Taitz: Obama huddled with attorneys


Barack Obama returned to Washington, DC, earlier than scheduled. Orly Taitz thinks she knows why:

As for Obama, even CNN suspects that his reason for flying to DC for Fiscal Cliff negotiations is bogus, as he has nobody to negotiate with. It is more likely, he will be huddled with his attorneys, possibly Bob Bauer and worried federal employees: Commissioner of Social Security Astrue, Director of Selective Service Romo, Postmaster Donahoe, all of whom covered up Obama’s forged IDs. Of Course Schatz will be there as well.

Taitz’ speculation that Obama is concerned about the Grinols lawsuit is ludicrous. It will be dismissed like Taitz’ other cases for lack of standing and will never approach any evidence Taitz wants. The US Attorney in California has already moved to dismiss the case, and it most certainly will be.

Now answer me this: who has the best record in predicting judicial outcomes: me or Orly Taitz?

Could Obama’s hasty return be related to something else?

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10 Responses to Taitz: Obama huddled with attorneys

  1. Paper says:

    This must be camouflage then:

    Obama to Meet Congressional Leaders in Last Bid for a Deal

    Published: December 27, 2012

    WASHINGTON — President Obama is expected to meet with Congressional leaders on Friday and House Republicans summoned lawmakers back for a Sunday session and one last-ditch effort to avert a fiscal crisis brought on by automatic tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to hit next week.


  2. Paul says:

    YOU ObiWan ConspiracyDoc, YOU!!!

  3. Crustacean says:


    Thank you for monitoring Orly’s blog, so the rest of us don’t have to. I’m sure the quote of hers you posted above is just one example, with many others I’ve never seen perhaps even more chilling, but this one really gives me the creeps, it’s so delusional. I mean, she’s basically saying, “I know why Obama flew back to Washington – he’s talking about ME!”

    Creeeeeepy. Downright Gollum-esque. I can just see her:

    They stole it from us, sneaky little Democratses: wicked, tricksy, false. Yes, precioussss, FALSE!… they will cheat you. Hurt you. LIE!

    (and people let her touch their teeth????)

  4. Of course the subpoena is so important that President Obama’s Justice Department entrusted a fairly low level assistant US Attorney in California to file the motion for extension of time to quash. I suspect Orly will never appreciate how low on the scale of relevance are her amateur subpoenas and frivolous lawsuit.

  5. Mary Brown says:

    The doctor has,always seen herself as,the hero in her fantasy life story.

  6. ephelis your pain says:

    Hey, at least the freckles are showing in the unretouched picture above.

  7. The Magic M says:

    And we all know the only reason Lance Armstrong quit cycling was my announcement to participate in the Tour de France 2013. He knows he wouldn’t stand a chance against me. Or something. 😉

  8. bgansel9 says:

    Crustacean: (and people let her touch their teeth????)

    ::rolling:: Thanks, I needed that.

    Orly will NEVER touch my teeth. I have about as much confidence in her as I would for the terrorizing dentist in Marathon Man.

  9. Keith says:

    ephelis your pain:
    This birfoon might be on to something:


    Then again he might not. That sight is dumb from go to whoa.

    And that is an extreme understatement.

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