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How did we make it past 16,000 comments on this blog?

Here’s the top 30 who made it happen:

Author Number
Dr. Conspiracy 3094
NBC 1493
bogus info 1080
Heavy 873
bob 853
misha 557
jtx 540
Expelliarmus 514
Kimba 494
richCares 470
mimi 263
dunstvangeet 256
laughinghysterically 247
Hitandrun 230
Greg 215
Gordon 212
thisoldhippie 210
Bob Weber 185
Black Lion 182
Patrick McKinnion 166
Mary Brown 159
SvenMagnussen(*) 126
Ian Gould 120
myson 118
Andrew A. Gill 90
Chris 90
Nullifidian 90
Zuzu 89

* Does not include Sven’s comments made under other names.

Here are the top commenters by total size of their contribution:

Author Size
Dr. Conspiracy 1282877
NBC 641529
bogus info 560862
Expelliarmus 379293
bob 292316
jtx 271719
WAYK 209507
Black Lion 195779
Kimba 172919
misha 157824
dunstvangeet 150296
Heavy 141933
richCares 131603
TRUTH 129313
Greg 123975
laughinghysterically 107258
Hitandrun 103979
thisoldhippie 100528
mimi 96791
Bob Weber 79204
Nullifidian 68224
Patrick McKinnion 65233
markcon 62118
SvenMagnussen 55803
BlackLion 52250
Dan Goodman 51755
myson 51333
John 51321
Tes 50699
Mary Brown 48246

Update: Top Commenters from December 1, 2008 until April 1, 2010:

comment_author count
Dr. Conspiracy 4967
NBC 3155
misha 1989
bob 1403
Greg 1353
bogus info 1080
Heavy 972
Black Lion 918
Kimba 893
jtx 751
richCares 749
Expelliarmus 734
Mario Apuzzo 724
SFJeff 640
Lupin 581
Scientist 551
G 474
Rickey 465
dunstvangeet 421
Mary Brown 389
thisoldhippie 327
aarrgghh 313
Gordon 302
mimi 278
SvenMagnussen 265
ballantine 250
John 248
laughinghysterically 247
Hitandrun 230

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I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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45 Responses to Top commenters (Upated)

  1. myson says:

    I’m surprised i’ve made over a hundred comments as my internet connection is dial-up (African dial-up speed not USA speed dial-up) & it makes commenting stressful & slow. But i’m happy i’ve such contribution to Obama’s presidency

  2. nonotes says:

    Where do you live in Africa? I went to Ghana a few years ago and hope to go back to visit more of the continent.

  3. Lupin says:

    Meanwhile, the freepers/birthers are expressing concern about Obama’s, er, long dark staff.;page=9645#9623

    This is high-class performance art/public therapy — or should be.

  4. Adrianinflorida says:

    jtx has spewed THAT much crap?!?!?

  5. myson says:

    I am in Lagos Nigeria, a neighbour of Ghana (1hour away by aircraft) but a different country which requires Americans to have visas to visit.

  6. IngloriousBusterd says:

    Since there are calls for Orly Taitz to subject her Defend our Freedoms Foundation to financial scrutiny, shouldn’t you display a financial statement?

  7. All of this blog’s contributors (me) receive full financial disclosure. It is not a tax-exempt organization.

    I understand that Defend our Freedoms Foundation is not a tax-exempt organization either. Its contributors (I not being one of them), however, might reasonably ask how their donations are spent.

  8. Scout’s honor.

  9. thisoldhippie says:

    I have an old friend who lives in Botswana South Africa. When she first married her husband they were not allowed to live there even though both were born in Africa, because she is white and he is black. I can’t imagine not being able to live in the country of my birth because of who I married!

  10. SvenMagnussen says:

    I checked the FAQs and didn’t see anything concerning the relationship between OCT and the Wikimedia Foundation. What it the relationship between these two organizations?

  11. Bob says:

    I need a new hobby.

  12. There is no “relationship” between OCT and the Wikimedia foundation. I use links to the Wikipedia a lot, and I thought it only fair to support their efforts by putting a donation link to them on my blog.

    I’ve added this to the FAQ (and fixed some typos).

  13. Mary Brown says:

    It is amazing to me that those who say that Obama is planning some kind of police, socialist, communist, radio hosts will disappear society are so free to comment here. Why is the reverse not true? Who posts threats, sues the media for treason? Who? Liberals cannot agree on enough to pass health care let alone police a police state. Our friends from the other side, who knows?

  14. SFJeff says:

    Hey Doc- I was musing about how JTX and some others insist that it is commonly accepted that NBC means born in the U.S. with 2 citizen parents(or one father etc).

    While what is commonly accepted does not necessarily have force of law, I always think back to what I was taught in school- and that made me think- what did textbooks say? Textbooks are vetted, and especially when I was a kid were very conservative, so the viewpoint represented was pretty much the consensus viewpoint. So I decide to go look at older textbooks that I could find online.

    The first I came up with was “A natural born citizen is one born within the allegiance to the United States government.” that is from 1900, The Platform Textbook by Cuthbert Vincent.

    Then there is the Federal Textbook on Citizenship from 1969- “He must be a natural born citizen of the United States. This means he cannot be a naturalized citizen.”

    Another “only citizen’s by birth are eligible for the office of President” from the Government of the United States/Munro- 1912.

    All I have the time or inclination to look for right now. But seems pretty clear to me what textbook writers thought was a NBC

  15. SF Jeff, those textbook writers would have looked to authorities such as Rawle’s View of the Constitution.

  16. My new hobby, by the way, is proofreading for Project Gutenberg. You get to read some really cool stuff.

  17. misha says:


    Until the 1964 Civil Rights Act, all states south of the Mason-Dixon line had anti-miscegenation laws. My marriage would be illegal, if not for that. Several times we have been asked “What’s your relationship?” When I say we’re married, there’s silence.

    At one time, southern states were no better than South Africa.

    Read these two:


  18. kimba says:

    Wow, that sure looks awfully socialistic there Doc. Helping proofread so everyone can benefit. Actually I might be interested in participating, so I bookmarked the website. Here is another cool project that I have dabbled in, hope to get back to:

    PS: I didn’t know I had that much to say! I bet half of my posts are telling jtx, Heavy and Truth to STFU.

  19. Bob Weber says:

    Lupin wrote:

    Meanwhile, the freepers/birthers are expressing concern about Obama’s, er, long dark staff.;page=9645#9623


    That thread started as discussion of the since-debunked Kenyan BC, but the Freep-Birthers can’t let it go. Getting close to 10,000 posts on one thread! There’s another thread that’s still going that started with “Blogger admits Obama BC forgery”, also long-debunked.

    As I’ve mentioned, I got interested in birferism as a “Why Do People Believe Weird Things”. (The Moon Landing was a hoax, Bush & Cheney blew up the WTC.) Following it was easy and only took a few minutes a day. Fun hobby. By early July, birferism seemed to have run its course. FreeRepublic sometimes went a whole day without a single new thread. The WND and Sean Hannity forums would take days to fill a single page in their discussion forums. I was getting ready to put the whole thing to bed, and maybe write up a brief piece about it.

    Then the birfer explosion happened. It didn’t happen on the basis of any new information, rather the birfer explosion was all about itself. The triggering events seem to be:

    1. Rather than dismiss Orly’s lawsuit for lack of proper service, Judge Carter in CA did her a favor and tried to guide her into properly serving Obama. Orly interpreted this as her big breakthrough.

    2. Orly and Major Cook pulled their shenanigans with Afghan deployment.

    3. Lou Dobbs took up birferism, Rush Limbaugh and others put in a few good words for the birfers, and a handful of opportunist politicians signed on.

    4. The culmination was the hoax Kenya BC sent to Orly. The torrent of internet birfer material vastly exceeded my ability to keep up. You’d have needed a team working full time to do so. But the torrent was all about birferism itself, not about any evidence, except the pseudo-evidence of the phony BC. So it was more like a desert flash-flood where the waters have nowhere to go, but drain into a playa and slowly dry up. This seems to be happening with the birfers.

    Freep posts are trickling down to early July levels. But I predict that birferism will remain as a cult and they’ll still be around in 2012. Insignificant, but still around.

  20. Gordon says:


  21. Traffic here, after peaking at 155,149 page views for the week of August 2, 2009 dropped to about 1/3 of that, similar to counts from early July, and last March. (April, May and June were considerably lower.)

  22. Ian Gould says:

    I think it’s rather misleading to say Heavy has made 873 posts when really he’s made the same post with slight changes 873 times.

  23. Bob Weber says:

    At one time, the majority of American states outlawed intermarriage. The California Supreme Court was the first to overturn such a law. (Perez case, 1948)

    You might think that Los Angeles County, the defendants, would have defaulted, or at least offered only a token defense, but they fought like tigers all the way to the CA Supreme Court, which ruled only 4-3 for the plaintiffs. The dissenting justices were particularly vehement. Racist attitudes weren’t confined to the South and were quite respectable even in much of polite society.

  24. Bob Weber says:

    My informal gauge was to simply copy-and-paste the threads on the birfer sites into Word and then do a word count. Obviously, not a precise method but quite easy.

    Birfer activity was very slight until AFTER the election. There was quite a bit between the election and the inauguration. Then it trickled off until by late spring it seemed ready to dry up completely.

    The July-August birfer deluge overwhelmed my method. It was impossible to follow everything during the birfer peak. Current birfer activity is obviously far below the peak but still above levels of late spring.

  25. Heavy says:

    Thanks for thr props, Ian!

    The truly amazing thing is that all of the supprters of THE ONE on this site. All of the time and effort they have put into defending the indefensible and they are losing ground rapidly.

    Just goes to show that Americans may be a little slow in the uotake, but they are not fooled for long.

    Stick a fork in him!

  26. Mary Brown says:

    Heavy, heavy. If you are talking about polls look at President Regans during the recession in his first term. If you are talking about folks accepting this nonsense you spout in all but one area of the country,the south, birthers are laughted at. Even in my conservative area. but do continue on.

  27. Heavy says:

    Polls? Nope. Nonsense? Yep! You people are all about nonsense!

  28. Greg says:

    Of course he’s not referring to polls. When he says we’re “losing ground,” he means that the voices in his head are getting louder and more numerous.

    You should realize by now that no claims made by birthers are ever amenable to objective proof!

  29. Mary Brown says:

    Yep and nonsense from one place geneally, south of the Mason Dixon Line. In keeping with the Impeach Earl Warren campaign, flouride in the water as a communist plot and other nonsense.

  30. Heavy says:

    Hey Bob, you need a hobby. Maybe even a job!

  31. Heavy says:

    …Because that’s all you have to contribute!

  32. AXJ says:

    Boy, you have as many as AXJ. Good job though. Maybe you should consider joing AXJ. Then you would be #1 in the world. Still have not had the please of discussing this matter with Dr. Conspiracy. AXJ just says prove it. Hospital and Doctor please. Simple as that.

  33. jaco says:

    it’s OK~~If any of u wants to talk about this further, you may want to talk about it at There might be your other half waiting for you after registering.

  34. Mark Bennett says:

    I am giving you the ASSHAT of the day award. People like you should colonize in Africa with all the other ignorant races.

  35. The Sheriff's a Ni- says:

    Mark Bennett: I am giving you the ASSHAT of the day award. People like you should colonize in Africa with all the other ignorant races.

    And they wonder why we think they’re all wearin’ white hoods.

  36. arkadaslik says:

    Tank you add

  37. Gordon says:

    You’ll never get your Grand Dragon Wings with weak chit like that.

  38. [Spammer (probably) name deleted] says:

    congratulations to the top commenters. keep them coming guys

  39. Greg says:

    I’m curious, can we get an update Dr.?

  40. See main article for update.

  41. G says:

    Woo-hoo! I made the list! 🙂

    I do have one question, Dr C:

    Does Sven’s total include all his sock puppets too?

  42. The statistics are tabulated by the “screen name” used. No attempt is made to aggregate socks.

  43. Total contributions: $0.

    That’s the financial statement.

  44. Dave says:

    Well, how did you spend it?

  45. Vector says:

    You know, I think people don’t give Obama enough credit. He’s done WAY more for this country than people admit to. Why is it that the certain media groups try to focus on small thins and inflate them way out of purportion whilst the bigger issues Obama “IS” taken care of get swept under the carpet? It’s like the Republicans are paying people off to try and make him look bad. Some kind of personal vendetta maybe? I just don’t get why so many people ignore the good he’s done & only focus on the small potato’s I suppose. 🙁

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