She’s baaaaaaaack … in the Wikipedia

I seem to recall that there was a Wikipedia article about Orly Taitz some months back that was deleted. One of the requirements for people to be in the Wikipedia is that they be notable. Whatever may have been true at the time, one can hardly argue, after 2,500 words in The Washington Post, that Dr. Orly Taitz is not notable.

So, in its usual comprehensive and well-documented style, the Wikipedia has added a biography article on Orly Taitz. I thought it was a good article, and a good complement to the article on Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories.

By the way, the Wikipedia is looking for a photo of Orly to include in the article. They don’t use copyrighted images, so if any of you have snapped your own image, you might consider contributing it.

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10 Responses to She’s baaaaaaaack … in the Wikipedia

  1. wendy says:

    personally, I would prefer the tag “notorious”.
    And getting more so, every day.

  2. wendy says:

    New article from Orange county. I sure am reading lots of news from their website, while going back to look for news of Carter.

  3. I never knew she was a former swimsuit model.

    and it says:

    Mainstream Democrats and Republicans alike roll their eyes at these assertions, laughing off Taitz’ claims as a conspiracy theorists’ carefully arranged hodgepodge of fact and hearsay, of documents and forgeries, of exaggeration and innuendo. Then there are those who say Taitz lacks even the facts of a good conspiracy theory….

    “Like Gandhi said, first they ignore you, then they ridicule you,” Taitz said. “Then they fight you, then you win. If Judge Carter dismisses the case, we’ll appeal and keep filing and bringing new cases until we get a resolution.”

  4. Little Dreamer says:

    It’s shameful that Wikipedia is linking to Orly’s website without warning that it is known to contain malware which could ruin someone’s computer.

    One only finds this information on the Wiki if or when they scroll down to read the section on the Berg lawsuit. If someone skips that info (I skip sections on Wiki quite often, reading those parts only that I’m interested in) they can enjoy the loss of their computer.

  5. Little Dreamer: It’s shameful that Wikipedia is linking to Orly’s website without warning that it is known to contain malware which could ruin someone’s computer.

    There is a link at the top of each Wikipedia article labeled “Discussion.” If you click this on Orly’s page, you will find a discussion of the very point you make. The problem with such a warning is that the Wikipedia has no way to “source” the information about the malware, leaving them open to a defamation lawsuit. For biographies on living persons, the Wikipedia requires every detail to be backed by established published sources (not just blogs).

  6. wendy says:

    “we will keep filing until we get a resolution”

    On one tv show, Orly made it completely clear that she EXPECTED TO RUN OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE. NOT, get the truth and facts… remove him from office. Meaning, that she will continue attempts to use the judicial system, EVEN IF OR AFTER they have ruled against her.
    Thus, it seems to be outside of any rational thinking.. that THE FACTUAL RESOLUTION is in front of her, and has been, from the start.
    The legal resolution=
    There is no admissable/ credible evidence to show any thing, other than the known fact that Obama was born in Hawaii, and is legally in office.
    2nd, no matter how she manipulates any filing, the courts are not going to bend the law to suit her fantasy. The law states who has the right to remove a President. The law states WHO has authority to access private records. The law will recognize what standard defines a natural born citizen.
    And every single LAW is against her crusade.
    And round and round we go.

  7. Bob says:

    As with the rest of the Internet, it is always click at your own risk. (Sites normally don’t go around verifying the healthiness of their links.)

  8. misha says:

    Taitz’ sole goal is to hound Obama out of office. She thinks this is like Israel, where a PM gets a “no confidence” vote, and new elections are called. Hence, her claim that there will be a new election.

    She, and her cultists, want to ruin Obama and his legacy. She goes to gun shows and gives incendiary speeches, hoping to incite a lone wolf. She is getting involved with anti-Semites like Andy Martin, because of her pathological hatred. Conservatives wink at her, because it hurts Obama.

    And he’s not a socialist – he’s a Centrist. BTW, Social Security is pure socialism. It was invented in the 19th century by Otto von Bismarck, and called an Old Age Pension. Roosevelt got the idea from him. I’m living on SS. I had an aneurysm at 50, and had the worst stroke survivable. I was in the hospital for two months, one week in a wheelchair. Where would I be without SS and Medicare?

    I saw her on Israeli TV, saying the US Constitution requires both parents be US citizens, to be president, and he paid everyone off. Then Eric Cantor, that momser, went to Israel with Huck, and told the settlers and Bibi to ignore Obama, and that they represented actual US foreign policy, badmouthing Hilary Clinton for good measure.

    They’re vermin – nothing more. And their spokesmen are alcoholics and drug addicts, with some closet anti-Semites thrown in for good measure.

  9. JoZeppy says:

    Well, once disbarred, her ablity to “keep filing” will be very much curtailed. Well, I’m guess her ablity to “keep filing” is already going to be cut short, as I don’t see too many courts admitting her pro hac. Only a matter of time.

  10. kimba says:

    But she won’t do anything kinky!

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