Joseph Farah demands a retraction from Newsweek

Joseph Farah

Newsweek, a major American print magazine has called Farah a “birther”. In a special web edition article titled Know Your Conspiracies, Newsweek’s David A. Graham wrote:

1. Barack Obama was not born in the United States.
It’s not clear where he must have been born instead: some say Indonesia; some say Kenya (initial suggestions that Hawaiian natives weren’t citizens when he was born in Honolulu in 1961 were quickly dismissed). The point, so-called birthers say, is that he wasn’t born in the good old US of A, hence isn’t a natural-born citizen and therefore cannot legally be president.
Proponents: Chief birther and Beverly Hills dentist and attorney Orly Taitz, WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah, Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.), former presidential and Senate candidate Alan Keyes, assorted tea partiers.
Kernel of Truth? It’s fully debunked. Forged Kenyan birth certificates have been exposed, and–”despite protestations to the contrary–”Obama’s birth certificate has been certified by the state of Hawaii, and images have been shown on national television. And that’s leaving aside plenty of circumstantial proof, like birth announcements in both major Hawaiian papers from August 1961.

It would be hard to look at the pages of Farah’s web site, or his front web site and not conclude that Joesph Farah was the biggest birther of them all. But wait! Farah says “no.”

“It’s just a bald-faced lie and misrepresentation of anything and everything I have written and said about the eligibility issue,” Farah said

in a WorldNetDaily daily article yesterday titled Farah calls Newsweek on ‘lie‘. “Farah is issuing the retraction demand, a legal requirement before a defamation lawsuit can be filed, both by letter and in his daily column today in WND.”

So is this just another case of what the definition of “is” is? It was reported that earlier this month Farah gave a speech including a 10-minute birther section at the Nashville Tea Party convention. Farah is a master of making you think he said something he didn’t really say. Still I would be surprised if there weren’t a smoking gun somewhere.

I hope Newsweek doesn’t retract, and Farah sues. We might learn some interesting information out of that. I really doubt it will happen, though.

[Thanks to Deep Birther for the tip.]

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38 Responses to Joseph Farah demands a retraction from Newsweek

  1. Saint James says:

    Orly Taitz also joined Farah in demanding a retraction. She doesn’t want to be called “Beverly Hills” dentist.

    She wants Newsweek to retract because…

    ” Clearly Newsweek writers didn’t read a word of my pleadings. They didn’t cover the fact that [Obama SSN Redacted] SS number currently used by Obama, is a stolen SS number, assigned to an individual born in 1890 and issued in CT.

    They didn’t write a word about the fact that Obama has and had since birth allegiance to 3 other nations through out his life, which disqualifies him to US presidency.

    They never dispatched a reporter to conduct an interview on the merits and report issue by issue.”

    Clearly Orly is so confused! How will Newsweek retract something that they did not write about? e.g., social security numbers, obama’s alligiance to 3 nations, and the court did not hear on the merit?

    She is really the world’s most stupid lawyer!

  2. misha says:

    “She is really the world’s most stupid lawyer!”

    Orly is not a lawyer, or dentist. She’s really a KGB agent.

  3. NbC says:

    Well, that’s Orly for you…
    Full of entertainment value.

  4. Saint James says:

    I think Orly is succeeding at being irritating rather than entertaining. She really generates hate!

  5. NbC says:

    There is that problem but in most cases, she is just entertaining.
    You cannot make up the stuff she has pulled.

  6. SFJeff says:

    Here is hoping Orly sues Newsweek.

  7. nbC says:

    Add another failure to her list of accomplishments

  8. smrstrauss says:

    Re: “defamation lawsuit can be filed..”

    Has anyone noticed the internal contradiction of this? For something to be libelous it must be both untrue and defamatory. Whether or not this is true can be argued. But what makes it defamatory?

    What makes a true birther, one who really believes that Obama was not born in Hawaii, of a class that inspires ridicule or loathing? The traditional defamatory classes are those that are immoral, idiotic, or repulsive–such as having leprosy. Are true birthers like this in any way?

    The true birthers will certainly argue that they are none of these, and that it in fact it is perfectly logical to believe that Obama must have been born outside of the USA.

    I do not agree with this position, sure, and there are those who say that it is nutty, but for Farah to say that it is defamatory to consider him a member of this class implies that he does not think highly of this class. In fact, he thinks so little of this group that he would sue for defamation for Newsweek claiming that he is a member of it.

    To be sure, it makes more sense to simply cry for documents than actually to believe that Obama was born in Kenya, but what makes really believing that Obama was born in Kenya defamatory?

  9. Saint James says:

    Of course, I can never make up the stuff she has pulled that’s why, I’ll never be sanctioned like she was! LOL!

  10. thisoldhippie says:

    Would she then get discovery??? LOL

  11. Black Lion says:

    Farah Tries, Fails to Divide Citizenship, Eligibility Wings of Birtherism
    Topic: WorldNetDaily

    Is Joseph Farah conceding that Barack Obama is an American citizen?

    That’s one interpretation of his recent attempts to decouple questions about Obama’s citizenship from questions about eligibility — even though Obama’s citizenship status is at the heart of the birther issue.

    Last week, Farah insisted that it’s a “lie ” to claim that birthers are questioning Obama’s citizenship. Now, Farah’s Feb. 15 column is a letter to Newsweek demanding a retraction for its “blatantly defamatory” listing of Farah as among those who say Obama “wasn’t born in the good old US of A, hence isn’t a natural-born citizen and therefore cannot legally be president”:

    While I have written tens of thousands of words about the subject of Barack Obama’s eligibility and talked for dozens of hours on the public airwaves and given hundreds of interviews on this subject, never have I stated that Obama was not born in the United States.

    Therefore, I demand an immediate apology and retraction.

    Farah is trying to bamboozle Newsweek (and you). Farah may or may not be on record as saying those exact words, Farah, by himself and via his WND subordinates, have certainly promoted the idea that Obama is not a citizen.

    As we’ve previously noted, Farah has on at least two occasions repeated the claim that Obama’s grandmother has said that Obama was born in Kenya. (A claim, by the way, which is completely false, and which WND has yet to correct.) That is making the claim by implication that Obama is not a citizen.

    As recently as Feb. 4, WND reporters were referencing “the growing ranks of officials and prominent commentators who say they are unsure of whether President Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen.”

    And if Farah wasn’t questioning whether Obama is a citizen, it wouldn’t have published a supposed “Kenyan birth certificate” without first trying to verify if it was authentic (it wasn’t).

    Farah’s effort to decouple citizenship from eligibility is bizarre and futile. The only issue being raised regarding Obama’s eligibility to be president is the citizenship issue. If Farah is not questioning Obama’s citizenship, he has no case to challenge his eligibility.

    So, Mr. Farah, will you concede that Obama is a citizen? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing in claiming that citizenship is not an issue. Or is birtherism too big a business for you to forthrightly state the truth?

  12. milspec says:

    I wonder if Farah is trying to make a quick buck on an out of court settlement with Newsweek. If so his ticket to disappointment city has been punched.

  13. For a public figure to win a libel suit, they also have to show that the statement was malicious.

  14. brygenon says:

    The Newsweek article does not claim that Farah said Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. What it claims is that Farah is a major proponent of the conspiracy theory, and Newsweek has Farah and WND dead to rights on that.

  15. aarrgghh says:

    newsweek’s lawyers would have to be as incompetent as orly to settle with farah on this claim.

  16. Mike says:

    In other news, Joseph Farah has also demanded a pony, ice cream, and the right to stay up past his bedtime.

  17. Estiveo says:

    One thing I find interesting is that Joey-bag-‘o-wingnuts was also listed as a proponent of Conspiracy theory Numbah 9 (Council of Islamic Relations taking over Gov’t)and WND was listed as a proponent of Numbah 13 (essentially the Illuminati theory) yet he’s not upset about being linked to those. Is it because A) He owns his love of those theories? or B) he didn’t bother to read past Numbah 1?

    I’m betting B.

  18. Lupin says:

    Isn’t it possible that “going after” Newsweek (ooo MSM! evil!) is simply a way to bilk his coterie of bigoted rubes out of more money and that’s all there is to it?

  19. Black Lion says:

    Agreed…Farah is just blowing smoke…He wants to have things both ways and he can’t. He has been one of the major forces making a profit off the eligibility issue and Orly. Now that people are distancing themselves from it he can’t now say he never was part of it….

  20. smrstrauss says:

    Excellent point. But still, is it defamatory?

  21. Black Lion says:

    I am trying to figure who is worse for the wingnut birther movement, WND and farah or the Post and Fail and Charlton…

    For instance after harassing the poor DoH of HI for the past couple of weeks, they respond with the following…

    The Department of Health is entrusted by the people of Hawaii to protect the vital records it maintains. The Department operates within the confines of the laws that govern state and federal agencies and will continue to do so. No amount of bullying or spreading rumors and false innuendos will persuade the department or its officials to break the trust of the people, operate outside of the law, or misuse the information it is entrusted to protect.

    Janice Okubo
    Hawai’i State Department of Health

    But Charlton says the following…

    Seeing that Dr. Fukino has discretionary authority to release all the information on the original vital records [cf. H.R.S. 338-18(d)], as I mentioned in my recent letter to Miss Okubo, it is well neigh impossible for an impartial observer to exclude consideration that the Department of Health officials have received some sort of promise or threat from Obama, which is obliging them to NOT use their discretionary authority to completely authenticate or debunk his birth story claims.

    So he misreads a HI statute and blames her for not releasing the records….

    As I believe there is sufficient material evidence to suppose that the purported original vital records lack the evidentiary quality to prove Obama’s claims, not to mention that they most likely would prove he is not a NBC, by confirming that his father was a British subject or that he himself was originally claimed to be born overseas;

    He has admitted that his father was from Kenya, so what is the point….

    And then he goes to write the following…

    Look, Dr. Fukino already said that Obama was a “natural-born American citizen”, words evidently chosen to signify that he is eligible to hold the office of president; if she does not issue a public statement stating that is not what she intended to signify, she probably will get life imprisonment for conspiracy to overthrow the Constitutional form of government we have; and all who conspired with her in this. And for treason, there is no statute of limitations.

    Amazing…They wingbats are so delusional they are scary….

  22. ballantine says:

    Hate to paint with a broad brush, but most of these people are plain stupid.

  23. Excellent question. It does put Farah in somewhat of a squeeze, doesn’t it? How can he hawk Obama conspiracy to the masses and yet claim something negative about anybody who believes it?

  24. thisoldhippie says:

    Just saw on CNN that only 11% of the population, (plus/minus 9), are tea partiers with the overwhelming majority being conservative republicans. Now, I want to know what percentage claims to be birthers – which I contend is even less than 11%.

  25. Greg says:

    Actually, the poll is plus or minus 3.

    It shows that only 7% of Americans have taken some step to support the Tea Party, but only 2% have given money and 5% attended a meeting or rally.

    They asked in question 1 about the hypothetical Congressional line-up, and the electorate was split, 46/46 D/R. But, when the Tea Party is added in, it becomes 45/33/16 D/R/T.

    When they tried to figure out who the TP’ers were, that sub-survey had a MOE of 9. 11% of TP’ers are Latino, according to the survey, but only 2% are African-American. 2% with a MOE of 9%? So, they could have surveyed the only 3 African Americans in the Tea Party!

    In short, Tea-partiers are whiter, richer, maler, more rural, conservative and likely to be from the Republican Party than the Average American.

    I think as a Democrat, I’m going to encourage more Tea-Party candidates to get into races to challenge the two-party system!

  26. thisoldhippie says:

    Thanks for the correction! I’m with you to encourage the tea party candidates. Divide and conquer!

  27. Rickey says:

    it is well neigh impossible

    So Charlton doesn’t know the difference between “neigh” and “nigh” – why am I not surprised?

  28. Black Lion says:

    Speaking on wingnut birther candidates, check out this individual…

    Press Conference in Washington, DC
    January 6, 2010–I am happy to announce that I, Rachel Brown, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress in Barney Frank’s district, along with fellow LaRouche PAC candidates Kesha Rogers and Summer Justice Shields, will be holding a press conference at Washington DC’s National Press Club on Tuesday, January 12th, in the Holeman Lounge, at 1 pm EST.

    Among matters to be discussed will be the following.

    It’s Time for a Bill of Impeachment against the President

    The result of the decades-long attack on the Constitution of the United States is coming to fruition now. As U.S. productive capability, crucial for the self-defense of our nation, has been virtually eliminated, increasingly anti-Constitutional policies have been adopted, little by little. A heightened level of violation was reached within two months of the Obama presidency, as he immediately attempted to implement health care measures modeled on those of Adolf Hitler’s in 1939. Now, President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are going beyond accepted bounds of action, attempting to craft a final version of the long-awaited and much-touted health care bill, in exclusive “ping-pong” sessions, behind closed doors. This is yet one more type of legislative “trickery” aimed at subverting the Constitutional system of checks and balances, and exerting “Unitary Executive” methods of control over the deliberative process in Congress. Should this really be allowed to continue?

    “We need a bill of impeachment, on this issue in particular. A bill of impeachment must be demanded against the President. It’s a lawless Presidency,” said statesman Lyndon LaRouche. “What’s going on now is going out of all channels of Congressional due process, with the aid of the corruption of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.”

    That means, LaRouche stated, “she should be impeached, as should the President. There’s no doubt that what Pelosi has done has jeopardized the intent of the Constitution, in respect of the function of the Speaker of the House, and she should be impeached on those grounds alone.”

    The grounds for impeachment should likely abound, with the population, increasingly disgusted with both parties, quite happy to support such a call. Take for instance the “individual mandate,” requiring citizens to invest in a shabby health insurance program, that they can’t afford and won’t cover their needs. Further, using the IRS to enforce collection of the fee for not having health insurance is an outrageous disgrace. Recall, also, the recent insertion of a “perpetuity” clause in regards to the Independent Medicare Advisory Board, attempting to prevent future sessions of Congress from repealing the authority of this death board. This too, was done by Executive branch control over Congress, as White House officials, such as Rahm Emmanuel, directed the insertion this clause during private meetings in Harry Reid’s office.

    The patriotism of Americans in regards to such violations of principle cannot be underestimated, as citizens from all sides will join together to defend their common interest. “Enough is enough!” they will say, “Time to throw these traitors out!”

    “There is no deliberative process allowed over this case. It’s entirely orchestrated, with the idea of the unitary Presidency. He is subverting the intent of the Constitution. He is trying to use trickery to avoid the checks and balances which are built into the Constitutional process. This means that any legislation passed under this Presidency will probably be fraudulent, by virtue of the method which was induced to bring it about.”

    “Compulsory health insurance is fraudulent, and the President should have known it. You are trying to force the American people to invest in a worthless health insurance program? It’s a fraud. It’s grounds for impeachment. We probably will end up with a lot of grounds for impeachment,” LaRouche concluded.

    So, contribute to my campaign, now — and sign up to receive email updates. Support my congressional campaign to save our Nation!

    -Rachel Brown

  29. Black Lion says:

    Interesting article from the untra conservative website, Redstate….This war between normal conservatives and the birther wingnuts is getting larger. Which is good because as long as the birther issue divides the GOP, unless the Dems are stupid they should be able to exploit that issue to be able to keep their control in 2010 and 2012….

    Campbell Brown is Right and Hayworth is An Idiot if He Sticks to This

    Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)

    Thursday, February 18th at 12:47AM EST

    I’m happy to see John McCain fight for his political life in Arizona, but stuff like this means I must go for McCain over Hayworth.

    Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who on Monday officially entered Arizona’s Republican race against Sen. John McCain, defended his recent call for President Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate, suggesting his questions stem not from conspiracy theories that Obama was really born in Kenya but from concerns about identity theft.

    During a Monday evening interview on CNN (watch it here), Hayworth pointed to the case of fugitive Vietnam War protester Howard Mechanic, who in 2000 sought a seat on the Scottsdale City Council using the alias “Gary Tredway.” After he was exposed, Mechanic eventually received a pardon from President Bill Clinton.

    “All I’m saying is, for every race across the country, especially with identity theft in the news, it would be great that people can confirm who they say they are,” Hayworth said.

    “Identity theft? I mean, come on,” an incredulous CNN host Campbell Brown said, laughing. “Is that honestly what this is about?”

    The Birther issue is a non-starter and if Hayworth is going to pursue it, he needs to be beaten. No respectable politician can run on this issue.

  30. ballantine says:

    Of course, most of these wingnuts couldn’t cite a provision of the constitution if their life depended on it. The GOP elite has for years cultivated anti-intelletualism and false populism as an election strategy, and now they have a party full of idiots worshipping Sarah Palin and bashing the educated.

    I guess she does have a point with Hitler as it was his universal heath care plan which made him evil.

  31. Black Lion says:

    More wingnuttery….Where are these people coming from?

    Posted on | February 17, 2010 |

    Gino DiSimone Says (#132):
    February 16th, 2010 at 1:10 am

    My name is Gino DiSimone and I am the leading Independent non-partisan candidate for Governor of Nevada. Immediately after I take the Governors seat, I will require the birth certificate and I will exercise all my executive powers to get this done! It will be the biggest issue you have ever seen. I have already laid the foundation to blow this wide open like never before and it will be from the executive powers of a Sovereign State Governor.

    Please send my info around the USA. God be with us as we take this tyrant down, fast and hard. Your support is greatly appreciated.

    Gino DiSimone
    Candidate, Governor of Nevada 2010, Independent non-partisan, GIN ! (Go Independent Nevada !

  32. SFJeff says:

    “I will require the birth certificate and I will exercise all my executive powers to get this done!”

    What exactly are the executive powers of the Nevada Governor that would compel anyone to turn over their birth certificate? What is she going to do- call up the National Guard? Tell the State Troopers to stop the Presidential Motorcade if it drives through Nevada? Write a stern letter on the governers stationary?

  33. Greg says:

    I think the key phrase, the key nutjobbery, if you will, is “Sovereign State Governor.” He clearly believes in strong states’ rights that haven’t existed since the Civil War.

  34. Black Lion says:

    More distrubing is the tie in between the teabaggers, birthers and the neo nazis…Interesting article I cam across….Of course the birthers and right wing will deny it but it is interesting…

    “The next group that has managed to infiltrate the tea party has been the Neo-Nazis. The white nationalists have seen the anger over a Black President and the mostly white make up of the tea party protesters and have decided to use the Tea Parties as a vehicle to spout their racist views and recruit new members.

    Neo-Nazis speak openly about their involvement and support for the Tea Party movement on the White Supremacist Site, Stormfront. Here are some quotes from white supremacists regarding Tea Party events.

    One thing I noticed about the Tea Party crowds is that they are 99% WHITE!
    These are my people and they are your people as well. Just because they haven’t fully awakened doesn’t mean that they are our enemy. The polls on these people is that they do not support any (R) or (D) candidate, but instead support the person who is more constitutional.
    My suggestion to all you do-nothings is that you join your local Tea-Party at make changes from within instead of criticizing from the outside. I love my fellow white neighbor and deep down these good Tea-partying white folks want the the basic same freedoms and rights as we all do. I say we establish ourselves in there before the filthy frikin joos do.

    I don’t give 2 ****s about the RINO’s or the libs but the majority of the tea party people I’ve met are now at least willing to listen to the WN viewpoint. I’ve converted several of them (especially on the Jew issue) and the immigration issue is a no brainer.

    I’ve attended a few of the Tea Party gatherings and have found quite a few racially aware folks in attendance. I use these gatherings to wake folks up to the ‘Jew’ problem in this country with many leaving say “Hmmm” and following up with me via email for further mentoring on the subject.There are people I met during the Ron Paul campaign who were “clowns”, and now are active White Nationalists. I’m not willing to pass up any opportunity I have to make more of them. It only takes me a few minutes a day to make either subtle or blatant racially-aware posts on forums filled with Tea Partyers. If I make even one new White Nationalist, it was worth it.”

    And Ron paul, the progressive leader that the teabaggers identify with and the birthers are trying to ally with….

    “Bill White, the commander of the Nazi group, has alleged that Paul’s ties to neo-Nazi groups are deeper than campaign contributions and photographs.

    I am compelled to tell the truth about Ron Paul’s extensive involvement in white nationalism.

    Both Congressman Paul and his aides regularly meet with members of the Stormfront set, American Renaissance, the Institute for Historic Review, and others at the Tara Thai restaurant in Arlington, Virginia

    Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position”

  35. Black Lion says:

    Agreed…And then you hear about Perry talking about succession and Tancredo talking about voting tests and you think that some are trying to move this country back to the 1950’s….

  36. theo says:

    did you see Scalia was asked on Camera during a speaking engagement about the States right to secede and Scalia said if there’s one thing the civil war proved was that the states have NO RIGHT to secede and there is NO PROCESS for this to occur within the bounds of the Contstitution….

    pass it on, all wingnuts should……wingnut heads will begin exploding and insults flying all around as they begin to eat their own as always.

  37. Black Lion says:

    I guess WND did not get the memo that Farah has never questioned the birthplace of President Obama….

    Friday, February 19, 2010
    WND Proves Farah Wrong Again
    Topic: WorldNetDaily

    Remember how Joseph Farah was falsely insisting that he and other birthers aren’t questioning Barack Obama’s citizenship?

    So, what explains this teaser headline that appeared at the top of WND’s front page for pretty much the entire day Feb. 18?

    “You know that Obama is undocumented, so send him this critical one…” WND Exclusive..

    “Undocumented,” of course,has long been a euphemism for “illegal” when applied to immigrants. Which means, yes, WND is questioning the citizenship status of Obama.

    Does Farah want to venture an explanation of how calling Obama “undocumented” is not questioning his citizenship?

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