5 hours and counting

What do the Hawaii Vital Records office, the Selective Service System, the Social Security Administration and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act all have in common? Orly Taitz, in her massive mashup lawsuit Taitz v. Sebelius, is suing them all. The money quote is:

Taitz v Sebelius is similar to Roe v. Wade

It’s less than 5 hours until midnight Eastern Daylight Time and Orly Taitz is right up against a deadline to respond to motions to dismiss in the case of Taitz v. Sebelius. How is she responding the challenge and the pressure? By blogging about it on her web site, of course—and about jobs numbers, a phone conference, an upcoming pretrial conference, preparing for something, her multidistrict coordination filing (twice),  witnesses confirmed for Indiana, delivery of a letter to the Supreme Court clerk, activity in the Judd Case and something else about Indiana. I really think Taitz is suffering from a serious Internet addiction. Each one of those items is a separate article, and they’re still coming! Sometimes I think Orly’s blog is one of these reality TV shows about a dysfunctional bunch of people in a house full of cameras (shows I never watch).

She’s got a lot of work to do before midnight, like proofreading. The spell checker won’t catch “burry” instead of “bury” or “he” instead of “the.” What’s a “fbil”? And it’s “Wong Kim Ark” not “Kim Ark.” I don’t doubt that Kim’s a nice girl, but this has nothing to do with her. The draft response to the motions to dismiss seem pretty weak, not written with the precision and logic of a real lawyer. If only Orly had been in Professor Kingsfield’s class, but alas, her brain remains mush.


RICO statement filed.

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5 Responses to 5 hours and counting

  1. JPotter says:

    Got a fun typo from a client today: “… just wanted to be sure our systems are in sink.”

    Too bad some helpful grammar bot didn’t toss in a ‘the’ to top it off!

    Thanks for summing up Orly’s doings of a whole lotta nothing, Doc. Such busyness. No doubt she continues to believe she is doing something, but she is wrong. The ultimate, extreme example of quantity over quality (at an individual level).

    Many forms, no substance. ba-da-bing!

  2. Northland10 says:

    RICO questionnaire?

    Tick tock, tick tock.

  3. Paul says:

    For Oily it’s all about the optics. I think she’s counting on a show on Fox. Hey!!
    It worked for Sarah Palin!@!#

  4. “The draft response to the motions to dismiss seem pretty week”

    Do you mean “weak”?

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