Halloween Batshirt Award

Batshirt winner

Batshirt winner

And in California, the winner is…

Orly Taitz accuses all newspapers of Criminal Conspiracy and Election Fraud for not covering her cases. Threatens RICO suit.

Here is the citation with context:

I currently don’t have time to research and therefor [sic] need help from my supporters. I remember there are specific statutes in [sic] Federal Communications Act and Federal Elections Committee [sic], where members of the media that are defrauding the public in relation to the elections,  can be held liable. I need quotes of the specific statutes. I will be reporting the names of the editors and reporters,who refuse to report on eligibility cases and January 26 trial. It might be necessary to join these members of the media as additional defendants in RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations) action

By “join … as additional defendants”, I assume Orly refers to her oft mentioned, but never filed RICO suit against Barack Obama for his alleged criminal social security and election fraud scam. (My new article RICO starts a discussion of this statute.) In general, RICO is considered “complex litigation” but that never stopped Orly for barging ahead.

If Orly continues unchecked in the same trajectory that we’ve seen over the past months, I think Orly may well fall into the position of a RICO defendant herself.

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4 Responses to Halloween Batshirt Award

  1. euphgeek says:

    “…Orly may well fall into the position of a RICO defendant herself.”

    Yes, she will end up suing herself!

    …Is it just me or does that scenario seem more and more plausible each day?

  2. Mike says:

    Can I make a nomination for the next Batshirt?

    Mattie, of the (concern-trollish) Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias blog, for this post, which not so subtly implies Obama’s involvement in an armed robbery.

  3. Lupin says:

    May I again nominate Rick Hyatt, resident birther on TALKING POINTS MEMO (his avatar there is Heath Ledger’s Joker, who may show a degree of self-awareness?), who claims that Obama is the bastard son of East German Stasi Leader Markus Wolf.

    Link to Hyatt’s site:

    Link to Comments on TPM showing him in full birther bloom:

  4. ShariYS says:

    My God, the inmates are not only running the asylum with iron fists, they’re building asylum after asylum!

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