a pass on following the rules.

    The motion is then topped with, “In any event, Plaintiffs’ First Amended Motion for Issuance of Letters Rogatory is currently being prepared.”

    1. Then why file this garbage?

    2. Taitz believes her fake Kenyan birth certificate is the real deal.

    3. Taitz doesn’t realize what a favor the magistrate did her by striking the motion.

    As for the magistrate’s bias:

    “The reality is that a firestorm broke loose on the internet and electronic media generally on August 2-5 concerning the document attached to Plaintiff’s August 1, 2009 Document 34 as Exhibit A. Plaintiffs’ counsel was subjected to verbal abuse including death-threats and that this firestorm was unjustifiably fed and fanned by Judge Arthur Nakazato’s order.”

    …you see, the magistrate is biased because he enforced the local rules, which demonstrates “pervasive bias.”

    Motion hearing date is Sept. 14.

  77. Greg says:

    “Lincoln (errr…Taitz) argues the case had not been sent to the magistrate”

    If she had read: A) the complaint as filed on Pacer; or, B) the listing on Pacer; or, C) her case number, she would have known that the magistrate had been assigned to her case!

    A) The complaint as filed shows that Nakazato is her magistrate for discovery issues.

    B) The listing on PACER shows that Carter is her hearing judge and Nakazato is her magistrate.

    C) The case number is 8:09-cv-00082-DOC-AN. DOC stands for Judge David O. Carter, and AN stands for Arthur Nakazato!

  78. Bob says:

    What is hilarious is that the objections admit (some of) the violations of the local rules; if so, how did the magistrate err? Bumping this up to Judge Carter to whine that he said they were going to get a free pass is only going to piss off everyone.

    Not only is the legal ignorance astonishing, but the lack of foresight is as well.

  79. So I heard that this law professor at UC Berkeley (John Yoo) who is in all the hot water lately teaches “Civil Procedure”. I guess they don’t have that class at Howard Taft.

  80. misha says:

    They don’t have ANY classes at Taft.

    Taft is, quite literally, a no class operation.

  81. thisoldhippie says:

    Oh yes, Orly and her minions are true patriots who just want to see justice prevail… or is it our blood they want to see??

    these obama zombies are really pathetic blow jobs–I mean what else can you call them–do they deserve the king’s english–these rotten suck ass swine? I think not–and in another less gentle time and place if similar activties were happening like this oppressive leftist press supporting all Obama lies. The guillitine would have been brought out and the bunch of them thrust in ox- carts while Orly and madame defarge blithely weave to the sound of crunch!! cheers, !!!crunch !!!cheers-!!!! etc.,- what a cleansing effect that would have on our media- perhaps some judges and politicians as well. Barney CRUNCH!!! Immauel–send him a wrapped fish, then CRUNCH!!! AXELROD–double CRUNCH!!!

    What no more talk of new world order? OOPS some CFR and TRilateral types- Crunch! crunch! crunch!-
    ah what a busy day–what will history remember it as: Hmmmm., limme seeee…,,,? Ah yes: White House bastille Day!!! They will never tell us regular good hard working folk to eat cake again–I can assure you– CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. dervlam says:

    This great idea will just by the way

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