Patriot’s Heart Network et al v Soetoro et al

I’m not sure whether to even write that title, much less call it a lawsuit.

Defendants in this Civil Miscellaneous Case are:

  • Patriot’s Heart Media Network, Inc.
  • Carl Swensson
  • Robert Debeaux
  • Robert D. Pinkstaff
  • Penny Kelso

The 181-page tome is a petition to the DC District Court to impanel a grand jury.

I’m surprised it made it onto the court website.

[FLASH! Petition is denied]

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20 Responses to Patriot’s Heart Network et al v Soetoro et al

  1. kimba says:

    Anyone know what if the Case #09NC442 says anything about how the Court is designating the filing? ( yes, 09 for 2009) NC for “Nut Case”?

  2. Mary Brown says:

    The media accused of treason and everything else. Did these people ever hear of John Peter Zenger? I learned about it in Junior High School. I bring up the media element because it baffles me. Are these people insane?

  3. dunstvangeet says:

    Really, the case is just a rehashing of everything that has been said. It took me 4 pages to find 10 lies and untruths in this presentment. Everything from the tape to the Indonesian Adoption and the Travel Ban.

    This will be filed 5 more times under new names. They’ll just pull off the front cover, put a new name on it, and refile it.

    Notice that it’s filed by Swensson, the guy who believes that if the Ku Klux Klan got their members together and decided to indict every black man for crimes that there’s no evidence on, the prosecutors would be forced to prosecute them, therefore tying up our justice system forever.

  4. Expelliarmus says:

    Speculation –> it could stand for “Nonconforming”

    See LCvR 5.1 at

    Anyway, for convenience, here’s a link to what Judge Lamberth said the last time around:

  5. That’s “MC”, not “NC”, and would be the designation for civil miscellaneous case.

  6. Bob says:

    Swensson is listed as the respondent on the In re Super American Grand Jury case.

    Once this petition gets the same treatment as that once, Swensson may be looking at the vexatious litigant list.

  7. Ragout says:

    That’s outrageous! This is obviously a criminal case, not a civil case. It sounds like the courts have prejudged the issue.

  8. dunstvangeet says:

    Criminal Cases are filed by the Government. Civil Cases are filed by individual citizens. Nobody but the government can file a criminal case, Ragout.

    The fact that this was filed by a citizen, and not the government, puts this automatically into the civil category.

  9. misha says:

    “vexatious litigant”

    Andy Martin has made the vexatious litigant list. Quite an accomplishment. Swensson will be in good company. Perhaps Orly will represent them pro bono – or is it pro bozo.

  10. myson says:

    ragout is being sarcastic!!!

  11. Bob says:

    King Carl: “I will not ask that we have Congress arrested for Misprision of Treason….”

    The royal hounds have been recalled.

    “The DC District Court is the best place to be right now and we are there. Give that court the chance and the encouragement to do the right thing.”

    The district court will do the right thing. Don’t think you’re going to like the results.

  12. kimba says:

    Carl is funny. He makes outrageous statements one day, and then the next day you go back and he has deleted the whole rant and is saying something more moderate. I imagine someone close to him, probably Mrs. Swennson, reads his latest and says, ” Now Carl, you just can’t go around saying you’re going to arrest everyone. You really should tone that down a bit. You want the Secret Service coming around again?” I think he gets wound up about things and mixes up his Christian Patriotism with his Birtherdom, and then remembers he’s really just trying to make a point, not get arrested by the Secret Service or the local sheriff.

  13. Rickey says:

    One of the other petitioners, Dr. Penny Kelso, also is a piece of work.

    She was also disciplined for filing an altered document which overstated her continuing education credits:

  14. thisoldhippie says:

    Orly’s latest rant – an interview she did recently:

    We can’t say for sure today, but it is irrelevant, as regardless of where he was born, he is illegitimate for presidency. Even if he was to be born in the White House, in the Lincoln bedroom,.he cannot be the president, as he is supposed to be a Natural Born citizen, meaning born in the US to two US citizen parents, and his father was never a US citizen, but rather was in the US on student visa. I checked the meaning of the term Natural Born Citizen to the very first edition of the legal dictionaries and treatise in order to analyze the meaning as it was at the time Constitution was adopted, and it is – One born in the country to two Citizen parents.

  15. “Carl is funny. He makes outrageous statements one day, and then the next day you go back and he has deleted the whole rant and is saying something more moderate.”

    Well, I have been known to do that from time to time too, particularly when writing after 1 am.

  16. kimba says:

    Turns out, it wasn’t funny at all… In the link Bob posted, check out the paragraph above the one Bob quoted:

    “The momentary release of our frustration upon the powers that be will ultimately be our own undoing and result in the senseless, yes senseless loss of life. To this end I will ask all of you to be patient and allow us to work through the systematic failures that have brought us to this point. We have before us, tools.., tools for a peaceful means of rectifying the ills we all see. Let us use them as they were intended.”

    He is crazy as a loon and he is going to get someone killed. I think he needs another visit from law enforcement. He is inciting violence by trying to say, let’s not resort to violenc with our “tools”.

  17. Adrianinflorida says:


  18. misha says:

    Yeah, it was the interview she gave to Haaretz. What’s so interesting, is that Haaretz is a left leaning paper, but they are giving this refusenik a platform.

    So Israelis hear her, and then ask themselves ‘how did he get elected, if it was illegal to even run?’ So then they think we’re corrupt, and he paid off everyone.

    She’s doing terrible harm. BTW, Obama is being advised by Axelrod and Emanuel, and we fully support Obama. It is the president’s duty to fair to both sides.

    The settlers are being egged on by evangelicals. Some friends.

  19. Lupin says:

    Whew! If craziness came in small bricks, that That “” could build the Empire State Building!

  20. The petition has been denied. The judge says the petitioners lack standing and that private citizens cannot compel a criminal prosecution.


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