Democrat Dianne Feinstein concedes Senate race to Orly Taitz!

In a mass email [link to Taitz web site] to her fans (and to some not fans) Orly Taitz cites a Pulse Opinion Research poll showing her in the lead over all other Republican Senate candidates, but trailing “Not sure” and of course trailing incumbent Democrat Dianne Feinstein, whose debate coordinator, Sef Greene, said in an email:

It looks like you may end up being the California Republican nominee for Senate in the November general election. While I understand that you wanted to set up some debates before the June primary, this would have been inappropriate given the large field of candidates.

However if, as anticipated, you do become the Republican candidate, I would like to set up three debates to be televised by three major television stations. The debates would take place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.Our campaign would suggest evening debates at 18:00 in order to capture a higher percentage of viewers.

However, there are conditions and one of those is “no Obama eligibility” talk.  What should Orly do? This has to be a sore trial for Orly Taitz who wouldn’t be in politics if it weren’t for Obama.

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10 Responses to Democrat Dianne Feinstein concedes Senate race to Orly Taitz!

  1. richCares says:

    Doc, is this piece attached to your resume for a job at “The Onion”?

  2. misha says:

    richCares: Doc, is this piece attached to your resume for a job at “The Onion”?

    I tried to get a writing job at “The Onion”:

  3. AnotherBird says:

    Popcorn anyone. There will be some topics that Taitz will be able to talk about, but those should be just as amusing.

  4. Bran Mark Morn says:

    Well, Orly will do as Orly does. No one stops her from making the points she wants to make. Let her finish! Don’t you know, Obama’s birth certificate proves Orly should be in the senate? Let her show you how…

  5. Judge Mental says:

    What a quick year! Is it April 1st again already?

  6. Thinker says:

    I don’t see anywhere in that email where Sef Greene claims to represent Dianne Feinstein, In fact, his email address is I guess he isn’t high enough up in the campaign to get an email address like the rest of the campaign.

  7. The 97th comment left at Orly’s site appears to be the first who casts doubt on the authenticity of the email, saying:

    Does she really want to debate you. Have you tried looking at who really sent it?

    I agree with the consensus of commenters here that the Feinstein “debate offer” doesn’t pass the smell test. I left a comment at Orly’s site under “Dr. Conspiracy” suggesting that it was a cruel joke.

  8. Bob says:

    You mean she can’t identify a forgery when it bites her?

    It’s not surprising when you look at the comments on her blog. Often even the “names” are backhanded- or even blatant- insults and the comments obvious parodies of stupid Birthers.

    You can tell she’s a paranoid as she never allows sane, helpful comments. Surely, she has to get some. The comments she allows are either cheerleading or insults.

  9. Rickey says:

    The Western Center for Journalism fell for this five days ago.

    One would think that a real journalist would call the Feinstein campaign and verify the authenticity of the e-mail.

  10. clestes says:

    This is a joke that Orly is too stupid to realize is being played on her and if she falls for it the spectacle will be unbelievale

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