Poll v poll

Just when you thought you could go back into the water another poll shows Killer Republibirthers are not as close to as extinction as previously thought.

Slate.com reported Tuesday:

Slightly more than half of Republicans still doubt whether President Obama was born in the United States, according to new poll numbers out Tuesday.

Nothing new here. This is just what you get when you get when you dump the middle “not sure” group in with the “no” total. Here’s the real poll results.

[Yeah, I’m out of town and just writing some filler articles.]

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2 Responses to Poll v poll

  1. Bovril says:

    Careful Doc you’re getting into Squeeky Math here

    38% said that with 18% saying “I don’t know” not the same thing at all

  2. John says:

    Doc C,

    Another fact that I noticed about this poll is that it is not a poll of ‘regular’ GOP members, it specifically targeted:

    “PPP’s latest national survey of Republican
    primary voters…”


    So it’s a poll of GOP members that vote in primaries, who in my experience tend to be a little more conservative\ideologically pure then the average run of the mill GOP members.

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