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Yesterday was one of those busy days here at Obama Conspiracy Theories with about 24,000 page views (more than double the normal traffic). While I was looking at the site statistics, I checked the web ratings at to compare this site with that of Orly Taitz and Leo Donofrio.

The first result was no surprise. Orly and Leo draw more traffic than I do.


What was more interesting was that visitors here looked at a lot more pages than did visitors to the other sites, and they stayed a lot longer.


A variety of interpretations might be made of these results, but I would like to think that visitors here are more thoughtful.

These statistics come just from Internet users who have the Alexa toolbar installed (which excludes me).

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7 Responses to More Site Statistics

  1. JDKINPA says:

    Being one of those visitors who visits obamaconspiracy,org to educate myself I agree with you.

    The visits to the other sites are the curious walking into the freak shows at the county fair for entertainment.

  2. Site changes: new comment system, slowness the last couple of days.

    The site has been slow the last couple days. My web host says some other user was hogging the system and they’re working on resolving the problem. It seems much better at the moment.

    I continue to be concerned about your ability to manage reading comments. I have installed a new comment widget on the right sidebar and removed the two previous ones. This one lists comments by article, and the hyperlinked part is the bolder commenter name.

  3. Jody says:

    I really like this widget better than the previous ones. Much easier to read. Thanks.

  4. Bob says:

    Sometimes it doesn’t work (as if clicking on a dead link). Still, most times, I really like it.

  5. I see the problem. The comment link isn’t including the page number so it only works if the comment is on the first page. Grrr. I’ll see what I can do.

  6. G says:

    I really like the new organization of the “Recent Comments” pane on the right-hand side, that appeared today.

    Having people’s latest comments appear, categorized by blog post is a wonderful thing! Thank You!!

  7. Unfortunately, this lovely feature is badly broken. I checked the author’s site and found that it doesn’t work with blogs set up like this one. And it’s not the only one. I’ve gone through 4 more plug-ins this evening and none of them work right.

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