Chinese water torture

I just had an email from Deep Birther, asking why the courts in Hawaii don’t just hold the hearing requested by Orly Taitz in Taitz v Astrue rather than stringing the process out until September 14, comparing the delay to Chinese water torture.

I think this is a case of “blame the victim.” It’s Taitz, not the Courts, who victimize the public with their frivolous lawsuits and who drag out the resolution of what has already been resolved. The whole business reminds me yet again of a fiction narrative that I mentioned in a comment here way back in 2009:

In book 2 of C. S. Lewis’s science fiction trilogy, Perelandra, the protagonist named Ransom is confronted with another man who we understand is really the Devil. The Devil follows Ransom around saying “Ransom?” Ransom would reply “what?” and the Devil would reply, “nothing”. If Ransom didn’t say anything the Devil kept saying “Ransom?” until Ransom gave in and replied “what?, after which the Devil said, “nothing.” It drove Ransom nuts until he reached a moment of clarity, realizing that he would rather hear “Ransom?” for the rest of his life than “nothing”. He stopped answering.

Ransom resolves his larger issues by smashing the Devil’s head in with a rock, a violent response to evil. I don’t advocate anyone smashing anyone’s head with a rock, but ignoring the birthers isn’t a bad idea.

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16 Responses to Chinese water torture

  1. richCares says:

    frivolous is not a common term in Birferstan, so frivolous lawsuits is slightly above their paygrade. Hating Obama causes both brain damage and delusions.

  2. Tarrant says:

    Do they not think it reasonable to give the state time to prepare a response? The state doesn’t have pre-made answers to every possible case that might ever come up, and they don’t have infinite resources that can be made available on a moment’s notice.

    Orly, as the plaintiff, was able to prepare a full argument almost in advance. The state, not knowing she was going to file or what argument she would make, has to be given ample time to formulate a response for justice to be served.

    Emergency hearings are for real emergencies, when a side may suffer irreparable harm by waiting. Neither Orly nor her case will suffer in such a way by delaying.

  3. Scientist says:

    The President’s birth certificate is 50 years old. His application for an SSN is more than 30 years old. No case involving those could possibly be urgent.

  4. Rickey says:

    In addition to what Tarrant says above, Judge Puglisi in Honolulu undoubtedly already had a full docket for today. What did Orly expect, that he would bump another case to open up an hour or more for her to make her arguments? This was no emergency. An emergency is, for example, when someone is about to bulldoze a building and you are requesting a restraining order to stop the bulldozing before it is too late. It’s called “irreparable harm.” No irreparable harm, no emergency.

  5. J.Potter says:

    But there is irreparable harm, there is! Every hour that that (insert birther psycho rant here) sits in the Oval Office does irreparable harm! He’s destroying the country by the minute!

    ….. and they’re so fired up and concerned they grabbed their torches, loaded up the car, and took off for DC!!! Except, wait …. no, no they didn’t.

  6. Bovril says:

    I pity the poor judge….first he has to go through and parse Mad Ole Orlys ‘zibbits, a Herculean task in itself.

    Then there are the inevitable “Where’s the rest of this garbage in support?”

    Then the slow dawning understanding that MAYBE he out to have someone check Orly’s previous legal fun and games

    The moment of impending wonder when he gets a precis of just how much arrant cack he has exposed himself to.

    Then the denial that this woman could be as guano insane as all the facst are showing

    Then the anger of realizing the depths of insanity he is about to have vomited over him.

    The bargaining with others judges in an ultimately futile attempt to scrap the sh*t off his docket

    The inevitable depression of realizing MOO is marching ever closer to his previous sanctuary of the court

    Culminating in the resigned acceptance of the case with the realization that he can still fine the vindictive, asinine cretin.

    Lets be honest MOO is the epitomy of causing someone grief.

  7. GeorgetownJD says:

    The answer is, because Local Rule 7.2 says so. A hearing has to be set for at least 28 days AFTER service of the motion and notice of hearing have been served on the other parties. Knowing Orly’s record for serving papers, allowing 35 days is exceptionally optimstic.

    There is a very fundamental Constitutional principle at work here — one that the birthers who have self-styled themselves as “constitutionalists conveniently disregard. Due process, which is guaranteed by the federal government in the Fifth Amendment, requires notice and the right to be heard. ALL PARTIES — yes, that includes Ms. Fuddy– are entitled to NOTICE and an opportunity — equal to Orly’s — to submit a written response. The court via its rules has granted a minimum of 28 days.

    Orly was unable to persuade Judge Magistrate Puglisi that she was entitled to an emergency hearing without notice and the right to be heard accorded to the person most affected. The inconvenience and expense of flying to Hawaii is not, by any stretch, grounds for declaring an emergency exists such that the normal Constitutional due process procedures should be disregarded.

  8. I case y’all missed it on the RC Radio show last night Mike Dunford had a very interesting anecdote on Taitz that I believe reveals exactly what kind of person she is. Mike said as Taitz and Douglas Vogt were going through security at the federal court house (with the long Hawaiian name) Vogt saw Orly had left her keys on the table when she had emptied her bag for inspection. Vogt tapped her on the shoulder to offer them and Taitz turned around and said “I don’t need them now.” So Vogt was just another lackey there to serve her royal highness, the Queen of the Birthers. Poor Paul Irey had to wait outside because his drivers license had expired.

    Remember Vogt and Irey probably paid their way to go to Hawaii because Taitz told them there was a good chance they would get to inspect the birth record. I wonder what they think of their trip now?

  9. G says:

    Although I can’t feel too bad for someone who is not smart enough to handle a simple and routine life task, such as renewing their driver’s license on time…

    They are all morons.

    Reality Check: Poor Paul Irey had to wait outside because his drivers license had expired.

  10. Obsolete says:

    Someone should follow him at home to see if he is driving without a license, and report it. It is an actual crime, unlike the things the birthers harass the Obots employers over, which is merely having an opinion the birthers don’t like.

  11. Scientist says:

    Interesting that his expired license was caught at the DOH, but not when he got on the plane to fly to Hawaii.

  12. Tarrant says:

    I’ve flown on an expired license before. They’ll accept it as long as it hasn’t been expired for too long.

  13. gorefan says:

    OT, I was posting at Bernard Goldberg’s site a response to someone named Chester Arthur but who I suspect is Polland/polarik.

    He had posted that the SSA had recently changed their website to include the note about geographic locators on social security numbers not being important. He said use the wayback machine site, so I did. And I found a 2001 screenshot of the SSA web page that says the same thing.

    Chester/Pollands response is classic,

    “Interesting find there. I’ve been comparing the captures of the site and have had interesting findings. I’m going to have to look more into this.”

    So I expect we will soon see a youtube about how the President has changed the wayback machine website.

    The exchange is currently the top three comments on the site.

    Chester A. Arthur
    August 9, 2011 | 3:21 pm

  14. obsolete says:

    I’m telling you- Polland has lost it, he will come up with crazier and crazier conspiracy claims, and before too much longer he will claim to be Obama himself!
    (followed by Cory Booker, so get used to it!)

    [sorry Misha! 😉 all in good fun.]

  15. This happened at the Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole Federal Building and Court House. Olry’s team was stopped at the security desk at the DoH.

    Interesting that his expired license was caught at the DOH, but not when he got on the plane to fly to Hawaii.

  16. Northland10 says:

    Reality Check: Vogt saw Orly had left her keys on the table when she had emptied her bag for inspection. Vogt tapped her on the shoulder to offer them and Taitz turned around and said “I don’t need them now.” So Vogt was just another lackey there to serve her royal highness,

    I am starting to see a pattern here which may give some explanation to why she is incapable of following the court’s procedures (among other things). She appears to have an extreme “tunnel vision” about whatever task she is currently involved in. She appears to be incapable of accepting or noticing other stimuli, information or events that are not currently the object of her focus. Thus, even when reading rules, she only focuses on that which is her direct attention and not the full rules she actually needs. It may not be that she cannot understand the information but she does not see it at all.

    I recall CEL discussing her methods and I think this tunnel vision method may also affect what he called, her ability to listen to advise.

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