The case of David R___

Orly Taitz

Orly Taitz

It’s a witch hunt over on Orly’s blog.

A while back someone posted a rather nasty comment there including a death wish for Orly (that she be tried for sedition and hung). The Internet address (the IP address1) of the commenter was recorded and published. Another commenter looked up the IP address and found the geographic region where such addresses are found. They took the center of that region, looked it up on Google maps, turned that into a street address, looked up the street address and found out who lived there. Orly then took this email “research” and posted the name, email address, street address, and place of employment of David R____, the unfortunate person the dart thrown at a map of the United States landed on.

One is extremely lucky if the geographic location found in an IP lookup is within a dozen miles of the actual computer.

In any case, the identification made maybe has a chance of one in 20,000 of being right. (If this technique actually worked, we would have known the identity of Ron Polarik 6 months ago.)

So David R____’s personal information has been posted on Orly’s web site along with the claim that he made death threats against her. Orly has taken the information from an e-mail and turned it into an article on her site. It has been reported that Mr. R____ has been called in for an explanation by his employer (the first time he knew anything about this business).

This is part of a pattern of associating things based on the smallest of similarities, for example, the claim that President Obama has dozens of different Social Security numbers, or that David R____ lived within a couple dozen miles (maybe) of the real culprit.

I think what Orly is doing is criminally irresponsible.  If David wants to sue, I’m in for $50 in legal fees.

1Any time you visit a web site, you leave behind an Internet address pointing to your computer. Of course, that computer address may change from time to time, and you may be using a public computer, or a computer in an organization where all the workstations appear to the outside as having the same address. Law enforcement can obtain access to Internet service provider records and often locate the particular customer belonging to a particular address. As far as public information, an IP address indicates a broad geographic area, and not necessarily even the correct city.


Note: the posting of personal identifying information on this blog is prohibited (excepting what may appear in official court documents in Obama-related cases made available for viewing here).

Note: while Orly’s blog is under quarantine for malicious scripts, I’m not posting links to her web site.

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92 Responses to The case of David R___

  1. Lupin says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Black Lion says:

    She has her so called followers whipped up into a “lynch mob” who are ready to resort to more extreme and possibly violent means. It is a sad day in our country where some people are allowing a former Communist to dictate actions against the lawfully elector democratic goverment of the United States. For all we know Orly could be former KGB or a member of the FSB. She is obviously not a good dentist and a even worse lawyer, so there has to be some reason she is still in business. What better way for Putin and his followers to undermine the United States than to do it from within. This is just speculation but it would be an effective strategy. However I would assume that the Russians would have picked someone more intelligent than Orly. Or maybe not.

    Like I said earlier maybe there is no concrete evidence of Orly being part of the FSB, however there is no concrete evidence that our President was born anywhere other than where he claims but there are some that would rather believe in the Kenyan or Canadian birth conspiracies.

    So just like with the President Orly has made accusations against someone without providing any evidence. It seems like in the world of Orly, evidence is not necessary. So poor David. She has her cultists so fired up (a la Charles Manson) that it is a possibility that his life could be in danger. I hope he stays safe.

  3. Greg says:

    I hope David R sues Orly for defamation, libel and false light.

  4. Welsh Dragon says:

    It’s even worse than you describe. This happened this last weekend but it also happened a month earlier – same I.P. address, same informant tracked the I.P. address, posted the same street address and
    named David R____.

    Someone followed through and as a result David R____ emailed Orly :

    “David R___ says:
    July 8, 2009 at 9:40 pm
    This is David R____. The first time I heard of Ms. Taitz is when I was notified by our college President that I was being accused of threatening her. I have never heard of Ms. Taitz before July 8, 2009 and I am sorely tempted to sue Josh B_____ for defamation of character. You have made an inexcusable and hasty error in misidentifying me and I would like to receive a full retraction and apology. Please get your facts straight before you shoot your mouth off again.

    David R_____”

    She can’t say she wasn’t warned!

  5. Jules says:

    David R was presumably not a public figure at the time that Orly Taitz published the defamatory remarks online. Therefore, he need not prove knowledge of the falsity of her allegations or that she published the allegations with reckless disregard for the truth in an American court.

    Under American law, David R has the burden of showing that the allegations against him are false to succeed in a libel suit. He can offer testimony that he did not post the threat in question. As he is likely to be deemed credible and as Orly Taitz has no evidence to the contrary, a court is likely to conclude that he has met his burden.

    Of course, British libel law is even more favourable to David R. Each and every time that someone from the UK accesses the page with the defamatory allegations against David R, Orly Taitz is deemed to have published her allegations once again; the result is that the clock for the statute of limitations for a British suit does not start ticking until Taitz takes her libel offline. Additionally, libel is actionable per se in the UK, meaning that David R has a claim even if he suffers no loss. Perhaps I should access the page and encourage others here in London to do so in order to allow Taitz to be sued under English law.

  6. Bob says:

    Is it just me, or have the comments about David R. been removed from Taitz’s site?

    In other news, Donofrio is asking a very pressing question: Why aren’t Americans allowed to know what foreign passports were issued to President Obama?

    Uhhh…because there’s no evidence Obama ever was issued a foreign passport?

  7. TRUTH says:

    One good thing for Orly, she’ll have a job with Obamas idea of a “Civilian Military” if she’s KGB trained as you refer to her being. I don’t know boo squat about crazy lady, and don’t care to. But it is ironic you refer to her being KGB when that’s basically the same thing the Prez wants to have….which by the way will never conspire.

  8. Bob says:

    Just found it; here’s the post on Taitz’s site.

    Some “helpful” reader (Dr. Josh…doctor of what?) ran the IP through this IP locator.

    To verify, I used that site to ping my IP…it was about 50 miles off.

  9. They are still there. The date of the post is August 9. The title of the article is “Can somebody call the FBI and check if this David R____ is indeed the one making death threats”. The following article, which copies an email says:

    “The person who made the death threat against you is David R____ [his email address] of [his street address] who [job] at [employer] [employer web site]…. I am sending a copy to the [local city] Police Department since David R____ has made multiple death threats against you in the past [???]

  10. I put my South Carolina work IP address in and geobytes says I’m in Calgary, Ontario, Canada. That’s with a certainty of “98”!

    The David R____ ip address lookup has a lower certainty. 🙄

  11. Welsh Dragon says:

    Medical if he’s who I think he is. Google search brings up a likely candidate – right name, doctor, Israel, with a side order of whacko conspiracy theories.

  12. Welsh Dragon says:

    I was luckier – it was only 140 miles out on mine but that was the worse of 4 ip locators I tried.

  13. I should also point out that the person, who called themselves “Jennifer,” did not threaten to kill Orly, but expressed a wish that she be tried for sedition and hung. That sounds like a judicial process and not a personal threat.

    Now about those threats Orly made against Obama…

  14. Expelliarmus says:

    You’ve got the burden of proof wrong. If sued for defamation, “truth” is an affirmative defense that would need to be raised by Orly, and she would have the burden of proof.

    David R would also have an invasion of privacy lawsuit in the US — and in that case “truth” would not provide a defense.

  15. Peter says:

    For those who are curious about IP adresses and geography, go to and see where it places you. In my case, the datacenter of my internet provider 35 Km from my house.
    IP adresses locates you in cyberspace, not in physical space.

  16. Black Lion says:

    Truth, come on. Civilian Military? Do you actually believe that? It has now been 7 months, have you seen any evidence of a so called civillian military? The President is in command of the actual military, so that makes no sense. I suppose you also believe in the black helicoptors. By the way who knows if Orly was KGB or FSB, we have never seen her papers and Misha did show a copy of a authentic looking KGB ID for Orly.

  17. Bob says:

    That site got within a mile of me. Not bad.

    But using that site, and Dr. Josh’s methodology (google map the lat/long, and then reserve lookup the address) to the IP posted by Taitz, I got a different address, and two names other than David R’s.

    Poor Doctor Josh couldn’t even be bother to check his work.

  18. Black Lion says:

    From Leo’s site the a commentor had requested the following from the United Kingdom regarding the President.


    Thank you for your letter of 6 July in which you requested the following information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):

    “Could you let me have any information you have which suggests that President Obama of the USA is not a Natural Born Citizen of the USA (i.e. that either or both his parents were not US Citizens at the time of his birth, and any information which suggest another Country of birth for him, other that the USA, and whether President Obama has ever been a UK citizen?”

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) does not hold enough information to determine whether President Obama has ever been a British National. Nationality legislation is quite complex. In order to determine a person’s claim to British nationality we would need to consider the individual’s place of birth, the legislation in force at the time, if entitlement is lost’ through the subsequent independence of a Commonwealth country’s own nationality legislation and any ancestral links to the United Kingdom.

    The FCO is unable to say whether President Obama is a Natural Born Citizen of the USA or if he has another country of birth. It is possible, however, to enquire whether an individual was born in the UK through the General Registry Office (GRO). All births in the UK are recorded either by the GRO (in England and Wales), the GRO for Scotland or the GRO for Northern Ireland, depending on the place of birth. All Consular birth registrations are sent to the GRO for England and Wales each year, so if you hold all the individual’s details e.g. their full name, place and date of birth, an application can be made directly to the GRO via their website ( Some British Missions can undertake Consular Birth registrations for certain British Nationals born overseas, but it is not mandatory. Further information about the countries that provide the service can be found on

    We do not have enough information to determine the nationality of President Obama’s parents. You would need to approach the US Embassy to determine whether they were US Citizens at the time of his birth.

    If you’d like me to do a follow up or rephrase, let me know.

    PS Why the small font?
    PPS Notice they changed it to “National”, from “Citizen”.

    [Ed. very interesting. They don’t deny or confirm. Nice job getting something on record. Excellent.]

    So I guess neither confirming nor denying somehow is evidence that there possibly may be a UK passport out there for the President. Although Leo does believe that the President was born in HI, he thinks that he may have traveled to Indonesia on a US or Kenyan Passport. How about the President traveled on a US passport because he was born in the US? No, that answer makes too much sense so it can’t be considered.

  19. Low Rider says:

    Wow. This thing located me in Lagrange, Georgia, which is over 200 miles away. With a “93” certainty. That’s some fine police work, there, Lou.

  20. Bob Weber says:

    “I hope David R sues Orly for defamation, libel and false light.”


    Wouldn’t this also be evidence for disbarment?

  21. Bob says:

    Wouldn’t this also be evidence for disbarment?

    Not really. While it might be evidence in aggravation, being sued in not grounds for disbarment.

  22. richCares says:

    the Bigot links to Bull PuPu, no surprize!

  23. TRUTH says:

    What, do I have to post a LINK to him Saying it? Why are you questioning ME? HE SAID IT! I’m just laughing at both His Idea of it and Your reference to KGB. That isn’t a conspiracy either BL, your Boy SAID that stupidity, not ME. So don’t act like I’m the fool here.

  24. SFJeff says:

    Replying to Heavy is really a lost cause but I couldn’t resist reading the article.

    Regarding the $2.3 Million President Obama’s campaign spent on legal fees: “Now granted, all of those fee’s weren’t spent on the eligibility cases, but plenty of the fees surely were used for that reason.”

    So- the Birthers are taking the total amount the campaign spent on lawyers and assuming that at least 40% of that is spent on ‘hiding’ the birth certificate- and that is their proof? Hmmmm I bet if I checked out McCain’s FEC expenditures I would find payments to lawyers also. But that isn’t relevant of course.

    Some Gems:
    Obama, one who claims to care about the constitution, is ironically ignoring and trampling upon the constitution, as he is deliberately ignoring a simple constitutional request from the American people: To show that he is eligible to serve as U.S. president”

    In a representative government, is the President obligated to respond to every request by every citizen? When Heavy demands samples of his DNA to prove that he is indeed human, is he required to give DNA to Heavy? I can say, as a citizen myself- I think he has already proven his eligibility- can I cancel out another citizen’s request?

    “Obama can’t even release his grades, nor will he release any of the reviews he wrote. Obama refuses to release these documents to the public – and they would seem harmless to do so if he is secure about his background and who he claims to be. That being said, it is beyond belief to think that Obama, a man who claims to be open and transparent, has failed to release so many basic records. Obama has also failed to release his past medical records.”

    What in gods name do any of these have to do with eligibility? These people have no shame. They want to look under every rock and bush looking for scandal, and then when something off-color or unexplained is finally found they will use it as ammunition against that black President with the Muslim name.

  25. SFJeff says:

    Sure he said it Truth, sure. Calm down. We just would like occasional evidence- you know like citations and stuff.

  26. TRUTH says:

    Or is there like a Time limitation to what Obama says that allows him to say something different, which would explain why he said “I NEVER Said that I support a Single-Payer Health care system”, because he did say that, ON Video, but it was too long ago to matter now.

    And just in case… here …

    well, while I’m adding links, here’s your other one.

  27. TRUTH says:

    Ok, THERE ya Go SFJeff.
    What, you’all TRY to forget the things he said in the past to make yourselves feel better about your choice or what?

  28. Bob says:

    What in gods name do any of these have to do with eligibility?

    It is a permanent opposition campaign, as if the election hadn’t occurred.

    Here’s my very simple question: Perkins Coie was paid $280,000 during April to June of this year. If, according to the birfers, this was spent defending eligibility lawsuits, which cases did Perkin Coie work on during this time period?

  29. richCares says:

    that would highlight the Bigots Bull PuPu

  30. Bob says:

    And Donofrio blames Obama for not telling us that he didn’t have a British passport.

    In other news, birfers upset that Obama never affirmatively disproved that he didn’t pour jam on his cat.

  31. TRUTH says:

    You think birthers are upset, you should see how steamed Michelle gets when they bring that up.

  32. Bob says:

    If you’re going tag one of my jokes, at least be funny.

  33. kimba says:

    Who needs his grades? Listen to the man for 5 minutes and you can almost guarantee that any room he’s in, he’s the smartest guy in the room. Ohhhhh, you’re looking for Muslim evidence. Idjits.

  34. BlackLion says:

    Well Joseph Farah is going into the gutter with this one…I guess this is the new conspiracy theory, but if it is true, it kind of ruins every other birther argument…

    “Well, Madelyn Dunham is a very interesting person. As you know, Barack … the … and I want to be careful when he identify people as “mother,” “father,” “grandmother,” and so forth because honestly I don’t think we know with any certainty whatsoever who those players are in Barack Obama’s life. And perhaps he doesn’t either. I suspect he does, but it’s possible he doesn’t know. And it is entirely within the realm of possibility that Madelyn Dunham was his mother and there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that.”

    What is next? President Obama is actually the son of Martin Luther King Jr.?

  35. kimba says:

    It’s just despicable. You wouldn’t hear this stuff if Madelyn and Ann were alive. They are fair game because they have passed away and can’t defend themselves. I salute Pres Obama for not dignifying this cr@p with a reaction. Birthers say this kind of thing and expect Pres Obama to give them something. Ourageous.

  36. Mary Brown says:

    This is outrageous. Sick actually.

  37. TRUTH says:

    Sniffle sniffle, Bob doesn’t think I’m funny, What WILL I do with my life now? LOL At least your a joke Bob.

  38. jtx says:

    Black Lion:

    As one of the hyped up Enabler Conspiracy Theorists (aka Flying Monkeys) you seem to be all hot about Leo today.

    Does that mean you couldn’t find enough hateful things to say about Orly and are now teeing off on Leo??? It’d be funny as hell if he decided to sue you, right???

  39. Bob says:

    At least I can spell.

  40. jtx says:


    That’s not “the birthers” (whoever you think they are … sort of like “the sinners” one would guess – at least in your argot) but actually WorldNetDaily digging out the information.

    You should take it up with them if it disturbs your little Enabling Conspiracy heart.

    The BC (if any) hardly matters, though, as it is all wasted money when all the man need do is prove that he is legally eligible to hole the office he now occupies … but I thought you knew that?

  41. jtx says:


    Your Enabling Conspiracy is far loonier than any of the “conspiracy theories” you can dredge up. You are trying to fake it for a guy who has never shown himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    Seems to me that all of you are complicit in treason (but you think that’s OK, right???)

  42. TRUTH says:

    Believing it now you hear it from HIS Lips? When I say “Believe” I mean that he said it, not that he’ll DO IT. You responded in your post as if that was the Craziest Idea anyone ever had, that Obama would think of such a insane thing, just another CRAZY Birther Idea. But NO, hearing is BELievin’ I don’t believe half of what he says, it’s just words crossing his lips for ratings.

  43. jtx says:


    Stop your gratuitous Enabling Conspiracy efforts. The only guys buying that nonsense are the fools on this kangaroo court blog.

    All the man need do – as you should certainly know by now – is show himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

  44. jtx says:

    Mary Brown:

    Sorry to hear you’re sick, Mary.

    Perhaps it will make you feel better to know that your hero will soon have the opportunity in court to prove himself to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

  45. TRUTH says:

    Sure is…ALMOST as bad as saying a baby with downs syndrome isn’t the child of the mother that gave birth to him, but is the baby of the mothers daughter.

  46. TRUTH says:

    You got me there Bob. I’m not funny NOW I can’t Spell. I’ll never stack up to you. You’re so sharp. B. O. B. Damn, I spelled it backwards. OH well. Tell us another Funny BOB, your my hero.

  47. Mary Brown says:

    jtx, I am very well thank you. The sickness I speak of is a spiritual one. At any rate, I expect I will hear the speech about the outcome of court hearing from now until 2012. I was away for the birth of my second grandson and I am glad he was born during a time I can say I am proud of the President even when I disagree with him.

  48. kimba says:

    Is that your new talking point you stumbled onto somewhere jtx? Enabling Conspiracy? If you think the blog is beneath, go elsewhere. You can’t stay away though can you? BTW, what’s your connection to the Kerchner case?

  49. kimba says:

    When are you going to cite for us the law that requires the President to prove he is eligible?

  50. kimba says:

    When are you going to cite the law that requires the President to prove he’s eligible?

  51. Note to all: from time I fix spelling mistakes in the comments.

  52. That’s why God created birth certificates.

  53. I, on the other hand, have said that I do support a single-payer health care system, and I’m stickin’ with it.

  54. Greg says:

    There were a lot of liberals who thought Andrew Sullivan was off his rocker for saying that stuff.

    Are you arguing that Andrew was right to say it? Or are you arguing that you’re off your rocker?

  55. BlackLion says:

    Well JTX…I know you are a fan of Leo’s, as well as Orly’s, so I know you take it personal. I have nothing against Leo other than his interpertation of natural born in wrong and not in line with most lawyers. However Orly is just an idiot. And by the way who is teeing off on Leo? And what would he sue me for? You are making as much sense as you do with your incompetent British Nationality Act superceeds the US Constitution theories…

  56. BlackLion says:

    JTX, you remind me of a little kid that found a new word and has decided to use it all the time. If you can show us where in the law President Obama is required to prove he is eligible? Of course not. The only person guilty of treason is Orly, who has called for armed insurrection. You are just a parrot. You repeat what Leo says and when you have to back up your statement, you don’t have a clue because it was not your idea in the first place….

  57. thisoldhippie says:

    When are you going to tell us which court case is going to make it to a trial??

  58. In book 2 of C. S. Lewis’s science fiction trilogy, Perelandra, the protagonist named Ransom is confronted with another man who we understand is really the Devil. The Devil follows Ransom around saying “Ransom?” Ransom would reply “what?” and the Devil would reply, “nothing”. If Ransom didn’t say anything the Devil kept saying “Ransom?” until Ransom gave in and replied “what?, after which the Devil said, “nothing.” It drove Ransom nuts until he reached a moment of clarity, realizing that he would rather hear “Ransom?” for the rest of his life than “nothing”. He stopped answering.

    In the end Ransom smashes the Devil’s head in with a rock, but for other reasons.

  59. richCares says:

    don’t worry Mary, jtx the idiot liar will soon be wearing a white coat (not white sheet, that’s heavy) with meds his delusions may recede, his lock on make believe is very strong.

  60. TRUTH says:

    someone feed this mocking bird a cracker, it just repeats what it hears elsewhere in here, no matter how stupid it sounds. I’m not going to get into this circle spatter, but really.. to insinuate a President does not need to prove they are eligible. HA!!! Do you have any idea how dumb that sounds. Of COURSE he does, and apparently to the higher-ups, IN THEIR OPINION, he already did. And YOU have the gumption to blow off in here on birthers for saying stupid stuff. Call 911 and tell them to bring you oxygen and fast.

  61. Greg says:

    He is President. Ergo, he has proven his eligibility. You know who gets to judge his eligibility? The voters.

    The only way you’ll get rid of him is to vote him out in 2012. Live with it.

  62. misha says:

    I wrote this before, so here goes again:

    The demand for a particular BC, not the COLB, passport records, school records, etc. goes back to slavery:

    A black person had to prove he was a freeman, and not a runaway slave. During Jim Crow, Africans were exempt if they could prove they were not American citizens. So Africans would carry their passports to go into whites only restaurants in the South.

    Ambassadors from African countries would have to prove such when going into restricted restaurants in DC. They would call ahead, and then show a passport.

  63. jtx says:

    Mary Brown:

    Congratulations; two are better than one I think and GKids are to be even more treasured, perhaps, than kids (and are certainly a lot less trouble and more fun).

  64. misha says:

    “What is next? President Obama is actually the son of Martin Luther King Jr.?”

    No. His father is actually Sidney Poitier. Or is it Harry Belafonte?

    Wait – his mother is Lena Horne, and his father is Bing Crosby. And Obama was born on a steamship in the middle of the Atlantic.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  65. jtx says:


    You should be old enough to know better than that – but perhaps not in view of some of your other comment on this blog.

    It is the claimant for public office who has the burnde to show that he meets the legal reqirements … and race is none of the three.

    Neither Obama (nor anyone else), however, has shown him to be legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies (period).

  66. jtx says:


    I thought you knew that the law requiring the eligibility was the Constitution – guess you’ve not read it, though.

    I just enjoy seeing all the nonsensical Enabling Consipracies that are fomented by this blog. Some are very funny and even further out that the ones you try to attack and denigrate.

    As for a “connection” to the Kerchner case, I’ve read some of it. You should try it sometime and that would then make you “connected” too I suppose.

  67. jtx says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:

    Is that some sort of Cliffs Notes for the Enabling Conspirators???

  68. Greg says:

    He’s President, ipso facto, he proved his eligibility. Now, if you think you have a legal claim against him, bring it in court. Then, you’ll get smacked down like every one else.

    Standing’s a bitch! Damn case and controversy! Stupid Constitution!

  69. richCares says:

    “Neither Obama (nor anyone else), ”

    hey jtx the liar, what’s this?:

  70. TRUTH says:

    If I need to explain it to you, I choose to let you figure it out, or just stay confused.

  71. kimba says:

    Funny, I’ve read the Constitution over and over and just can’t find the part that says the President has to prove he is eligible to people who claim he is not. Tell me where it says that.

  72. AdrianInFlorida says:

    Well, we still haven’t seen “former 1/2 term governor” Palin’s long form Birth Certificate yet.

    I’m still wondering if she wasn’t born in Canada, and if her dad wasn’t some Canadian that her mother hooked up with while visiting across the border…..

    Just sayin’

  73. Nullifidian says:

    Congratulations, Orly! You’ve found a way to get into a courtroom in a civil case that will pass procedural muster.

    (Bad luck that you’d be the defendant, though.)

  74. Nullifidian says:

    I was placed at an address in Oceanside, CA, which is a 37.5 mi drive from my house in San Diego, CA.

    That’s with a ‘certainty’ of 99, which is probably the best that this site will give anyone.

  75. Nullifidian says:

    What is next? President Obama is actually the son of Martin Luther King Jr.?

    Nah. The right-wingers have invested too much effort in systematically misunderstanding MLK to use him as a club against Obama. That’s why they chose El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) or Frank Marshall Davis instead.

    Maybe they’ll accuse him of being the son of Stokely Carmichael next.

    Or perhaps we could start a whispering campaign that reverses the ethnicities of the parents. Say that Obama was the child of Charlene Mitchell, the Communist Party presidential candidate in the 1968 election, and Howard Zinn.

  76. Bob says:

    Bill Mohr: “I’ll show you Obama’s birth certificate when I see Palin’s high school diploma.”

  77. Expelliarmus says:

    I think that is because for purposes of the system — a distance of under 40 miles is a good result.

    These systems can not identify the particular location of a computer. The IP is owned by and assigned by the internet service provider, such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc. The system can, at best, identify the rough location of the bank of servers & routers where the IP’s are managed.

    What is valuable for an investigation is the ID of the service provider, because the service provider in turn may be able to identify the user of the IP if served with a subpena for that information. (It’s not always reliable, because a hacker or unauthorized user of an unsecured wireless router could also be accessing the same IP’s).

    It’s like trying to chase down the sender of a letter by the postmark on the envelope. That can usually tell us the city that envelope was mailed from — that’s not the same as identifying the residence of the mailer.

  78. ObotsREvil says:

    Obots are cruel.

    Orly Joker

  79. SFJeff says:

    “but actually WorldNetDaily digging out the information.”

    Now, it was an author wildly speculating a conclusion based upon public information.

    “when all the man need do is prove that he is legally eligible to hole the office he now occupies”

    Luckily he did that before he was sworn in.

  80. Bob Weber says:

    Thanks for the link! It only misses me by about five miles. Strangely, it puts me in a cemetery! The other thing is that within the five mile radius between my putative cemetery address, and where I actually live, there are about 1/2 million living, breathing persons!

  81. Bob Weber says:

    Black Lion:

    Thanks for the info, but in the future, couldn’t you just summarize and/or provide link, so we don’t have to wade through a load of Leo’s birfer poo?

  82. Bob Weber says:

    “And it is entirely within the realm of possibility that Madelyn Dunham was his mother and there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that.”


    And it is entirely within the realm of possibility that Joe Farah’s usual sex partner is a farm animal. There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence that animals become very skittish in Farah’s presence.

  83. Bob Weber says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of a morals clause. ( Insert lawyer joke if you like. )

    Can’t a lawyer be disbarred for outrageous and irresponsible behavior outside of court?

  84. Bob says:

    Can’t a lawyer be disbarred for outrageous and irresponsible behavior outside of court?

    Of course a lawyer can be disbarred for conduct outside the court (that’s very common; usually involves screwing over a client).

    It is possible to be disciplined for conduct unrelated to the practice of law, but that’s far less common. The stronger the relation between the bad conduct and the practice of law, the better.

    For example, having a substance abuse problem might get a lawyer’s license yanked, but that’s because abuse problem implies an inability to represent clients. But being sued by the condo association for failing to follow the association’s rules doesn’t.

  85. milspec says:

    Not so bad for me, about 6 blocks off, but in a very intensive Hi-rise apt area not much help in locating someone

  86. Ima Foreigner says:

    The best thing about Dr Taitz is that when she writes her own material, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy. For example, here is a tender morsel from today…

    “Am I preventing above mentioned attorneys from doing that? Why instead of doing something productive do they gang on me?”


  87. Mary Brown says:

    You see in the end the world is all about Orly.

  88. I_Heart_Unicorns says:

    nice background music

  89. nbc says:

    So she believes. Funny how ignorance can be so blissful

  90. The Joan Baez piece? It’s a great album: the name is Journey to the New World.

  91. I didn’t realize you had this article about David R. ; I’m totally with you. I wish you’d contact this guy , he should sue her for all she’s got….

    I know 100% for sure she posted an innocent persons name on her blog because *I* was the person who made the nasty comment to her and my name certainly isn’t David.

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