Batshirt Award Winner(Updated!)

And the Winner is:


The first Obama Conspiracy Theories Batshirt Award goes to  TerriK of the MissTickly blog for her article [link doesn’t work, see update at end of article] suggesting that Barack Obama was the child of incest or that anyone should take seriously:

“Tourists at the beach would sometimes assume Obama was Hawaiian, and his grandfather “would come up beside them and whisper, with appropriate reverence, that I was the great-grandson of King Kamehameha,” Obama recalled.”

Then, MissTICKLY may have found evidence tending to indicate that (please take a deep breath) Barack Obama is the son of cousins, Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis –” and Hawaiian royalty –” perhaps heir to the Hawaiian throne. If true, this would imply criminal fraud by Obama.

I don’t know where she got the idea that Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis were cousins (at least no closer than Barack Obama and Dick Cheney), but she must think that all people of color look alike from her photo collection of Barack Obama and Hawaiian royalty.


And so now I am opening nominations for the next Batshirt award. Please comment following on the craziest Batshirt birther antics for next week’s award.

Update! Since this award was announced, the web page that earned the award for MissTickly has been deleted from her web site. Not to worry. I kept a copy.

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138 Responses to Batshirt Award Winner(Updated!)

  1. I would like to nominate: Orly Taitz’s frivolous notice of appeal to the sanctions she received for filing a frivolous lawsuit in Rhodes v. MacDonald.

  2. Con Rep says:

    Congratulations to Miss Tickly. She certainly earned this award for her sooper-dooper detektive skillz!

    As the next recipient of this prestigious award, I’d like to nominate Mr. John Charlton for his hard work in discovering that Obama has stolen the originals (and presumably scrubbed all copies) of the non-existent tape of Obama admitting he his not a “natural-born citizen” during a Keyes/Obama debate in 2004.

    But this award may have to be given super-secretly, since, as Mr. Charlton explains here, the two super-secret witnesses lives “could be in danger.”

  3. MissTickly says:

    What’s so amazing is that you racist pigs obviously actually voted for the racist pig in office. You voted for a man who exploited at least a million dead Middle Eastern babies, children, mothers and fathers so that he could win the primary and the general election. YOU are the neocons now.

    Right now, you could devote a website to holding Obama’s feet to the flames on his promises to end the genocidal wars in the Middle East. But, instead, you hate Muslims and Middle Easterners so much, you would rather protect the murderer in the White House from scrutiny than speak on their behalf. It’s actually sick and tragic. You USED these poor people.

    Well, I will speak on their behalf. Tell your murderous, monstrous President to get the h*ll out of their countries. Tell him you are SICK AND TIRED of the exploitation and this isn’t what you voted for.

    But you won’t because you love fat, greedy democrats more than any sweet middle eastern child maimed or killed in YOUR genocidal war. This blood is on YOUR hands. It’s not on my hands–try as you might to twist my effort to stop these wars into another chance to exploit and race-bait.

    You sickos wrap yourselves in race-baiting and exploit the men and women enslaved in this country all for grotesque political favor. You exploit those who have suffered from racism and hate crimes so that your ‘guy’ does better in the polls.

    I, however, did not vote for the Monster George W. Bush nor Barack H. Obama. I am a progressive, liberal, feminist and I protested these sick wars. I continue to protest the illegal wars.

    I stand against violence, against discrimination and against those illegal, genocidal wars.

    You, on the other hand, can’t even be bothered to speak out against the wars your president claimed he would end. Instead you exploit the dead SOME MORE most likely because you have no respect for those who don’t look like you or worship like you.

    As an atheist, I honor everyone’s right to choose their own religion.

    It’s true, I have held up a photo or three of myself to my little one at home always bragging how much he looks like me. Now that I realize that’s racist–I will be more considerate.

    But in your rush to race-bait and look like a total hypocritical jerk, you forgot to mention what I am really looking at:

    E. Bernice Bishop Dunham’s name in this will:

    AND Obama’s own two statements talking about a POSSIBLE connection in ‘Dreams’ and here:

    “Tourists at the beach would sometimes assume Obama was Hawaiian, and his grandfather “would come up beside them and whisper, with appropriate reverence, that I was the great-grandson of King Kamehameha,” Obama recalled.”

    That’s all. I don’t care how you twist it to exploit others. You better have all your facts straight and your backyard better be SPOTLESS. It’s not. You support war, I look at photos. I can tell you WHICH is WORSE.

    If your Monster-in-Chief were transparent at all and wasn’t such a filthy liar, I wouldn’t have to investigate his story. I hung on to Al Gore until 2004, John Kerry and Ohio until 2006. I will NOT BE BULLIED into letting go of this.

    Thanks for showing what an ugly and exploitative racist you are. The world will do well when someone stops the racist in the White House and his Racist, exploitative MINIONS.

  4. MissTickly says:

    Yeah, I know it’s ‘BatShirt’ crazy to hope for peace and tolerance. It’s ‘BatShirt’ crazy to want to hold Bush and Obama accountable for the lies and killing….

    Yeah yeah, and it’s ‘raaaaacist’ too.

  5. aarrgghh says:

    has anyone ever noticed that birfers all have the same enchanting “these go to eleven” sense of self-righteousness and outrage that always seem to peak after a dismissal?

    yeah, me neither.

  6. MissTickly says:

    BTW, these are legitimate parts of the Native Hawaiian culture: Incest and Arranged Births.

    If you did a little digging into Anthropology you would see that THEY don’t/didn’t criminalize these things.

    YOU may not understand or have any tolerance for their culture, but I do. I don’t find it THAT unusual given what I know about MANY other cultures–particularly KINGDOMS.

    Personally, I find it interesting to learn about different cultures and don’t immediately filter them through my own and judge them based on my own snooty, elitist experience.

    Racist pigs.

  7. MissTickly says:


    I am not surprised you have nothing to say about the killing your politician/jesus does.

    WTF do you care about some Middle Eastern child.

  8. MissTickly says:

    Yeah arrrgh? It’s highly inflammatory to accuse someone of racism. Expect more fire back from me if this continues. It’s disgusting and low. You have no idea what’s in my heart.

    BTW, you obots need to stop ‘speaking for minorities’ and pretending to ‘take offense’ for them. Talk about racist and belittling.

  9. aarrgghh says:

    angling for another bat-shirt, are we?

  10. MissTickly says:


  11. aarrgghh says:

    all out of piss and vinegar, are we?

    my work is done.

  12. Greg says:

    So, if he exploited Iraq, does that make him more or less eligible? Is it some sort of retroactive thing? You exploit the Middle East and you become a non-natural born citizen? Was Bush not eligible after he invaded Iraq?

    Since I come from Kansas, I can tell you from experience that there are not many Hawaiian royalty in exile there. I’m not sure that a document from the 1880s with the name Dunham proves that Obama’s mom was “cousins,” with Frank Davis.

    And I won’t even get into the definition of “incest” and degrees of relative consanguinity, except to ask, are they first cousins, second? Forty-fourth?

    Stanley Ann Dunham

    Stanley Armour Dunham – born 1918 Kansas
    Madelyn Lee Payne – b. 1922 Kansas

    Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham – b. 1894 Kansas
    Ruth Lucille Armour – b. 1900 Illinois
    Rolla Charles Payne – b. 1892 Kansas (in my home town)
    Leona McMurray – b. 1897 Kansas

    Jacob William Dunham – b. 1863 Indiana
    Mary Ann Kearney – b. 1869 Indiana
    Harry Ellington Armour – b. 1874 Illinois
    Gabriella Clark – b. 1877 Missouri
    Charles Payne – b. 1861 Missouri
    Della Wolfley – b. 1863 Ohio
    Thomas Creekmore McMurray – b. 1850 Missouri
    Margaret Belle Wright – b. 1869 Arkansas

    In the next generation, we have birthplaces in Virginia, Ohio, Ireland (uh oh, Obama has another dual citizenship issue!), Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee. No Hawaii.

    And no “E. Bernice Bishop Dunham.”

    You can do the looking yourself.

    Hmm., E. Bernice Bishop Dunham. “Niece of my husband…” according to the will. Her husband was Charles Reed Bishop. He, of course, was not royalty, nor was his brother, Henry Bostwick Bishop, and his daughter Emma Bernice wasn’t royalty when she married James Skipp Dunham. And, of course, I can’t find James Skipp Dunham in the list of Stanley Ann relatives either!

  13. MissTickly, thanks for coming by and sharing some of your personal biographical information with us.

    I think the personal attacks, and assumptions you make (without justification) about the people here and their motives, are incompatible with the high-minded claims you make about yourself and your purpose. Further your “theories” about Obama’s parentage lack a reasonable basis, and one always questions why someone strongly advocates for positions that lack a reasonable basis.

    While you blame Obama for a “genocidal war” (no justification for the use of the word “genocidal”), the bulk of world opinion was very pleased that Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize.

    So while I had some doubts about the initial selection, I think you have earned your Batshirt well and truly.

  14. Con Rep says:

    As far as your claim of Obama being Hawaiian, you are, as quite typical of birthers, drawing absurd conclusions from random information, simply because you want to believe a crackpot theory is true.

    The E. Bernice Bishop Dunham mentioned in the linked will of Hawaiian princess Bernice Pauahi Paki Bishop is Charles Bishop’s niece, and no blood relation to the Hawaiian. Charles R. Bishop was haole, born in Glens Falls, NY in 1822. “He was a descendant of sturdy New England stock, his grandfather having fought for American independence in the Revolution.” Bishop migrated to Hawaii from California in 1846, married Paki in 1850, and returned to California (where the niece in question lived) after his wife’s death. He died in California in 1915.

    None of which indicates the slightest connection to Stanley Dunham, or any Hawaiian ancestry. And it is in no way racist to point out the absurdity of your claims.

  15. Greg says:

    How does saying he was the product of incest advance the case of peace or tolerance?

  16. Greg says:

    The Princess whose will you quoted, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, rejected her parents’ arranged marriage to marry a New York banker. The Dunham you mention is the niece of her husband. Neither her, nor her husband shows up in Stanley Ann Dunham’s family tree. Nor, as far as I can tell, does Frank Marshall Davis.

    So, even granting the ludicrous assumption that Obama’s dad isn’t Obama Sr., but Frank Marshall Davis, there’s no evidence that it would be incest, of the Hawaiian version, or any other.

  17. Paul Pieniezny says:

    Her English is too good, I say. Which clearly indicates that she is foreign – whereas others are instructed in their native language, English-speaking people aren’t. And although she may have studied with an expert dialectician and grammarian, I can tell that she is a natural born … Arabian!
    Not only Arabian, but of Birther blood, related to the owner of Wingnut Daily!

    Congratulations, my dear Miss Tickly,
    for your glorious victory!
    Congratulations, again Miss Tickly!
    You’ll be mentioned in history!

  18. MissTickly: What’s so amazing is that you racist pigs obviously actually voted for the racist pig in office.

    To a normal person, remarks like that, making strongly critical assumptions about people you don’t even know, come across as very prejudiced.

  19. MissTickly says:

    If you would do any research yourself, you would see that Native Hawaiians practice a tradition called hanai. It’s the adoption of Native Hawaiian children by other relatives for raising. All royal children are raised by relatives.

    If Obama was serious about having a link to the Native Hawaiian Royals, perhaps it wouldn’t be so obvious.

    Please do a little research on Native Hawaiian culture before opening yer yap.

  20. MissTickly: you could devote a website to holding Obama’s feet to the flames on his promises to end the genocidal wars in the Middle East.

    I think if you did that and didn’t pursue crank theories and rumors about President Obama’s parentage, you would get more respect.

  21. MissTickly says:

    See my response about the tradition of hanai.

  22. Greg says:

    Where in that list is E Bernice Bishop Dunham?

    How does Hawaiian culture make Obama related to someone who isn’t one of his relatives?

    If you would do any research yourself

    You seem to be as impaired in understanding irony as you do in understanding jokes:

    “Tourists at the beach would sometimes assume Obama was Hawaiian, and his grandfather “would come up beside them and whisper, with appropriate reverence, that I was the great-grandson of King Kamehameha,” Obama recalled.”

    My parents would say that I was dropped off by a stork. Yet, I have no feathers! They said they found my sister under a cabbage plant. I don’t think I believe them. But what they told me about my littlest sister…well, it makes me blush.

  23. myson says:

    I now realise why even Leo found it difficult to work with MissTickly, she’s crazieeee !!!

    Its nice to know she earned the Batshirt fair & square however if this continue she’ll win it every week !!!!

  24. Lupin says:

    I’m not entirely sure what you’re arguing about.

    Some of us here are very opposed to the US’s foreign policy; if you read Glenn Greenwald blog on Salon, consider me as in total agreement with his articles on the topic.

    That said, using preposterous lies to attack Obama (or anyone else for that matter) is, well, lunacy. I demonstrated against Nixon and Pinochet in my ill-spent youth, but I never thought they were Martians or Boys from Brazil. The entire Hawaiian/cousin/royalty thing is just as cuckoo.

  25. Greg says:

    So, Hawaiian culture pretends that people aren’t related when they write a will. We should assume that when Bernice Pauahi bishop said that E Bishop Dunham was a niece of her husband, what she meant was that she was her daughter?

    Henry Bostwick Bishop had 6 children, were they all “really” the children of Bernice Pauahi Bishop?

    And how, exactly, does Hawaiian culture make someone named “James Skipp Dunham” appear in Stanley Ann Dunham’s family tree when he doesn’t?

    There’s no evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham’s family ever visited Hawaii, so how, exactly, does Hawaiian culture enter into the equation?

  26. Rita says:

    MissTickly – I may be making a mistake by taking you too seriously, but here goes. I understand your concern about the wars in the Middle East and that you’re pushing for peace. However, did you really think that President Obama could wave a wand, snap his fingers and we would be out of a 5 year-old war in Iraq with no problems? President Obama gave a framework, a deadline, something a lot of the other candidates were hemming and hawing over for a while. Do you think John “Bomb Bomb Iran” McCain would have been any better, or Hillary Clinton, who was a little more hawkish than President Obama and called him naive? By putting your lot in with birthers, you are mingling with anti-semites, Klansmen, and those who truly hate Muslims – and you call the people who comment on here racist?

  27. Rita says:

    Oh, and I forget to add, as Lupin said, there are many of us here who are opposed to the U.S.’s foreign policy. If you want to speak out about the possibility of President Obama doubling down in Afghanistan, go right ahead and speak to that policy. That doesn’t make your comments about incest or British loyalty or wanting to kill Middle Eastern children any less insane, however.

  28. per son says:

    Orly should win it. On her site now she is mixing in the following:

    Obama/Dunham/Geitner/rockefellor/standard oil/mobil oil/ayers/brezynski/etc connections.

    She stated that it is likely that Obama’s mom is still alive, Obama via the trilateral commission plans on world economic domination (stating ole’ Zbigniew is a commie). Give it a week and she’ll start bringing up the illuminati.

    Or the Perkins Coie spy in Carter’s court.

  29. Lupin says:

    What’s tragic is that here (in Europe) she would be a disheveled person on a soap crate or handing out greasy leaflets in the Métro.

    Not someone able to command the attention of the judiciary and supported by tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from gullible bigots.

    Is it something in your water?

  30. jvn says:


    With such sensational writing skills, it kind of makes me wonder why “Miss Tickly” gave up her blog! (Confess! WHO “GOT TO” YOU?)

    However, now that you have crossed the line into a new tangent (i.e., the absurd “Hawaiian Royalty, therefore not NBC” stuff) and have gone to hysterical lengths to attack the President as being “a mass murderer of Middle eastern babies,” you can count on being excommunicated from the larger birther community as someone “who obviously is working for Obama in trying to make the “birthers” look bad…”

    You might as well send back the secret document analyzer/decoder ring ahead of time…

  31. jvn says:

    Are you forgetting Jean-Marie Le Pen? He has some solid financial support, right?

    In Europe, Orly might be on the top of the list of her own right wing party!

  32. Lupin says:

    This is going to turn into the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, but I would argue that Le Pen’s platform and arguments, while often repulsive, are grounded — well, OK, mostly grounded — in reality.

    (Arguably, Trotskyiste Arlette Laguiller is less grounded than Le Pen.)

    Le Pen is a demagogue, with corporatist policies and a strong xenophobic slant. Basically, he is a Republican (2008 version). On a dare, I might argue that Le Pen is actually to the left of Sarah Palin.

    In any event, he does not hail from Planet Koozebane, which is where Orly is.

    We do have people sort of like Orly in France, I’m sure, but they usually don’t have running water. 🙂

  33. Lupin says:

    When the Republicans talk about their “great tent”, I didn’t realize they meant the carnival.

  34. Con Rep says:

    The blog’s still there — she’s braying right now over there about this “sexist” and “racist” award.

    She has, however, selectively deleted at least one thread — such as a 10/18 “Lord Monckton” one that she advertised elsewhere as “where I have posted photos of the potential, bi-racial, incestuous Hawaiian Royal family…” That must have turned into a doozey.

    I’m not posting the link on purpose.

  35. Jody says:

    I commend that MissTickly for coming here and giving us all a demonstration of the reason she was given this award. Well done. Bravo.

  36. Per Son says:

    Look at her words. She strings bi-racial and incestuous. She must believe both are a bad thing. On the otherhand, only the latter is bad (but then again the latter is a good explanation of the rise of Birferism).

  37. Bob says:

    It’s highly inflammatory to accuse someone of racism.

    Incest, on the other hand, is a perfectly reasonable accusation.

    (By the way, y’all are “sexist, racist, war-loving obots”. I love the “logic” here: if you criticize a woman, you’re a sexist.)

  38. This is a claim I saw many times with the PUMAs though. The belief that Obama was racist against whites, or self-hating due to having a white mother. They also used this self-hatred claim to explain why he was supposedly sexist as well, (in between comments of “all black men are sexist, it’s part of their culture” and “all Muslim men are sexist, it’s part of their culture”)

    It looks like MissTickly is simply recycling PUMA claims, and throwing in her weird Hawaiian Royalty / incest claims for good measure.

  39. Yes, the PUMA model came to mind with me too.

  40. Rickey says:

    “John Charlton” is now making the case for armed insurrection.

    It follows logically from this ruling, then, that if the Federal government derives all authority from the people, there must be some circumstance or injury when the People have the right to move a quo warranto action in their own name, as well as claim any and all rights which they had before the promulgation of the U.S. Constitution, which they did not conceded expressly in it.

    If this right is denied by Courts, it is clear that We the People are then justified to enforce this right by force of arms; just as our forefathers did against the British Tyrant King George. The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence fully justify this course of action and this remedy.

  41. Actually, upon reading her blog, it’s pretty obvious she’s a PUMA – It’s the same old tired claims of “racism” and “sexism” against any Obama supporter.

    The Frank Marshall Davis as Obama’s father claim, BTW, comes straight from anti-semite Andy Martin.

  42. When I wrote my article, I had no idea that TerriK would see it, much less try to make it into a federal case. However, reading back over what I wrote, I am satisfied that there is nothing even remotely racist or sexist in it.

    It is true that my next nomination was also for a female, Orly Taitz, but Orly has made Batshirt news. Readers here know that the “Batshirts” are not all female in form. I have a set of them. Anyone familiar with the writing here sees equal commentary on Phil Berg, Leo Donofrio, Charles Kerchner, Mario Apuzzo, Charles E. Lincoln III, John Charlton, Joseph Farah and Alan Keyes. Nothing in the articles here is picking on women just because they are women. When I pick on a woman, is because of her actions and her writing.

  43. nBc says:

    Wow, she is not taking it well although she pretends otherwise

  44. I posted this over at MissTickly’s blog (still awaiting moderation):

    I would like to reply on subject of the Batshirt image that I selected for your award at Obama Conspiracy Theories (the award was selected by popular vote from a list of crank theories about Barack Obama).

    I have a collection of 6 Batshirt images that I plan to rotate for the weekly awards. I actually chose batshirt_green before I went to look up the material for this article, and learned that it was a (presumably) female writer who wrote about the Batshirt idea.

    One of my female Batshirt images is somewhat “busty” in appearance, and I have been hesitant to use it because it might reasonably be considered sexist.

    I am glad that the incest/Hawaiian Royalty item won the popular vote because I really didn’t want to write up the runner-up, fake nude photos of Stanley Ann Dunham, a topic I consider distasteful.

    Listening to the crazy rants about racism and sexism above (where they obviously don’t exist in my award) confirms the wisdom of the voters in selecting the Obama Conspiracy Theories first Batshirt Award.

    PS: thanks for coming by the blog and giving everyone a sample of your writing.

  45. nBc says:

    But but but… Never mind…

  46. JoZeppy says:

    Gotta love the “Patriots” who will “defend the Constitution” by resorting to arms to overthrow a Constitutionally elected government, elected by the majority of the people of this nation, after the courts follow the Constitution by dismissing their groundless claims which they don’t have standing to even pursue.

    Love the logic.

  47. aarrgghh says:

    miss prickly doth genuflect too much, methinks.

  48. Joyce says:

    Bet you didn’t know that Vattel’s “Law of Nations” was cited in the Constitution.

    Check this out

    From the Constitution Section 8

    “10: To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations…

    This cite indicates clearly that they were using the “Laws of Nations” as their guide for the formation of the Constitution. Thus, content in the Laws of Nations can be used to understand the Constitution better.

    Goldi-Lox posted on 2009-10-14 14:04:55 ET Reply Trace”

  49. Yes, that’s definitely Batshirt material.

  50. That was a remarkable rant. This is one of those cases when perhaps the safest thing to do is back away slowly and not make any threatening gestures.

  51. Not to mention calling on the military to rise up and overthrow a democratically elected president supported by the majority of US citizens.

    Haven’t we sanctioned countries for that?

  52. nBc says:

    If she felt so comfortable about her original post, why did she end up deleting it?


  53. nBc says:

    Hahaha. I am sure Joyce knows the difference between the term “laws of nations” and a book describing them…

    Hilarious how a little understanding can lead to so much problems.

  54. I presume that the photo collection she put up on that page really does suggest a “they all look alike” idea. I think the page was deleted because it is evidence supporting the idea that TerriK is one of those liberal racists in denial. When she wrote her denial rant, she characterized the photo collection differently from how I view it.


  55. A lot of her more over-the-top arguments and rants are textbook PUMA junk though. Including the automatic assumption that anyone against her is being sexist, racist, etc.

    I find it interesting – and very tell-tale PUMA, that she claims to be a “Liberal Progressive”, and then goes on to state how she’s made “common cause” with the far right. (That “common cause”, I suspect, is an irrational hatred of Obama)

  56. Notheydidn't says:

    I say give her next week’s Batshirt award too. She appears to have enough BS in her to fill two weeks (or more).

  57. Greg says:

    Let’s pretend, for a second, that they really did “cite” to Vattel’s Law of Nations. What does that mean in context:

    Offences against the Law of Nations

    They can punish offenses against Vattel’s book? They can punish offenses defined in Vattel’s book? Can they punish other offenses? Or, just the ones defined in the book, but no others?

    And, if we assume they knew exactly how to cite to Vattel’s book, that raises specific questions about the natural born citizen clause.

    One of the biggest problems with the birther argument about Vattel is that natural born had a very specific definition that anyone conversant with legalese at the time would know. By contrast, Vattel’s definition only exists in Vattel’s book (and only when you look at the English language translation that came out 10 years after the Constitution was written, but set that aside for now). If the Founders wanted to totally upend the 400 year old definition of natural born and replace it with Vattel’s definition, why didn’t they say, “Natural Born Citizen as defined by the Law of Nations…?”

    If we assume they’re citing Vattel in the High Seas clause, then that means they know how to cite to Vattel. And, apparently, they knew that sometimes they would have to cite to Vattel. That they just couldn’t assume that everyone was familiar with him. So, if they knew how to cite, and knew that they had to cite, why didn’t they cite to Vattel in the NBC clause?

  58. jvn says:

    The allure of people kissing your a** was just too much for Miss Tickly – she’s back!

    Everybody needs a hobby, I guess, but the birther movement is having a real hard time finding people to represent them, huh?


  59. wendy says:

    new argument??
    “but, your Honor… I know Vattel is not legal authority anywhere in the United States. But, Ben Franklin sent me an email, and SWEARS to me, that was his intent…so, you see, this is absolute legal cause to put Obama in jail”.
    I better hush, before I give Orly a new argument.

  60. Bob says:

    Oh, Sven:

    “MuhommadMcLovin said
    10/22/2009 at 12:54 pm
    Dr. Conspiracy has some type of relationship with Wikipedia. You should contact Wikipedia to investigate this matter further.

    Wikipedia has been accused of editing uncomplimentary information concerning Obama. An attack on you by Dr. Conspiracy may be an extension of their effort to protect Obama. At a minimum, Wikipedia may ask Dr. Conspiracy to remove the Donate to Wikipedia button on his website to disassociate from sexist commentary.”

  61. Con Rep says:

    <I>Update! Since this award was announced, the web page that earned the award for MissTickly has been deleted from her web site. Not to worry. I kept a copy./</I><P>

     Thanks, Doc! Aside from the incredibly annoying practice of posting pix without identifying them, I don’t see why Ms. Tickly deleted this thread  (or maybe I’ve just become too accustomed to the constant crazy  non-factual drumbeat of Orly and her drones).

    Hint to Ms. Tickly: if you want to prove a point by virtue of visual aids, it would be a good idea to, at the very least,  label the visuals that are supposedly proving your point. Or, to make it more simple: who the hell is this a photo of, and when and where, was it taken?

  62. Greg says:

    Yeah, that was one heck of a rant. I guess if she and Leo share an idea, it’s okay to say that it’s a nutty idea when talking about Leo a nut to have it, but we have to pretend it’s the awesomest idea since commercially-available-sliced-bread when her name comes up.

    That seems a little condescending to the females of the species. A little “pat her on the head because she came up with an idea, no matter how stupid.”

    Of course, a lot of the birther mythology requires a fundamental core of sexism to exist:

    1. Stanley Ann Dunham is a slut, liar and subjugated by her parents. She cannot marry the man she had sex with, nor can she raise a child alone, but has to bow to her parents’ wishes to marry Barack Sr. (They’ll gladly photoshop Stanley’s head onto someone else’s body to support the slut moniker.)

    2. Stanley’s mom is a liar, a felon, and assists in the subjugation of her daughter.

    3. And for TerriK’s particular spin on the the genre, we now have the Hawaiian princess bowing to the patriarchal society she grew up in, which condones incest and arranged marriages and has other family members raise a woman’s children, despite the fact that this woman obviously rejected that patriarchy’s attempt to arrange her marriage.

    Earlier, Terri pretended to not filter Hawaiian culture through our racist filter, but you can check out the thread where she attempts to suss out the geneology for some non-judgmental nuggets like:

    the royals had some funky marrying habits as we all know. They kept the circle REAL tight.

    And of course, any woman named Dunham, or Bishop, or Payne is automatically suspect!

    Anyway, here’s what happens when you attempt to post critical dialogue on her site:

    My name is Greg. I have a very tiny penis. I live alone. I jack off twice a week. No one loves me.


    Gotta love how if you question her arguments, she goes straight to insulting your genitalia.

    Sexism much?

  63. Greg says:

    And yes, I’m hung like a gnat. And she underestimated my frequency.

    Gotta have accuracy in your insults, Miss. How can I respect your put-downs if you’re off by a factor of 10?

  64. Like the Wikipedia gives a fart what I think.

  65. MuhommadMcLovin says:

    I think the comment is sexist. Dr. Conspiracy posted that he reviewed his commentary and did not find it offensive. Obviously, Miss Tickley won’t get a retraction and an apology from anyone associated with this board.

    Who knows? Wikipedia may find Dr. Conspiracy’s commentary enlightening and he’ll parlay it into something wonderful.

  66. The funny thing is that I am a racist and a sexist and I would suspect that just about everybody else is (except Mother Theresa). The difference between me and some is that I admit it and I work to remove bias from my life, rather than building up walls of denial.

  67. nBc says:

    Your fantasies have little relevance Sven but I appreciate you for giving me a good laugh…

  68. Good grief. That’s John Birth Society stuff.

  69. kimba says:

    That’s exactly what I thought as I scrolled through the pictures! At first I was asking myself, why has she posted all these unlabeled pictures of Hawaiians and then there’s a picture of Barack, then Maya, then Malia. Then the Ohhhhh Moment, she’s saying, ‘see, they all look alike.’ Perfect award! Well done Doc.

  70. kimba says:

    For the next Batshirt award, I nominate Phil at The Right Side of Life for his article “Can Anyone Vouch For Obama’s History? Not at Columbia!”.

  71. MuhommadMcLovin says:

    Ms. Tickly has deeper roots than you can imagine. Why do you think Leo and Ms. Tickly suddenly split? Could it be they found out who their respective connections where?

    I know who Leo’s connections are and they could make me disappear without a trace. Yet, I feel compelled to publicly antagonize them. Thank goodness the guy is old and still trying to get in heaven.

    I wouldn’t dare antagonize Ms Tickly’s connections. But, hey, you won’t live forever. No guts, no glory.

  72. Greg says:

    What exactly is sexist about it?

    Perhaps you should first define sexism.

  73. nBc says:

    Such a vivid imagination and such few facts. That’s our pal Sven

  74. kimba says:

    The only thing I can see that she is pointing to is the bat shirt appears to be on a female torso. Ridiculous! Waaaah Miss Tickly. Waaah!

  75. ImaForener says:

    Yes, people with deep connections often use freedom of information requests and hook-up with part-time lawyer/poker players to suss out the details.

    Good lord

  76. richCares says:

    I second that one!

  77. I think MissTickly mistakenly assumed that I had selected a female Batshirt image for the prize in general, suggesting that I intended the winners to be all female. (I doubt that if I had chosen a male image that she would have said I intended all the recipients to be male.) Of course, readers here know that when the Contest nominations were solicited, the Batshirt image was male.

  78. I have another nomination for the next Batshirt Award:

    Obama’s award of the Nobel Peace Prize proves that he is the antichrist.

    and this from Amazing Love

    I totally agree. If he’s not “it”, then the “one” to come will sure be a doozy, because I have never seen an individual’s characteristics and worship by the world fit any better than this creepy Obama.

    Didnt [sic] Jimma [sic] Carter win this too? Well if so, then the Nothing Peace Prize speaks for itself. Another leftist/marxist [sic] award. I just don’t understand why they didnt [sic] wait until next year for this to be awarded Obama (come on two weeks into office??)
    Blah .. makes me SICK.

  79. MuhommadMcLovin says:

    When analyzing Barnett v. Obama, you savior the criticism you can dish on Orly. Sometimes I think you’re in love with her and you’re angry because she is unobtainable. And you offer have very little criticism of Kreep.

    You have a problem with women, Doc. What’s your marital status?

  80. Mike says:

    I nominate for the entire site.

  81. nBc says:

    Seems Sven is vying for the Batshirt award as well?


  82. Bob says:

    What’s your marital status?

    Are you hitting on Dr. C., Sven?

  83. Sven, I am married.

  84. MuhommadMcLovin says:

    Put your wife on here. I want to her to read the commentary by you and other posters concerning Ms. Tickly and Orly tell me its okay.

  85. richCares says:

    my wife said that Orly and Tickly are batshirt crazy. I say yes plus mentally ill!

  86. wendy says:

    not his wife…I am female, I am a poster, and Orly is WORSE THAN bat shit crazy. Same for Tickly or whatever she is.
    Equal opportunity insults…
    where the name of hell does anyone get “sexist” out of that?
    Stupidity knows no gender, thank you.

  87. ImaForener says:

    So now you folks are the arbiters of law, Constitution, who-looks-like-whom, morals AND good taste. It must be difficult for you to mingle with the unwashed heathens, and yet out of the goodness of your heart you do.

    Any particular reason it has taken you so long to find the courage to bring forth these accusations of sexism?

  88. Greg says:

    My wife watched Orly on Stephen Colbert and agreed with me that the woman is a whackaloon. Not only is she my wife, and a woman, she’s a psychiatrist, and this was her unofficial psychiatric diagnosis. I think her exact words were that if you look in the DSM-IV-R under W, you’ll find the word whackaloon and a picture of a frizzy-haired Russian woman spouting nonsense about Vattel!

  89. nbc says:

    Poor Sven, I guess he is craving some woman talking to him.

  90. MuhommadMcLovin says:

    Ha Ha Ha. That’s funny!

    It looks like it’s working. Wendy is stalking me.

    Hello, Wendy.

  91. wendy says:

    awwww.. you are putting your foot in your mouth when you think some 60 yr old grandma is concerned with you. Bit narcisscistic, don’t you think?
    I hang out here for factual information. Maybe you and ms tickly are confusing the purpose with chat rooms. Both of you are the only ones focused on someone being “sexist”.
    Got some facts to contribute?

  92. Whatever4 says:

    Ew. There’s some visuals in there I DO NOT WANT in my head.

  93. wendy says:

    earlier, I called this a soap opera. I take that back.. no script writer could possibly come up with anything to touch this.

  94. Rita says:

    I’m curious to find out what the “Mbembe” looks like 😛 Apparently it’s “dinosaur-like” 😛

  95. Expelliarmus says:
  96. Blackmail?

  97. wendy says:

    couldn’t happen to a nicer lady.

  98. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear Wendy,

    WOULDN’T happen to a nicer lady. 🙂

    My folk-wise mother used to tell my sisters, “Remember girls, if you lay down with dis-barred lawyers, rape is NOT statutory!”

    Benji Franklin

  99. Lupin says:

    Also Vattel did NOT endorse the twofer argument anyway.

  100. Lupin says:

    Can we have more Orly porn (p. 9) please?

  101. Bob says:

    Smith is a liar.

    In his declaration, he said, under the penalty of perjury, that the trip from Orange County to Sacramento would take 8.5 hours.

    7 hours, tops.

  102. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Folks, over this way.

    Orly! Scandal! Debauchery! It’s all quite disturbing.

  103. wendy says:

    My money for next week goes to Lucas Smith. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at his sage of intrigue and conspiracy.
    One thing that I think is PROBABLY ACCURATE is the concept that Orly HAS NO CONCERN for anything except the publicity. Neither does he, for that matter. I can’t help but wonder if there is someone funding all of this. WHY they would be funding it, is not a question to anyone. Of course, his respect for “real” research is a joke.. he would not be near this mess, if that was true.
    And? ONLY HE HAS THE REAL TRUE EVIDENCE that would crack this open?!!??

  104. misha says:

    Hey, everyone: I found more Kenyan BCs, which were begging for my magical touch, here and here.

    Readers may also be interested in Electric cars are dangerous.

  105. misha says:

    Anyone want to place bets when Orly and her spouse divorce?

    A refusenik making this kind of trouble. Disgusting! And she’s getting involved with anti-Semites. She really has a screw loose.

    She’s going to lose her dental practice, and her marriage – all because of her quixotic campaign to ruin Obama with scurrilous rumors. It couldn’t happen to a nicer draykup. ‘Draykup’ is Yiddish for scatterbrain. Have fun back in Israel. You and Avigdor Lieberman will make a lovely couple. Mazel tov – and don’t let the door hit you.

  106. aarrgghh says:

    if this wasn’t already on its way to made-for-tv-based-on-a-“they-told-us-it-was-true”-storyville, then it’s most definitely gotten the green light now.

    kids, make sure your parents aren’t in the room when you watch this …

  107. Con Rep says:

    He could simply be trying to get your attention for the next Batshirt Crazy award, Doc.

    I very much look forward to Orly’s response. Lucas’ life may be in danger for real now. Hell hath no fury…

  108. Con Rep says:

    It’s the legendary birthosaurus!

  109. jvn says:

    And Orly got the picture of the 1964 BC from the Mossad?

    Funny stuff. Two liars calling each other liars – except for the places where they need each other to vouch for parts of their stories!

    It seems the US Attorney’s office advised or helped Smith put this together for submission to the Court. How so very sad for Orly to be such a laughing stock.

    And Orly told her minions that Smith was a trustworthy and honorable “patriot.”

    What now?

  110. jvn: It seems the US Attorney’s office advised or helped Smith put this together for submission to the Court.

    Why do you think that? Given that Smith may well be lying, and that this allegation is irrelevant to the legal questions in Barnett, why would the government get involved with such a thing?

  111. Black Lion says:

    I would have to agree with that nomination…The article was quickly debunked because posters found articles from Obama’s roommate from Columbia and articles from the school website…So the new theory…That Obama went to Columbia College and not University…But the idiot didn’t realize that at Columbia most undergraduates are at Columbia “College”, which is a part of the University…Funny stuff…

  112. Rita says:

    Wendy: “Only he has the real true evidence that would crack this open?!??”

    Don’t forget, he is the STAR WITNESS AND KEYSTONE of the case 😛

  113. kimba says:

    You know, I am really, really sorry I read that whole page. Yuck. And biting? Yikes. On p. 7 Lucas writes “A paradox it is.” Does he think he’s Yoda? I have a hunch the renowned Charles Lincoln helped with this. What a collection of nuts. So any bets on a decision from Judge Carter today?

  114. Rita says:

    Thanks, Expelliarmus. I can’t believe he was going to spend money trying to track it down. Well, maybe I can, considering it’s Lucas Smith…

  115. kimba says:

    He’s factoring in a stop for a potty break in Kettleman City, lunch at the Denny’s in Los Banos, and a stop at the roadside stand for peaches, almonds, in Stockton.

  116. jvn says:

    Because this crazy nonsense reinforces the farcical nature of Orly’s flying circus.

    Sure, they told him they could not get involved, but then told him how to go about how to submit his “story” for the record.

    They have clean hands, but they certainly didn’t encourage him, probably quite the opposite.

    The judge will get a good laugh out of this, and probably attempt to disregard it, but in the end it will go towards the lack of credibility in the plaintiff’s arguments.

    There was never much of a chance that Carter wasn’t going to dismiss the case – this just makes it even more unlikely.

    And it certainly will undercut Orly in the eyes of the birthers. Using their logic: why would Lucas Smith (a birther patriot) lie?

  117. Black Lion says:

    Dr. C, it looks like she was so upset she banned you…In reading her commenters posts they are alomst as crazy as Orly’s. I feel sorry for the people that work in the HI department of vital statistics…It looks like these lunatics are harassing them on a daily basis trying to be cute by asking the same question different ways…

  118. Lupin says:

    KEYSTONE as in the Keystone Kops, surely.

  119. Lupin says:

    Considering how batsh*t crazy they are in every other respect, I was actually disappointed.

    I expected more wild monkey sex with gerbils, Tarentino and three-pronged garden weeders or something. Blue Velvet on speed. Not your standard garden variety suburban MILF stuff.

    Oh Orly how you always disappoint!

  120. MuhommadMcLovin says:

    Very astute observation, jvn. Smith files a Declaration in Judge Land’s Court and Judge
    Carter will dismiss Barnett v. Obama because it’s all a farce.

    Hopefully, Judge Land will fine Orly sua sponte one more time and Order the funds to be deposited under mattress in Room 216 at the Motel 6, Columbus, GA.

  121. Greg says:

    Well, he lied right at the start, when he said he was of sound mind.

  122. Yeah, but the idea that CEL3 might be filling Dr. Orly’s cavities is enough to make my oatmeal hit the wall.

  123. Thanks. I wouldn’t have noticed the ban because I don’t intend to post anything else over there.

    I think that when groups become insular, whether they are PUMA or Birther or members of a conspiracy theory, they become like a nuclear reactor when the moderating control rods are removed. They feed on themselves, getting hotter and more angry. When there are no contrary opinions (due to censorship) to say “hey, wait, that’s crazy” or “that’s out of line”, they move a step away from “normal” world views and become more like a cult. If the voice of reason, evidence and facts is squelched, what is left? Batshirt!

    I don’t mean to suggest that this kind of in-bred thinking is limited to the topics we visit here. It applies to interest groups of all kinds, including progressive and liberals ones.

  124. As of last night, Smith’s declaration was not on the Court’s electronic filing system. Since this is a non-party statement, it may well not make it into the case record, no more than the hundreds of phone messages left by Orly fans on the clerk’s answering machine. I remember Judge Simandle (in Kerchner) ordering that some non-party letters removed from the docket.

  125. Bob says:

    I could see the DoJ telling Smith something to the effect that it can’t talk to him (for various ethical reasons), but if he has anything to say, he ought to put it in a declaration and send it to the court.

    I doubt it helped with the actual preparation.

  126. OK, here is a Batshirt if there ever was one.

    Visitors to Orly’s blog may have been wondering why Orly is asking for the Birth and Death certificates for a deceased child, who the Social Security death index said was born 10/31/2004 and died 12/25/2004.

    It’s because this infant “Obama relative”, who was born on Halloween and died on Christmas Day, is thought to have been part of a Satanic ritual murder tied up in all sorts of connections. Throw in numerology and the Illuminati and you have more Batshirt than you know what to do with. Read about it here:

    And yes, the birthers are recycling year-old material.

  127. wendy says:

    RENEE L ABENA OBAMA 31 Oct 2004 25 Dec 2004 (P) (72) (none specified) 215-71-0752 Maryland
    don’t mess with a real genealogist…

    the word “Maryland” is where the social was issued.
    And this relates to Obama how???

    oh, and if she gets her head out of..well, you know…
    she has no legal right to either of the documents concerning this child.

  128. wendy says:

    there has to be something inhumane to invade the life of parents who lost a 2 month old child, on Christmas.
    And for no valid reason.

  129. richCares says:

    I nominate a new one, this time I will win!
    AXJ published story that Carter denied motion to dismiss:

    most of birtherdom eleated, white spots on the bathroom walls.

    send me my bat shirt!

  130. G says:

    LOL! Rick Rolled indeed!

  131. AXJ uses this technique to scoop everybody else: they make stuff up.

  132. I think OBOT1 captures my sentiments.

  133. Web searches on the surname “Abena-Obama” inevitably point to an important women’s activist and official from the Cameroon: Marie Thérèse Abena Obama.

  134. As of this morning, the number of comments to MissTickly’s article Sexist, Racist, War-Loving Obots Exposed (her reply to the award) has grown to 263.

    I was a bit surprised to see that my comment did pass moderation, with her markup as follows:

    I would like to reply on subject of the Batshirt image that I selected for your award at Obama Conspiracy Theories (the award was selected by popular vote from a list of crank theories about Barack Obama).

    I have a collection of 6 Batshirt images that I plan to rotate for the weekly awards. [Yeah, yeah–this is called BACK PEDALING] I actually chose batshirt_green before I went to look up the material for this article, and learned that it was a (presumably) female writer who wrote about the Batshirt idea.

    One of my female Batshirt images is somewhat “busty” in appearance, and I have been hesitant to use it because it might reasonably be considered sexist. [Yeah right, pig. Too late–your true colors were apparent. UPDATE: Still laughing at how ludicrous this statement is.]

    I am glad that the incest/Hawaiian Royalty item won the popular vote because I really didn’t want to write up the runner-up, fake nude photos of Stanley Ann Dunham, a topic I consider distasteful. [SO? She’s a grown woman–it’s HER choice if she wanted to pose NUDE for the photos. Geez, you men really want to dictate ALL of our choices. Eff you heartless pig. I will stand up for Stanley Ann’s choice to pose nude.]

    Listening to the crazy rants about racism and sexism above (where they obviously don’t exist in my award) confirms the wisdom of the voters in selecting the Obama Conspiracy Theories first Batshirt Award.
    [If that’s wisdom, you don’t have a good reference point, dude.]
    PS: thanks for coming by the blog and giving everyone a sample of your writing. [Same to you.]

    Readers here know that another Batshirt image appeared before the female version, so “Back Pedaling” is an irresponsible and demonstrably false criticism. I also call attention to the section about nude photos. I asserted that the nude photos are fake, and to fake a nude photo is a bad thing. MissTickly marks out the word “fake” and then castigates me for saying Stanley Ann shouldn’t have posed nude, which is NOT what I said. MissTickly changed what I said and then criticized that. But of course MissTickly does not seem to be interested in facts that contradict her preconceived notions.

    But who could dispute that MissTickly’s comment “you men really want to dictate ALL of our choices” is about as sexist as it gets.

  135. kimba says:

    I agree. Since I first read about Orly recycling and embellishing this one, I have hoped Abena’s family would find out and push back hard. A bright mainstream media spotlight on this particular bit of dispicable birther foolishness would probably deep-six all of birtherdom. Human Sacrifice? O Rly? You know your conspiracy theory has jumped the shark when you insist it involves human sacrifice and the Illuminati is behind it.

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