Easy come, easy go: Missouri candidate ID amendment

An amendment to a Missouri election law overhaul bill that would have made candidates SHOW ID has been removed, says OzarksFirst.com.

The amendment was removed, along with several others, by a joint conference committee in hopes that the final bill can pass by the end of the legislative session on Friday.

Is any “birther” legislation going to pass this year? Will anybody still care next year, or did Obama’s long form birth certificate end the quest by those who said it was “not about Obama?”

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2 Responses to Easy come, easy go: Missouri candidate ID amendment

  1. Expelliarmus says:

    I’m sure Newt Gingrich would prefer that all such legislation fall by the wayside.

  2. y_p_w says:

    I never figured out how ID could be checked in a national campaign. The version I read was also way too vague on what forms of ID would be acceptable.

    Most of the paperwork is filled out by local state committees. What might be doable is collecting stuff that can be handled thusly. Birth certificates were actually somewhat practical, since a candidate could order up a bunch and have them delivered to state campaign committees to further deliver to state election officials. If they require ID (like a driver license or passport) then it would seem to be unwieldy unless something like notarized photocopies would be accepted.

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