Google blocks access to birther article in Pravda?

The claim

Sam Sewell, on his blog The Steady Drip, publishes his  letter to the Editor at Pravda Online in an article titled: Pravda Eligibility Articles – Google now has their site listed as an attack site. Sewell wrote:

Bad news. Google now has your site listed as an attack site. My guess is that Obots falsely reported malware attacks coming from your site and Google took action….
Sam Sewell

I use the Firefox browser, which has a direct interface with Google that displays warning messages whenever I attempt to visit a site on Google’s malware list. I never saw any warnings during my several visits to anti-Obama eligibility articles while writing my story Berg thanks Pravda. Of course Sewell provides no screen shots, hyperlinks or evidence of any kind by which the skeptical reader could follow up the claim.

We follow up claims here, and it appears that this story one of those Farah-like sleight of hand ones where the reader is expected to come away thinking something the article didn’t really say. Sewell’s article never says that all of was listed as malicious by Google, nor does he say that his article resulted in Google warning messages. However, since his letter to the editor is full of text about Obama’s eligibility, the reader just might infer that his article was the target of Obot attacks. He never claims that was listed as an attack site because of Obot complaints, he only “guesses” so. A moments consideration shows Google couldn’t work that way, since anyone could be “taken off the air” by malcontents.

The Facts

It is true that Google has listed parts of as hosting malware over the last 90 days (although not currently). According to Google, this was because scans of the site (not user complaints) found  specific malware that infected a test machine, triggering the warning. For a report of what Google found, refer to the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for

The parts of the site where the article, the putative writing of Sam Sewell himself, appear were never listed. That article is: The Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for shows that it has not  been listed in the past 90 days. Some historical Obama eligibility articles were in the section infected with malware and briefly listed by Google (as best I can tell only on September 19th and 20th because I didn’t see alerts when I wrote my article on the 18th, and Google says the site tested clean on the 20th). By the time Sam Sewell published his article (September 21) Google had already found that tested clean.

Note: Sam Sewell’s blog, The Steady Drip, is hosted by Google.

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21 Responses to Google blocks access to birther article in Pravda?

  1. Obsolete says:

    I haven’t yet submitted my list of birther sites to censor for October. I’ll call George Soro’s cousin at google who is in charge of obot demands.

  2. Black Lion says:

    Funny post in the comments over at the Post and Fail…

    Fred Mueller says:
    Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 7:10 AM
    Mr. Roberson says: “Nearly every member of Congress knows Obama is ineligible.” (I think that goes for the Supreme Court, most of our military leaders and all our liberal judges, too.) Roberson then asks: “What are they afraid of?” Probably their lives! Let’s stop kidding ourselves, it’s obvious Obama is in deep with unions and organized crime. He’s no Democrat. Neither are his 40 thieves (“czars.”) They’re not even liberals. They’re way beyond that. And Republicans aren’t far behind. The Republican Party is gradually being taken over by these same far-left loons. Criminals have taken over our government and our nation, folks, but there are still far more of us than of them! KYPD.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Congress and the military may be afraid, but I am not. The Post & Email has been exposing the fraud perpetrated by Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Obama and his minions as well as corrupt judges and grand juries since its inception last year. I boldly say that if anyone should threaten my family or me, I will call a press conference and several retired military allies as well as report it to the FBI (not that they are good at doing anything anymore). I refuse to live my life in fear because I am reporting on the crime that you correctly say has overtaken our government. If these injustices are not reported, we will all be sentenced to a lifetime of serfdom, and innocents will be thrown in or remain in jail.

  3. miklosvr says:

    arent you guys a little old to be sniffing glue?

  4. Dr Kenneth Noisewater (Bob Ross says:

    miklosvr: arent you guys a little old to be sniffing glue?

    It depends when did you stop?

  5. Daniel says:


  6. Black Lion says:

    It seems like Lucas Smith’s latest con is not working as well as he anticipated…

    “The Iowa man who has claimed responsibility for publicizing a bogus Kenyan birth certificate of President Barack Obama is now publishing excerpts from a letter authored by U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley online that he says shows the Iowa Republican shares his belief that the president is foreign born.

    But the excerpts chosen misconstrue Grassley’s views on Obama’s birth.

    Lucas Smith — who swore in a court affadavit that he obtained the alleged birth certificate in Kenya after paying a cash “consideration” to a military officer — originally attempted to sell the document on the online auction site eBay. He later teamed up with Orly Taitz as a part of one of her attempts to prove in court that Obama was foreign born and, therefore, ineligible to serve as president.

    The document produced by Smith is the same document that was taped to business storefronts in Cedar Rapids last week.

    On the YouTube page maintained by Smith, which lists his home town as Cedar Rapids, several posts were made last week that were attributed to Grassley. The Iowa Independent contacted Grassley’s office with the quotations that, when read individually, appeared to show Grassley’s support for the “birther” movement, or those individuals who continue to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Obama was not born in America.

    A spokeswoman for Grassley could not share personally-addressed correspondence to a specific individual without first confirming with that individual, but did provide the entire body of the letter that Grassley sends in response to constituent inquires on the subject. The boilerplate letter, which appears in full below, contains the excerpts that were used by Smith.

    “[T]he Department of Health for the state of Hawaii has produced a certificate of live birth showing that President Obama was born in Hawaii. This certificate is not the original birth certificate issued in 1961, but is nonetheless the official birth document issued by the state of Hawaii and Hawaiian officials have repeatedly certified that President Obama was in fact born in Hawaii and that state records are accurate,” states the Grassley letter.

    “Accordingly, it is the final determination by the state of Hawaii that President Obama was in fact born in the state of Hawaii.”

    In more recent postings to the YouTube page, Smith speaks about his document being placed on Cedar Rapids’ businesses.

    “So don’t tell me that a person needs a damn permit to tape a little piece of paper to a few glass windows where the public will see it. If people don’t like it they are welcome to rip it off the window (takes about 2 seconds to reach for it and rip it down). It happens all the time,” Smith wrote. “The only people getting upset here in Cedar Rapids are the white Democrats (i.e., Iowa’s pseudo intellectuals). Most Black Americans here aren’t offended.

    “Even the African American Museum of Iowa in Cedar Rapids was plastered with the Obama birth certificate yesterday. All that the director there said was, I really don’t know what to think about it.’ He resisted further comment when prodded by the subjective reporter hoping to stir up racial tension.”

  7. Black Lion says:

    Birthers are getting desperate, which is why they are digging up old crap from a discredited hack like Anthony G. Martin’s wild works of fiction….

    7-9-10: Sources say smack-down of Obama by Supreme Court may be inevitable .
    July 9, 12:03 PM Conservative Examiner Anthony G. Martin
    According to sources who watch the inner workings of the federal government, a smackdown of Barack Obama by the U.S. Supreme Court may be inevitable.


  8. Black Lion says:

    Kerchner is not too happy….

    I”n response to the statement by a staffer to Missouri Sen. Kit Bond, who stated that ““The Constitution is fluid and changing, and that requirement of natural birth IS NO LONGER VIABLE,” I submit the following:

    Senator Bond has trained his staff in such a way that he betrays the Oath that he took to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic…Senator Bond should issue an immediate retraction, fire that staffer…or Senator Bond should resign…or never be re-elected. The staffers merely parrot what they know their boss’s position is on some subject. Senator Bond should be ashamed of the answers he has told his staffers to tell his constituents when they call or write about the “natural born Citizen” clause in Article II of the United States Constitution. That clause is in there for national security reasons.”

  9. Black Lion says:

    More Walt Fitzpatrick fluff….

    “The military has been abusing its authority for at least 21 years, as evidenced by the court-martial of Lt. Cdr. Walter Fitzpatrick and now the attempted court-martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin.

    In a memo exchanged between Staff Judge Advocate General Tim Zeller and Navy Admiral John Bitoff on 9 November 1989, a “grant of immunity” was approved for a civilian over whom they knew they had no jurisdiction. Lt. Brian Feeley, who had been the treasurer for the MWR fund aboard the USS MARS, was released from active duty before September 1988 and was asked to testify as a witness for the prosecution in the Article 32 (probable cause hearing) of Fitzpatrick in November 1989. When Feeley requested immunity from prosecution, the military chain of command up to the Rear Admiral granted it, although they were aware that doing so was outside of their jurisdiction.”

  10. Black Lion says:

    Rondeau really goes off the deep end in that article….it is a must read, especially when she decides to “role play”…

    Interesting she publishes a letter from a active duty officer…

    “Last week a former captain in the U.S. Marine Corps told this writer that The Post & Email should not publish articles about Lt. Col. Lakin’s case because it would encourage other members of the military to abandon their posts and fellow soldiers. He said, “What makes this one guy think he’s right? Now because he’s refused to go to Afghanistan, somebody else has to go in his place.” When The Post & Email asked the captain if he was aware that Obama might not be constitutionally qualified to serve as president and commander-in-chief of the military, his answer was, “Are you saying that Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison weren’t qualified to be president?”

    Our reply was, “No, because Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution states, “…at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,” which means that those born in Great Britain but who had fought the Revolution and helped to form the new nation were themselves qualified to serve.

  11. Bovril says:

    As an aside Walts attempt to get his imminent case dismissed for inciting a riot, attempting to “arrest” a (REAL_ Grand Jury Foreman etc has just been kicked to death.

    Not to mention he was represented by one of the 4 worst Birfoon lawyers in existence….

    East Tennessee Judge Denies `Tainted’ Grand Jury Challenge
    Submitted by WDEF News 12 and AP on October 5, 2010 – 11:29am. News | Crime

    Comments Below: 0
    MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – An East Tennessee judge has refused to dismiss charges against a military retiree and a former militia group member accused of intruding on a grand jury that ignored a demand to charge President Barack Obama with treason.

    Circuit Judge John Blackwood at a Tuesday hearing refused to dismiss charges that include civil rights intimidation and inciting a riot.

    Blackwood said military retiree Walter Fitzpatrick of Monroe County and former Georgia militia group member Darren Wesley Huffof Dallas, Ga., will go on trial Dec. 1. He dismissed their motion contending that a “tainted” grand jury indicted them.

    Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Stephen Pidgeon, said the forewoman of the grand jury was not qualified because she had served on another jury in 2009. The judge disagreed.

  12. Black Lion says:

    Bovril, the birthers are out in force over at gretawire. They don’t like that Walt is going to jail…Especially the “searcher”….

    From ConWebWatch…

    “Floyd Brown, head of the Western Journalism Center, has been agitating for President Obama’s impeachment for nearly a year, and WorldNetDaily has helped him agitate.

    An Oct. 9, 2009, WND article by Bob Unruh touted Brown — whom he fawningly described as a “political activist who was behind the famous Willie Horton advertisement that left Gov. Michael Dukakis’ candidacy for president floundering and was among the first to sound the alarm on the need for Bill Clinton’s impeachment” — and his then-new “Impeach Obama Campaign” website, which Unruh depicted as “a strike at the emperor.”
    Brown’s arguments for impeachment at the time were, as ConWebWatch noted, largely based on misleading, out-of-context, or just plain false claims. Brown repeated many of the same bogus arguments in an Oct. 25, 2009, WND column.

    (Further, neither Brown nor Unruh saw fit to disclose that WND editor Joseph Farah founded the WJC.)

    Now, WND and WJC have teamed up again on a book, “The Case for Impeachment: Why Barack Hussein Obama Should Be Impeached to Save America.” It’s written by Steven Baldwin — not the actor, but a “Senior Research Fellow” at WJC, but it’s credited as “A joint project of WorldNetDaily and the Western Journalism Center” — which an Aug. 23 article by Unruh promoting the book curiously does not mention.

    That seems to put the lie to Farah’s recent decoupling efforts. In a Dec. 2, 2009, column detailing his response to the United Nations in a failed attempt to get U.N.-hater Jerome Corsi press credentials for a climate change conference, Farah wrote, “I, like my company, WorldNetDaily, have no connection to the Western Journalism Center today.” (As ConWebWatch has previously noted, Farah seemed not to understand why the U.N. would not be eager to give press credentials to a “news” organization whose editor and CEO called it “a global criminal enterprise determined to shift power away from individuals and sovereign nation-states to a small band of unaccountable international elites” and declared, “Death to the U.N.!”)”

  13. Bovril says:

    Black Lion: Bovril, the birthers are out in force over at gretawire. They don’t like that Walt is going to jail…Especially the “searcher”….

    Ooooh must go and stir the pot……>8-)

  14. Bovril says:

    Some more…….

  15. Bovril says:

    See your Compliance and NYC, BL, fancy meeting up in midtown for a few…?

  16. Black Lion says:

    Bovril, definately….After all I am the evil commie banker that caused the economic crisis according to the birther faithful over there….

  17. Bovril says:

    Hell I work as a Head of Information Security in IB land so I must have been the pawn that helped it…..

    I’ll sacrifice one of my throw away email accounts, email at

    everalm [at] yahoo [dot] com

    and I’ll respond back from my work one….when you see the holding company name you’ll laugh…..

  18. Dr Kenneth Noisewater (Bob Ross) says:

    Black Lion: Bovril, definately….After all I am the evil commie banker that caused the economic crisis according to the birther faithful over there….

    Oh oh can I come too? I’m in Stamford and work in Marketing I need someone to blame for the housing market and I will definitely bite my thumb at you.

  19. Black Lion says:

    Bovril: Hell I work as a Head of Information Security in IB land so I must have been the pawn that helped it…..I’ll sacrifice one of my throw away email accounts, email at everalm [at] yahoo [dot] comand I’ll respond back from my work one….when you see the holding company name you’ll laugh…..

    Bovril I just responded. And Bob you are definately welcome….

  20. Black Lion says:

    Congressional Candidate Steve Pearce To Birther: ‘Those Questions Need To Be Asked’ (VIDEO)

    During a recent town hall meeting, New Mexico Republican congressional candidate Steve Pearce cast doubt on President Obama’s citizenship and said that while the economy should be on the top of Republicans’ agenda, he would be “in the fight” if the issue is taken up in Congress.

    At the Sept. 30 event in Los Lunas, New Mexico, a woman stood up and asked Pearce if he would “be agreeable to subpoenaing and making him show a birth certificate.” “Because if he is not eligible, because of everything he signed, every bill he signed, every executive order, his czars, our whole government, everything we’re doing is invalid and unconstitutional and illegal,” she said, adding, “I just want to know what is your position on Barack Obama if he is in fact a Kenyan-born, Indonesian Muslim. What is your position on all of this?”

    In his response, Pearce said that were still “significant questions” surrounding the birther issue:

    PEARCE: You bet. Let’s take it backwards first. My position is that Barack Obama raised the most significant questions himself. He said, after he came to the U.S., that he traveled to Pakistan. Now at the point that he traveled to Pakistan it was not legal to go there with a U.S. passport. And so he, himself, raised the greatest questions. I think that those questions need to be asked.

    Now, then, my question would be to you all at what importance, what importance? You can typically fight two or three major battles in a year, major, and for me, if we don’t get our economy going, nothing else works. … I’m content to let the courts handle that and it’s my understanding the Supreme Court is actually looking at this question because I think it’s an important question. But I absolutely believe that Barack Obama raises the most significant questions himself.

    Q: But if the Senate is involved, you will definitely be there on the front lines —

    PEARCE: Yes, no, I don’t mind being in the fight but I don’t think it should be our consummate fight.

    Oh, no, not the consummate fight, but if it comes up —

    Pearce appears to be off on a few counts in his claims. In 2008, Obama mentioned a trip to Pakistan he took when he was 20 years old, which he hadn’t written about his books. Skeptics of Obama’s citizenship speculated that he went there with an Indonesian passport while his mother was married to an Indonesian man because Americans weren’t allowed to travel to Pakistan at the time. As reported, however, “[T]hat claim is quite false. There was no such ban. Americans traveled there without incident, as shown by a travel piece that appeared in the New York Times in 1981, dated June 14. Barbara Crossette, an assistant news editor of the Times, told her mostly American readers they could travel to Lahore, Pakistan, by air, rail or road, adding: ‘Tourists can obtain a free, 30-day visa (necessary for Americans) at border crossings and airports.'” Pearce’s campaign did not return The Huffington Post’s request for comment.

    Additionally, the Supreme Court is not considering a birther case. Birthers Orly Taitz and Phil Berg have tried to bring high-profile lawsuits questioning Obama’s citizenship, but they have been rejected each time.

  21. Dr Kenneth Noisewater (Bob Ross) says:

    Black Lion: everalm

    I just emailed you too bov

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