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Orange County, California, has a system of registering “Fictitious” businesses. According to the County:

What is a Fictitious Business Name (FBN)?

For an individual, it is a name that does not include the surname of the individual or a name that suggests the existence of additional owners.

  • For partnerships, it is a name that does not include the surname of any general partner or suggests the existence of additional owners.
  • For a corporation, it is a name not stated in the Articles of Incorporation.

Defend Our Freedoms Foundation is such a fictitious business, owned by Orly Taitz, as shown in the county registration of the name. The Foundation claimed to be a non-profit organization and that it had obtained an EIN (US Federal Tax Reporting ID) that was once posted on the Foundation web site (this web site is no longer under control of Orly Taitz and the EIN has been removed). The EIN (26-4328440) was located from an old article in WorldNetDaily and corroborated by other sources including the Liberi v Taitz lawsuit filings. In a March 2009 article, I discussed the difference between a charity and a non-profit organization. DOFF is not a charity recognized by the IRS.

DOFF has a pending registration with the State of California as a charity, and a registration as a corporation. (Thanks to for the links to the California registrations.) The state filing address (also the address of Orly Taitz’s dental practice) is:

26302 La Paz
Ste 211
Mission Viejo, CA  92691

I searched for DOFF under its published zip codes of 92688 and 92691 at’s Non-profit organization lookup, but didn’t find anything, nor did its EIN search return results. I also searched in the largest private database of EINs,, for 26-4328440 and any California company beginning with “Defend our f”: no results were found. Various comments are found on the Internet that others have tried to verify this number with no success. The IRS itself doesn’t confirm EINs. While no one seems to be able to verify the number, I do not think that there is sufficient information to conclude that the number is bogus.

Caution: Orly’s web site is still on the malware warning list.

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17 Responses to Defend Our Freedoms Foundation

  1. Dave says:

    Interesting. That address, including the suite number, is the address of Taitz’s dental office. See

  2. Dave says:

    Also. Here’s the current charity registration:
    As you can see, the registration has been pending for most of a year.

    [To make this work, go to and search for “Defend our freedoms foundations” (note the extra “s” at the end. Doc.]

  3. CalperniaUSA says:
  4. aarrgghh says:

    doc, implying something shady:

    “Defend Our Freedoms Foundation is such a fictitious business”

    well, unlike a certain kenyan, it’s not like she’s running for
    secretary of state
    attorney general


  5. I went to great pains to define and highlight that term. It doesn’t imply anything shady.

  6. Thanks, Lisa. I had let that bit of information about the ownership of the DOFF domains slip, and of course that is why the dubious Tax ID number has gone away.

  7. misha says:

    Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey gave a statement on Obama and Beck!

  8. Rickey says:


    On the other hand, on Wednesday night Bill O’Reilly said on his show that Obama was born in Hawaii and “The birther deal is just madness.”

    I guess this means that O’Reilly will be facing treason charges soon.

  9. misha says:

    O’Reilly said that? Quick, call the asylum.

  10. Rickey says:

    I recorded the show because Jon Stewart was his guest. I had heard that O’Reilly wasn’t a birther, but I was surprised to hear him make such a strong statement.

  11. Bill O’Reilly has been ridiculing the birthers from the beginning as in this 2008 video and as reported on this blog:

    [Note: this is the 30,000th comment left on this blog]

  12. I called the IRS about verifying the Defend Our Freedoms Foundations Tax ID number. They won’t verify Tax ID numbers except to an official of the company for which the information is being requested.

    Nevertheless, I don’t really believe the DOFF Tax ID number is fake. They are just too easy to get.

  13. TRUTH says:

    Great Reads. Just wanted to share them with all the good people here. I know you want to read books on the Truth and not just fiction about Audacity of Hope.

  14. G says:

    Look, I appreciate any time someone provides a link and especially when it is for real books.

    I don’t mind that you are providing a link to popular conservative publications out there. The GOP and/or conservatives have a perspective, that is fine.

    If you are into that sort of thing, than good for you. At least you are honestly revealing that this is the basis of your mindset and how you think.

    I’ll just say that I don’t really share that worldview, so I have no interest in those publications.

    However, I do want to take you to task for lame partisan hack spin on what you are providing: Just because you buy into that worldview does not make it “truth” nor does that make the Audacity of Hope “fiction”.

    Why can’t you just be honest and state that those books support a PERSPECTIVE that you agree with and you consider Obama and books like “The Audacity of Hope” to be from a PERSPECTIVE you disagree with?

    That would be an honest and accurate assessment. However, for someone who has the audacity to use the moniker “TRUTH” when posting, you have never shown yourself to care about truth or be truthful. Instead, you are all about cheap, partisan SPIN.

    Try acting like an adult instead of an immature hack shill for once and just be open and honest from now on.

    No one begrudges that you are entitled to your own opinions and perspective, but you are not entitled to your own facts, or to mischaracterize mere perspective/opinion as fact.

  15. SFJeff says:

    I don’t tend to click on links blindly. If you want me to check out a link you recommend, tell me more to promote the site.

  16. misha says:

    “Great Reads. Just wanted to share them with all the good people here.”

    Interesting that you would recommend a site which features Ann Coulter – an anti-semite.

  17. If you read that kind of stuff, you end up with some jaundiced ideas.

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