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There was a time when this website and that of Orly Taitz were very close in ranking, but no more. Orly is way ahead in the rankings game according to This, plus the fact that “new” visitors have dropped from over 50% of visitors here to just 29% indicates to me that interest in Obama conspiracies has dropped significantly probably because of the drop in media coverage, but remains strong among the birthers themselves.

A neat feature of Alexa is that it lists the sites that link to the target site, 235 of them to Orly’s site. You can peruse them if you’re interested. A Google query can be used to return similar information.

Interesting Orly links:

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2 Responses to Linking to Orly

  1. Bovril says:

    Another reason could well be that people with an ounce of brains would avoid the intrusive, bloated bit of malware that is the Alexa “toolbar” like the plague.

    Birfoons however, as has been amply demonstrated on a regular basis, don’t actually have a functioning neocortex and a resultant capability to understand risk.

  2. Paul Pieniezny says:

    “Pravda: Orly is a Mossad spy.”

    Haaretz: “Svetlana is a KGB spy.”

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