Beware golden statues of Obama that talk

imageApocalyptic is a literary form that appears in Jewish and early Christian literature. It typically appears in times of persecution and brings a message of hope to the reader. The form itself involves a dream or vision in which a heavenly guide reveals a prophetic message to the writer who is often lead through the heavenly realm to see beautific visions and to hear predictions of great calamity and the ultimate triumph of the oppressed group.

The Book of Enoch and Daniel are examples of Jewish apocalyptic and the Book of Revelation (“apocalypse” means “revelation”) is a Christian one. While I don’t think that the authors of these works ever intended for them to be taken literally, many modern readers do.

I give this background so better to appreciate Obama The Golden Statue by Chercheng Xiong, excerpted below. (The interested reader will want to read the entire work, which is not all that long.)

On January 19, 2009 that night I have a dream, in that dream I saw the earth was covered with darkness and in the mid of the darkness, I saw a large beam of light shining like a very high power lamp all over a vast area. I began to wonder about that large light. I heard a voice from above telling me 3 times to focus on the lighted area. I turned and look carefully toward that lighted area, in the mid of the light I saw a huge golden statue, that golden statue was the shining lamp to all those vast area, and along with this huge golden statue there were many smaller statues placed beside with this big one as a straight line, from the largest to the smallest statue. However, those smaller statues have no light at all but since the huge golden one were shining so bright that everyone of the smaller statues were also shining brightly.

The narrative goes on to describe the golden statue speaking and we can see that the writer intends the image to represent Obama’s inauguration in a style that obviously borrows symbolism from apocalyptic literature in the Bible. As I said before, some readers take apocalyptic literally, and that is the case with someone who left a lengthy communication on this blog’s comment form saying:

The Obama ‘Golden Statute’ prophecy indicates that there will be statutes of Obama placed in many places. Revelation 13, verse 15 appears to indicate that Satan will cause the statutes of Obama to speak.

My commenter goes on to cite extensively from the prophesies of one Linda Newkirk, who said [link]:

Be not troubled, My Little One, for even so, all of these things must be! I tell you now that Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist and that the false prophet is also already known and is standing in the shadows. For, now is the time that the world knows, even as I have told you, that Barack Hussein is the antichrist and he will rise over this wicked nation! And, know that our Father has placed him here and many, many of you have believed a great lie! Yes, you have first loved a lie!

Oh and did I mention that Newkirk says Obama is a Rothschild? The Newkirk prophecies occupy volumes.

Our final item comes from someone writing at The Watchman’s Cry: And End Time Fellowship Hall under the name kiwisteve. Steve wrote (excerpt):

The Lord told me to throw away the teachings I had heard in my A/G church, (which I had left about 5 years ago, and now know why), and to throw away the Hal Lindsay books that cluttered my small bookshelf, and to Listen to Him instead and go back to the Word. He told me that Barack Obama would win the election, but that Bush was the Last US president, and that not only the USA but the entire world had elected it’s future king, that Obama was a usurper and had obtained the election victory by trickery and deceit. At this time, (remember im in New Zealand, half way around the world from the US), I had barely seen the man, maybe once or twice on TV and was not really paying any attention to the election process. Over the process of many nights I kept waking and the Lord would tell me the same thing, until it got to the point where I heard Him speak plainly – "Barack Obama is the Antichrist" .

If indeed God is placing an ineligible person on the throne of the world to precipitate its end and the ushering in of the golden age of righteousness, the return of Jesus and the removal of all tears from the faithful remnant, what are all the birthers so upset about? I’m just sayin’.

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13 Responses to Beware golden statues of Obama that talk

  1. Lupin says:

    My head hurts. Make it stop.

  2. Daniel says:


  3. ASK Esq says:

    Of course, he could have been sent by the Mayan god Hunhau to prepare for then end of the world on December 21.

    I’m just saying.

  4. By the way, the image accompanying the article is of the statue described in the book of Daniel from the Bible. it’s where the phrase “feet of clay” originated.

  5. JPotter says:

    I like the part where The Lord says … “you’ll know in just a moment.“ Like The Lord has to adjust the picture on the vision or something. And the happy ending … we know he’s the Antichrist because *horrors!* he is pursuing a moderate Democratic agenda!

    Soooo …. what would a liberal President be? Satan incarnate?

    Anyway. nice to know that the “Obama is the Antichrist” crowd hasn’t given up completely, even tho O has clearly been the most subtle Antichrist ever.

  6. JPotter says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    By the way, the image accompanying the article is of the statue described in the book of Daniel from the Bible. it’s where the phrase “feet of clay” originated.

    The image you selected is a classic! Typical of the illustrations adorning flyers for “end times” seminars that arrive in my mailbox occasionally. I really should collect them (they would make great companions for my Chick tracts!), but always forget.

    There is a ton of material mixing up Obama and religion. Here’s a great oldie from WND:

    Is there a proper term for America’s weirded up version of christianity? “evangelical” just doesn’t do it justice. The ripple effects of the GOP’s fusion with the Religious Wrong seem to go on forever.

  7. misha says:

    It is impossible for Obama to be the anti-Christ. He’s not Jewish.

    Falwell: The anti-Christ is walking among us in the shape of a male Jew.
    Hagee: The anti-Christ will be Jewish, as was Adolf Hitler, as was Karl Marx.

    It’s true: I am the anti-Christ.

    As a special offer to Gentile readers, I am marking down 666 to 495. This is a limited time offer, so act quickly. Go to Click on the shopping cart, and in the coupon field type in “bank special.”

    You’ll receive your certificate and coupon book in about 10 days, provided the Elders of Zion don’t intercept it.

    Everyone knows we celebrate Chanukah for 8 days, because of a miracle making the oil last more than one week, instead of 24 hours. Because readers of this blog can be trusted, I am revealing that the oil lasted so long because we got it wholesale, and the first Chanukah was catered.

  8. Pastor Charmley says:

    It reminds me of some of the literature we occasionally get delivered to the Church by cranks who believe they are the end-times prophet of God or something. Amusing in a sad sort of way.

  9. Ah yes, Jack Chick.

    JPotter: they would make great companions for my Chick tracts!

  10. J. Potter says:

    Dr. Conspiracy: Ah yes, Jack Chick.

    Exactly! An example piece of Chick-y goodness! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend the documentary, God’s Cartoonist. It’s so serious and lovingly done. A guaranteed pick-me-up. And for an essential centerpiece for your 20th-century popular art (propaganda?) collection, go straight to the source!. They’re still cranking out new tracts …

  11. J. Potter says:

    Oh, snap, Chick has gone high tech, and offers embedded tracts (eChick!) … I dunno if WordPress will allow it …. if they do, i apologize …. ;-P

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