First Anniversary Celebration

Dr. Conspiracy

Dr. Conspiracy

I will be celebrating the first anniversary of Obama Conspiracy Theories this week with an appearance on the Land of the Obots show on Reality Check Radio at 9 PM US EST Tuesday (TODAY), December 1.

About Dr. Conspiracy

I'm not a real doctor, but I have a master's degree.
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29 Responses to First Anniversary Celebration

  1. Reality Check says:

    Congratulations on the one year anniversary on the net with one of the finest sites going.

    I am looking forward to the show.

  2. SvenMagnussen says:

    Count me in. I can’t wait to hear an hour of psychotic dismissive diatribe from Georgetown J.D. and syncophantic head nodding from Doc.

    Man up, Doc! Tell Georgetown J.D. to shutup and let the grownups discuss the important issues of the day.

    Remember you’re a guest, Doc. A submissive inflection in tone and composure is nothing to be ashamed of.

  3. nbc says:

    Haha. Sven appears to be listening as well. If GeorgeTown JD is not a grownup, then you must be still in utero.
    Hahaha. You’re such a loser my dear Sven, it’s almost funny to hear you object.

  4. SvenMagnussen says:

    Participation and instruction is not an objection. Just like “filed” is not “accepted.”


  5. richCares says:

    Ignorance is bliss!

  6. Scientist says:

    Ir’s a real stretch at this point to call anything birther-related “the important issues of the day”. The court cases are less likely to go anywhere than the Detroit Lions are to win the Super Bowl. All the birthers do anymore is repeat the same tired lies and discredited arguments. August was the peak media interest and it’s been downhill since then. Donofrio is out, showing a bit more common sense than the others, but I suspect Mario will be following close behind. Berg will find another silly conspiracy so he can get Strike 3 after 2 big whiffs as a truther and a birther. That leaves Orly who will have a hard time doing much once she loses both her law and driver’s licences (can dental be far behind?).

    Yes, birthers, your 15 minutes is at about 14:59. Good riddance!

  7. Paul Pieniezny says:

    And a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  8. NbC says:

    Filed is better than accepted since it is the relevant date to determine for instance late filing.
    Seems that on later COLB’s the change was made from accepted to filed.


  9. SvenMagnussen: I can’t wait to hear an hour of psychotic dismissive diatribe from Georgetown J.D. and syncophantic [sic] head nodding from Doc.

    Now, now, Sven. That wasn’t very polite.

  10. Mario Apuzzo says:


    I have so much more still to share. Anyway, I’m sure Dr. Congas appreciates having me around.

    P.S. When the good doctor gives me my “o” back I will give him his “spiracy” back.

  11. nBc says:

    It’s not much better than his usual unsupported, unfounded assertions but it does show a certain interest on Sven’s part to learn about the facts

  12. nBc says:

    I have so much more still to share. Anyway, I’m sure Dr. Congas appreciates having me around.

    It’s always nice to have some light entertainment around.

  13. robacosta says:

    So Sven brings up the debunked “filed” vs “accepted” story. What prompted a revival of this debunked story or is it just birther ignorance. Every “OMG” moment Sven has brought forward has failed. What is it with these idiots, they just keep on trying. Are thet adverse to learning?

  14. G says:

    Always happy to have you share, but do you have anything “new” and not just a rehash of the same-old, same-old arguments?

  15. siseduermapierda says:

    It’s a celebration and look, it’s Mario, here to pi$$ on Doc’s poptart!

    I think Leo, sorry, Jet Paraclete, is looking for some good roadies! Can you schlep guitars Mario?

  16. Scientist says:

    Mario Apuzzo: I have so much more still to share

    Mario-Keep your H1N1 flu to yourself

    All your lawsuits belong us…

  17. The Sheriff's A Ni- says:

    They’re adverse to logic, reason, and black men as President.

  18. aarrgghh says:

    have a bottle of birfer tears on me, doc.

  19. Mario Apuzzo says:


    Instead of schleping the guitar, I can probably come up with a good guitar tune playing it.

  20. Scientist says:

    Mario-How about schlepping this one?

    Opponents of health care reform often say that frivolous lawsuits are the main cause of rising health care costs. So, if real lawsuits by real plaintiffs who have suffered real harm are frivolous, what would you call lawsuits drummed up by lawyers with straw-man plaintiffs who have suffered no discernable harm at all?

  21. Now THAT was funny.

  22. Lupin says:

    Congratulations from far-off Franceland and many happy returns!

  23. SvenMagnussen says:


    Mention “Sven Magnussen” on the program and I’ll post my best McCain, Hillary, BO joke on your website.

    It’s rate PG and it’s funny.

    And don’t be dismissive or condescending. Try … “I look forward to comments posted by Sven Magnussen.”

  24. kupuna says:

    Hauoli la hanau to your blog Doc & Mahalo for all your hard work! I see a lull in Birther activity as their cases keep failing but as 2012 nears they’ll ramp up the crazy again. I’ll enjoy their angst every time Obama files for candidacy in each of our 50 states, & is found fully qualified every time.

  25. Sorry, I didn’t see your comment until after the program.

  26. Passerby says:

    I’m a little late with this, but congratulations on the anniversary! It’s a fine site you’ve got going here.

    I missed the radio program, but if it’s downloadable maybe I can catch it that way. How did it go?

  27. The radio program was fine, except for technical problems early on. You can play or download the program from this page:

  28. Benji Franklin says:

    Dear Doc,

    I would have preferred to hear you ramble on wisely alone for the entire program, prioritizing the bizarre stream of events in accordance with the good sense you display here routinely. But thank you again for your patience in dealing with this band (or is an orchestra?) of political miscreants and social misfits who have made the term “Birfer” more revolting than the term “barfer”. They have made me realize that I have squandered the word “crazy” before now, on persons who compared to this crowd, were quite sane.
    Congratulations, Doc!
    What an entertaining year!
    Benji Franklin

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