God Bless Orly Taitz

Orly of Arc

Orly of Arc

Orly’s web site has taken on a decidedly evangelical tone of late with two feature articles:

From Reader Bill FitzPatrick

Dear Orly: May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you safe and of sound mind for the task you are undertaking.  Just like our First  Real President George Washington knelt before his battle with the English Crown at our  country’s beginning,


Thank you for your prayer, America’s spiritual foundation. Good trumps evil, we will win, I just hope it happens soon, before they destroy this country and it’s [sic] economy


1) Set an impenetrable angelic hedge of protection around District Judge David O. Carter, and attorney Orly Taitz.

2) Confound, and bind the enemy with the light of God through Christ Jesus in us, that the darkness in their false case will be completely exposed to the nation!

3) Deal swiftly when the enemy steps out of these bounds, bind their tongues.

… This is a link to George Washington’s Prayer Journal

The link to the prayer journal is not working, but you can pick it up here. The only extant source for the journal is its inclusion in a work by William J. Johnson: George Washington, the Christian (New York: The Abingdon Press, New York & Cincinnati, 1919). It has been a number of years since I researched this topic, but my conclusion the last time around was that the GW Prayer Journal is pious fraud. Most mentions of the Prayer Journal on the Internet are found on conservative Christian web sites like this one. Contrary views are found here and here, here, here, here and background here. I put many links to the “anti” side because they are frankly hard to find. Now here’s an interesting statistic, how many Google hits for: “Washington’s prayer journal” Obama? The answer is 6,650. Add “kenya” and you still get 109. Do you see a pattern here?

[Note: I have started including hyperlinks to Orly’s web site again, now that the Google malware warning has stopped. I would still recommend running up to date antivirus and anti-malware software when visiting any Internet site (even this one).]

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58 Responses to God Bless Orly Taitz

  1. misha says:

    As I have posted many times before: Orly better watch out. That crowd is going to turn on her. She’ll learn the hard way how much they love a Jewess.

  2. richCares says:

    remember they prayed for Obama to not get nominated
    remember they prayed for Obama to lose the election
    HE WON
    It just might be that God is on Obama’s side!

  3. Mary Brown says:

    These people are evangelicals who really use the voice of prayer only. They are owned by a political agenda. This giving over to the kind of agenda this person has adapted is the reason that I left a church. It began with Francis Schaeffer and others-I recommend the book, “Crazy for God” by his son Frank. I only mention this here because some knowlege of the history of this movement might bring some understanding of the mind set of these folks and how they view the world, Israel and a Christians’ response to government. It has been a concern of mind for some time.

  4. jtx says:


    Your racial/ethnic bias is showing once again …

  5. misha says:

    Don’t forget: Wiley Drake, who is a True Christian™, is praying for Obama’s death. That hypocrite should get a visit from the Secret Service.

  6. nbc says:

    Huh nothing racial about christianity or their excesses. As a christian myself I am also concerned by these foolish ideas.

  7. jtx says:

    Mary Brown:

    Nonsense … the only thing many of those you attempt to paint with your over-broad brush of “evangelicals” are interested is seeing Obama prove that he is legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    Neither he – nor anyone else – has ever yet shown that. Neither religion, race, political party, of social outlook is necessary for consideration … just whether or not he can prove himself eligible.

  8. jtx says:


    Ant then again, it might be that God is setting all of you up for a big fall …

  9. misha says:

    As is yours.

  10. Mary Brown says:

    I am an evangelical jtx, and I have immense respect for many in the movement but not for those who have left replaced their faith with political and religious bigotry. I realize that the word evangelical and the political philosophy given by these people have become synonymous. They are not.

  11. Mary Brown says:

    I agree. Oh, jtx, I leave God’s judgement to Him. Faith and its working out in daily life is in the most profound way private. That is not to say invisible but private. God says, “my thoughts are not your thoughts”. Praying to bring about the death of a human being, part of his creation, or to bring about a hate filled political agenda is an attempt to use not worship the Creator. I would be careful.

  12. jtx says:

    Mary Brown:

    You’ve completely missed what was said. There is no “conspiracy” or “political philosophy” … there is only the desire to see the man demonstrate that he is eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

  13. jtx says:


    Which of your excesses and foolish ideas are you concerned about??

  14. jtx says:

    Mary Brown:

    Why is it you pretend that someone is “praying to bring about the death of a human being???”

    I’ve seen no one other than you even mention anything like that so it seems like you’re trying to plant false ideas to “the public”.

  15. nbc says:

    Of course, there is no such desire since when he has done so, the goal posts are being moved.

    jtx: there is only the desire to see the man demonstrate that he is eligible to hold the office he now occupies

  16. Mary Brown says:

    Jtx, don’t go there with me. I was part of a very concervative church- in its theology. I was there and inside when this insidious political nonsense became more important than Christ. These people who pray for a death or for the downfall of the legally elected President do it because they believe that God loves their politics. Believe me, I know and I know what happens when a person chooses to disagree about issues like health care or business regulation or other secular subjects. So spare me, friend. I was there and not on the periphery.

  17. We Lutherans are taught to pray for our political leaders, that they be just and wise. If these folks believe in prayer, then they should be praying for exactly this.

  18. misha says:

    “Why is it you pretend that someone is “praying to bring about the death of a human being???”

    Wiley Drake, a Baptist minister, has publicly stated he is praying for Obama’s death, and has asked others to join him. You can google it.

    And Orly Taitz, that nogoodnik, is in his corner.

    Fie on the right wing.

  19. misha says:

    “Colorado Springs was a small city split between the Air Force and the New Age, and the latter, Pastor Ted believed, worked for the devil. Pastor Ted soon began upsetting the devil’s plans. He staked out gay bars, inviting men to come to his church; his whole congregation pitched itself into invisible battles with demonic forces, sometimes in front of public buildings.

    He moved the church to a strip mall. There was a bar, a liquor store, New Life Church, a massage parlor. His congregation spilled out and blocked the other businesses. He set up chairs in the alley. He strung up a banner: SIEGE THIS CITY FOR ME, signed JESUS. He assigned everyone in the church names from the phone book they were to pray for. He sent teams to pray in front of the homes of supposed witches—in one month, ten out of fifteen of his targets put their houses on the market, and moved away. His congregation “prayer-walked” nearly every street of the city.”


  20. brygenon says:

    jtx: Mary Brown:Why is it you pretend that someone is “praying to bring about the death of a human being???”I’ve seen no one other than you even mention anything like that so it seems like you’re trying to plant false ideas to “the public”.

    Then Google up pastor “Wiley S. Drake”, actual plaintiff listed in some of Orly’s cases, though recently he seems to prefer to be represented by Gary Kreep.

    And look up John H. Richardson’s two-part article in Esquire. He spent two days traveling with Team Orly, and met “People who told me they’re not just looking for the president’s birth certificate. They’re looking for his death certificate.”

    So no, Mary Brown is not trying to “plant false ideas to “the public”.” Will you issue the appropriate retraction and apology?

  21. Mary Brown says:

    There are people doing that jtx, including a pastor in Arizona. You know you seem to be so interested in the so called sins of others. Politicaly conservative Evangelicals need to look to the political sickness that has become all to common in their churches. I and others who have experienced this coming of the political correctness in church have been silent for far too long. Now hear me friend, if you want chapter and verse I’ll just go to Focus on the Family, Pat Robertson, Michelle Bachmann or a hundred others who have chosen to put their politics first,and their spiritual growth last. In Europe they have installed state religions. Here we have a political religion, politics first, faith last.

  22. jtx says:

    Mary Brown:

    Apparently you do not realize that (assuming what you say is true) you’ve traded one fringe group for another and – in the case of your new thought-master – a communist one with heavily pro-muslim leanings who is willing to do and say anything to try to destroy this country.

    You may think that’s “neat” but many of the citizens of the country do not. What they DO was is for the man to show that he is legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies. That’s simnple enough that you SHOULD be able to grasp it if you’re not completely consumed by your psuedo-religious hatreds.

  23. jtx says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:

    Most people would probably be quite happy to do that if the man would prove he is legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

    The fact that he is a Communist from a long line of Communists no doubt does not bother you but there are some folks who love this country enough to not wish to see it destroyed by a political clique who lied to voters abouters about their real objectives.

    For example, check the information on the Communist linkage with the various BHO factions and anti-democracy groups in this link to the RomanticPoet site:


    In spite of all of that obvious anti-American philosophy, Obama STILL needs to prove that he is legally eligible to hold the office he now occupies (lying Communist or not).

    Wouldn’t uyou agree???

  24. Or, on the other Hand, He might just think the Religious Right is a bunch of pinheads who don’t speak for Him…..

  25. richCares says:

    nothing bothers a troll more than no one responding to him, so join me in never responding to the troll, sure he will hurl insults to goat you into a response, but SHHHHH to him, drive him crazy. Help me out! Or just let him take ove this bolg.

  26. PB says:

    “PRAY led by the HOLY SPIRIT TO:
    1) Set an impenetrable angelic hedge of protection around District Judge David O. Carter, and attorney Orly Taitz.”

    That’s it, shrubberies. Please send shrubbery that is nice and not too expensive to Orly for her protection.

  27. BenjiFranklin says:

    Dear Rich Cares,

    Don’t sweat old “one-line” JTX. “Prove you are POTUS eligible,” JTX bleats and Obama becomes the candidate. JTX bleats and Obama is elected POTUS. JTX bleats and Obama is certified PEOTUS winner by the E.C. and consequently, by the Congress. JTX bleats and Obama is inaugurated as POTUS. JTX bleats and Obama sets up his new administration. JTX bleats and Obama is commanding the U.S. Armed forces. JTX bleats and Obama implements a host of Presidential Orders. JTX bleats and Obama is determining the legislative agenda. JTX bleats and Obama appoints a Supreme Court Justice. JTX bleats and Obama is negotiating treaties for the U.S. as the leader of the Free World. JTX just bleats. Obama governs.

    benji franklin

  28. Gordon says:

    ROTFLMAO! That pretty much sums up the ubiquitous jtx.

  29. richCares says:

    I enjoyed that, Thanks!

  30. nbc says:

    That’s not the Christian God I know… But your God may be different.
    What if He ends up disappointing you? So far, He has done little to prevent Obama from getting where he is know. Despite all the prayers to the contrary.

    Does make you think, doesn’t it…

    jtx: richCares:Ant then again, it might be that God is setting all of you up for a big fall …

  31. richCares says:

    Shortly before Obama won the election, Sarah Palin said she was leaving the election in God’s Hands. Obama won!

  32. Gordon says:

    Pastor Wiley Drake prays for Obama’s death.


  33. misha says:

    Ni, Ni, Ni

    That’s it: Orly is pining for the fjords.

    How can you tell the Three Stooges of law are better than the rest of us? They’re not covered with shit.

    Apologies to Monty Python.

  34. AXJ says:

    The USA was created one nation under God and apparently half of the American People are not happy with the Presidential candidate which the other half elected. They rembember well how thousands of men lost their lives fighting the tyranny of Britain to create their own free destiny and the founding fathers created a perfect balance of powers where the Judicial Branch would never be intimidated by the Exeuctive or Legislative Branches. All this is becoming reality and in that Court of Law next week that Judge will have the power to investigate this matter if he so pleases. Now will he have the courage to stand up to all enemies, foreign and domestic? We think that as an ex US Marine he will have it with the help of God. Semper Fidelis!

  35. Lupin says:

    Another proof that God is black.

  36. Mary Brown says:

    jtx, I do not have a “thought master.” That is funny. People who know me and even disagree with mine political bent would laught at you and very loudly. Yes, I am an evangelical and have been for over 30 years. I have seen many churches drift and then sell themselves to a political movement. I hate no one. That in itself is anti-Christian if you listen to Christ’s words about loving those who hate you. And to end hatred is a spiritually wasteful emotion, it rots the heart from the inside out. But I do say that using God is a dangerous thing to do. Calling for the death of someone is more than “pseudo religous” hatred. It is anti-Christian hatred of the worst kind. And again, you are trying to overturn the outcome of an election you did not like.

  37. Welsh Dragon says:

    She certainly is.

  38. Those not familiar with The Orliad and the Idiocy may find it interesting. Just click on the image of Orly in the article above.

  39. Ian Gould says:

    jtx: Mary Brown:Why is it you pretend that someone is “praying to bring about the death of a human being???”I’ve seen no one other than you even mention anything like that so it seems like you’re trying to plant false ideas to “the public”.


    You might want to consider an apology.

  40. Ian Gould says:

    Maybe someone should ask Dr. Taitz what she as an Orthodox Jew thinks of the “Holy Spirit” which is being invoked to support her.

    I wonder how a Christian fundamentalist would feel if told that someone was praying to Satan on their behalf.

  41. HistorianDude says:

    jtx: richCares:Ant then again, it might be that God is setting all of you up for a big fall …

    Hmmmm… what a petty God THAT would be, ya think?

  42. misha says:

    “Maybe someone should ask Dr. Taitz what she as an Orthodox Jew thinks of the “Holy Spirit” which is being invoked to support her.”

    Exactly. I have said this several times. She is making a huge mistake getting mixed up with this crowd. They are going to turn on her when she is no longer useful. And in private, I can imagine what they are saying about her. ‘That Russian lady is so nice. It’s too bad she’s not going to heaven.’

  43. jtx says:


    More like smart; not petty!! Petty is pretending to be eligible for the office of President when you know you’re not. There are other words for that non-eligibility also, but they carry serious real consequences.

  44. jtx says:


    If I thought it would benefit you, I’d be glad to arrange an introduction but most likely you’re beyond help as are most of the rest of the Flying Monkeys.

  45. jtx says:


    … and you fools think God voted???

    Which precinct of Chicago was that in???

  46. jtx says:


    Looks like Doc is getting carried away with his partisan censorship … nice post!!

  47. jtx says:

    Ian Gould:

    The KC Tar is hardly a good source, but if you noticed what was said it was that the hope was the man would die of natural causes. Seems to me that’s surely going to happen – but I know you Flying Monkeys believe he’ll ascend directly without doing that. I can’t agree.

  48. Cymraeg says:

    Re: George Washington’s alleged prayer journal. The prayer quoted sounds very evangelical. But he was a lifetime member of the Episcopal Church f.k.a. the Church of England. He was also a Freemason and Grand Master of the North American Lodge thereof. There is a huge Masonic Memorial to GW in either Aloexandria or Arlington, Virginia. He definitely was not an evangelical.

  49. I had understood that the prayers were copied from the Anglican Book of Prayer.

  50. Lupin says:

    Interesting new revelations about Orly’s financial support and allies on Daily Kos here. Lots of links there.

  51. This article raises a number of interesting issues. It is an anti-Orly propaganda piece, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely wrong. It is probably wrong when it says: “Taitz … never passed the bar exam”, and may have other problems.

  52. misha says:

    Taitz passed the California bar. Taft is not accredited. It is my understanding that she cannot take the bar exam in any other state because she did not go to an accredited law school.

    California is one of 4 or 5 states which still allows law reading in lieu of school. Virginia is another state which allows reading. I have a paralegal cert. from Old Dominion University, in Norfolk.

  53. nbc says:

    Yes, I noticed the same flawed assertion. Taitz must have passed the bar exam since she has a CA bar Number.

  54. Mary Brown says:

    Or someone took the test for her. I know, I know this conspiracy stuff is rubbing off.

  55. misha says:

    I know, it’s like a virus. I know for certain exams, a fingerprint is taken. At least, I think so.

    You’re not the only one who speculated someone took the exam for her. She’s incompetent.

  56. AdrianInFlorida says:

    Uh, oh, trouble brewing:

    From Orly’s Site:
    “I removed Arlene Williams from the group of my friends on Facebook. with friends like these, who needs enemies?”

    Who is Arelene Williams?

    She runs the “Investigating Obama” blog:

    And posted this little gem:
    “Monday, September 14, 2009
    Alert/Update – Have You Been Asked to do Something Wrong, by Orly Taitz?

    Alert/Update 9/14/2009 ~ Compatriot, if everything goes right, tomorrow, I will be able to give you more, about why I am asking you this question. Do look in. It will be very important. But if you or someone you know of has been asked by Orly Taitz to do something illegal or significantly unethical, about matters pertinent to her work on (or against) the Obama eligibility challenges, please let me know: arlenwilliams@yahoo.com.
    <<<<<<<<<<<< I.O.>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Original posting, as of 9/11/2009 ~ Orly Taitz Watch: Saboteur?

    On Friday, August 14, I.O. called for help by those who would like to investigate and report the apparent “mistakes” in the eligibility challenges, of Orly Taitz. Also, her media-grabbing… buffoonery, would you say? And what of her other tricks, such as releasing private information over the Internet? Also in light of these, what of her instances of apparently shunning professional, volunteer help, from others? Some relevant comments and attestations were posted. You may read them:

    Call for Citizen Investigators of Orly Taitz

    Also, some emails were sent me. I confess, I have not afforded the time to do a professional job of collating the stories and of investigating and reporting. An entire book could be written, after all. So, at this point, I have felt inadequate to prepare a journalistic essay on The Mysteries of Orly. What I suggest at this point, is to peruse the “comments” entries to that article.

    Circumstances call for a question to be asked. Is Orly Taitz involved in sabotage?

    One ponders how an agent saboteur could do just what Orly Taitz has done, to be there “first with the worst” — to become the straw man “challenger,” for Barack Obama.

    Who would like to document the problems of Orly Taitz with me, since I do not have the time, by myself? (“Investigating Obama” is not easy on the schedule, after all.) If I find someone who could do this, I could help you, significantly.

    Meanwhile, to paraphrase the ol’ Hollies…

    Hey Orly Taitz,
    What’s your game now?
    Can anybody play?

    And has she really been granted expedited discovery in California, this week? Would Gary Kreep not also be reporting this, if so? And was Taitz really granted the opportunity to present before the court today, in Georgia? If so, why her?

    And if Orly Taitz makes “mistakes” which cause discoveries or presentments to be dismissed, nullified, or otherwise decided against, what does that do, to the cause of constitutional justice?

    UPDATE 9/12 – Reading even the first comment below leads me to apologize for not making this clear enough. So, let me try again. Orly Taitz has a track record of getting in front of other lawyers in her rush to get to court, whether the action is civil, or military, and the same rush to be there before others appears to me to have been exhibited in the case of citizens’ grand juries. That gives her a key role. She apparently tries to get there first. She sets precedent. Therefore, when she makes a “mistake” which affects a court decision, that tends to create obstacles for the entire movement which seeks constitutional justice in America, especially in the case of Barack Obama’s apparent failure to demonstrate eligibility for the office of Commander in Chief as per Article 2.

    Likewise, when Orly Taitz gains media attention which invites ridicule, especially by the Alinsky-types on the Obama side of the political tracks, effectively for what is she an agent?

    Whether for filing in the wrong state, drafting her papers incorrectly, issuing phony subpoenas, presenting phony evidence, failing to abide by court procedures, releasing people’s social security numbers, “tipping the hand” of potential lines of investigation, discrediting other attorneys, etc., the excuse of zeal and inexperience has worn way too thin. What is really going on — and for what purpose?”

    The birthers begin to eat their own, big time. 😀

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