@LeaderJones Birther parody on Twitter

The real Timothy Jones photoRepresentative Timothy Jones (right), Republican Majority Floor Leader of the Missouri House, reportedly changed his Twitter name, and someone snapped up the old one, @LeaderJones. The new tenant calls himself “Birther Tom Jones,” self-described:

Parody of Orly Taitz endorsed, Speker-to-be Tim Jones of Missouri. Lover of Cheetos.


  • Revenge best served cold. As it will be to left wing trolls who have so gleefully & fraudulently attacked me
  • Gleeful, fraudulent, Cheetos stained, basement dwelling, hateful, lonely left wing trolls: revenge is best served cold.
  • “WOW, unapologetic birther is unanimously elected to be the speaker of MO Hopuse of Reps!!!” -Orly Taitz
  • Debating about how to best seek revenge against the Hysterical Left. Thinking of showing up in a George W Bush mask!
  • What do you mean I don’t have to show photoID to vote today? ShaneSchoeller [candidate for Missouri Secretary of State] told me I would! How are we supposed to disenfranchise people?
  • I’m so proud to have a hearing on our Voter Disenfranchising Constitutional Amendment on Election Day!
  • Getting ready to debate on the floor but some loser took the phonebook I stand on so people can see me. Damnit. I will get my revenge!

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5 Responses to @LeaderJones Birther parody on Twitter

  1. clestes says:

    Oh God, more humiliation for my hapless, hopeless state. By the way, the Secretary of State is Robin Carnahan.

  2. clestes says:

    It is bad enough the republicans want to put a bust of Rush at the Capitol for us to puke over.

  3. JPotter says:

    Is this the most complete record of the twit’s tweets available from twitter at the time of the twit’s birf?

  4. Oops. I have corrected the article to say “candidate for Secretary of State.”

    clestes: Oh God, more humiliation for my hapless, hopeless state. By the way, the Secretary of State is Robin Carnahan.

  5. Paper says:

    What is it about trolls and Cheetos? Joe Scarborough mentioned something this morning about bloggers typing away in a cloud of Cheeto dust…

    As a rule I don’t eat Cheetos, so I guess I am safe from turning into a troll in my sleep. That’s how trolls are created, apparently.

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