Will government shutdown delay birther litigation?

In a story that sounds just too good [that is, bad] to be true, Orly Taitz says that it will. Recall that Taitz has a string of lawsuits against the executive branch to obtain Social Security records she thinks will prove Obama is using someone else’s SSN. She is also suing the Postal Service to get information about Obama’s Selective Service filing done at a post office in Hawaii.  Orly says in a press release [links to Taitz web site] that she got a phone call from “Daniel Van Horn, Chief of Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice” saying that the DOJ would seek an extension of time to reply in the Taitz v. Donahoe case because of the shutdown. Donahoe is the Postmaster General.

Taitz seems to be a bit more careful after been the victim of a string of hoaxes, at least noting and reporting the phone number that called her. The story sounds fishy for a several reasons. First, it doesn’t seem likely to me for the Chief of the Civil Division to be making phone calls in a pissant lawsuit such as Taitz v. Donahoe.  The second is the rather remarkable alleged disclosure that material submitted by Taitz had “disappeared” from the DOJ mail room (the kind of thing Taitz claims a lot but seems unlikely). Daniel Van Horn is more precisely the Chief of the Civil Division for the US Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia, but the phone number Taitz reports doesn’t tie back to the US Attorney’s office. I did a reverse phone number lookup on it, and it went to Fannie Mae (The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA)!

Privacy Star link showing phone 202-752-2506 belonging to Fannie Mae

Let’s play silly for a minute. Who do we know that is an Obama supporter, and the former head of Fannie Mae? None other than the venerable James A. Johnson, identified by Jerome Corsi as Obot and Fogbow poster Jimbot, aka neonzx. Re-entering the real world, I point out the word “former,” and of course JimBot is not the same person anyway.

I am painfully aware of my own confirmation bias when looking at an allegation to spot a hoax. I have an uninformed opinion about how the DOJ works and who would call whom that I use to make a decision. The phone number lookup could be unreliable. Still I was able to pile up enough points to tag this article “Punking the Birthers.”

Thanks to commenter Joe for the tip. You can read the text from the Taitz article in his comment moved below.


This article has been updated to indicate that Donahoe is the Postmaster General, and that the suit against the Postal Service is related to Obama’s Selective Service application.

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10 Responses to Will government shutdown delay birther litigation?

  1. Joe says:

    Press release from Dr. Orly Taitz

    1. Taitz v Donahoe

    Obama’s use of a fabricated selective service registration with a fabricated cancellation postal stamp affixed to it.

    Today I received a call from number 202-752-2506. The person identified himself as Daniel Van Horn, Chief of Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. He stated that he got a call from the court in regards to my case Taitz v Donahue and my motion for summary judgment. From what I understand the court gave them heads up that the defense did not respond and they need to file a response. (the court would not give heads up to U.S. citizens). He stated that they confirmed that the complaint was received in the mail room of the Department of Justice, but it somehow disappeared. He stated that there is no question that I served them properly, but the papers disappeared in the mail room. He is planning to respond to Judge Lamberth and seek a delay and a stay of the case due to the shutdown of the government. He said that even after the shutdown he will ask for extension of time due to backlog. He wanted to know if I will consent to the delay. I told him that it is like with the debt ceiling stalemate: where Obama wants a trillion dollars credit card from Congress and the Congress asks, what will they get in return. I wanted to know what will I get in return? I stated that my only consideration is resolving the matter on the merits. I am doing this pro bono, as I grew up in the communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union, where the country was governed by a complete lawlessness. I want to make sure this is not happening, we cannot have a person sitting in the White House with a fabricated Selective Service registration with a fabricated cancellation USPS stamp affixed to it. I asked for a meeting with him an his clients: Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and Inspector General of the USPS David Williams in order to get an agreement to resolve this on the merits. Mr. Van Horn stated that he does not think they will agree to it and he cannot do it. I asked if he would stipulate to a mutual request to Judge Lamberth to order such meeting with a mediator or an arbitrator. He said he cannot do it, but will provide Judge Lamberth with this request.

    Further, I asked if he can forward a copy of the complaint to the criminal division of the Department of Justice, he said that the Chair of the Criminal Division is Mary McCord, they do have more people there during the shut down, but he does not think it will help, he does not think they will do anything.

    He stated that he understands the situation and he knows that my intentions are honorable and he believes that it will be ultimately decided on the merits, but at the moment he only can write to the judge and ask for a stay due to the shut down.

    2. Taitz v Astrue Motion for reconsideration was filed based on rule 60B 2. 6.

    Today I got an order from Judge Lamberth, where he ruled on a completely different statute: 60 c. He said that statute 60 C has only 1 year time limitation, however I filed my motion based on 60 B 2, 6, which does not have any time limitation as long as it serves justice. I will post the motion yet again. So I will be filing yet another motion to Lamberth, letting him know that he ruled based on a wrong statute and he needs to reconsider and rule based on a correct statute. Also, he denied a motion for default without any consideration and reason and allowed the Department of Justice to file a late response.

    I am also really angry, as we can see an impermissible bias in court: the court gives the government additional time, the court is calling the attorneys for the defense, even though it is an impermissible ex parte communication between the court and a party in the case, while keeping the other party in the dark in regards to such communication. Time and again judges dismiss cases against Obama due to time limitation, however when the defense does not respond, judges allow them to file late papers, rule on wrong statutes, anything and everything to cover up this crime of the century. He also did not grant the motion for judicial notice, stating that the Census papers for Bounel were not certified, however governmental agencies routinely refuse any and all requests for certification, particularly of documents, which represent inconvenient truth. Feds never denied that the Census papers were correct, so this is yet another excuse.

    Bottom line, the courts treat U.S. citizens trying to get Justice and prosecute criminals in power, as second class citizens. This should not be happening.

    Now I am in my dental office. When Van Horn called I was literally pulling teeth. I will review the paper in the evening and will file an answer. No ruling yet in MD on the case filed directly based on Bounel’s IDs. No ruling yet in other cases.

  2. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Oh and she wants a Pony!
    I think Derpy fits her best.

  3. Rickey says:

    Just for the hell of it I blocked Caller ID and called the 202 number. It is answered by voice mail which says that it is an “unassigned Fannie Mae telephone number.” I guess it never occurred to Orly to try to call back and verify that her caller was Mr. Van Horn.

    On the other hand, it is quite possible that Orly botched writing down the phone number. The number for the U.S. Attorneys office is 202-252-7566. Perhaps Orly is dyslexic.

  4. Northland10 says:

    Rickey: On the other hand, it is quite possible that Orly botched writing down the phone number. The number for the U.S. Attorneys office is 202-252-7566. Perhaps Orly is dyslexic.

    Given Orly’s ability to be wrong on almost everything, it is entirlely possible this is not a punk. The US Attorney’s office in DC may have called her and Orly failed to get the information correct, again. It is not as though she actually listens to what others are saying and since she often spells her own name wrong, getting a phone number incorrect is a walk in the park.

    With Orly, it is all about quantity with zero concern about quality.

  5. Bonsall Obot says:

    Can we all please spare a moment’s sympathy for the poor schmuck in her dental chair when all this went down? Can you IMAGINE?

  6. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Bonsall Obot:
    Can we all please spare a moment’s sympathy for the poor schmuck in her dental chair when all this went down? Can you IMAGINE?

    YEESH!!! I’d rather let Christopher Walken root around in my mouth, while he tells me about his war buddy’s watch, than let Taitz anywhere near my teeth!

  7. This article has been updated to indicate that Donahoe is the Postmaster General, and that the suit against the Postal Service is related to Obama’s Selective Service application.

    This update comes from the ongoing quality assurance program here at Obama Conspiracy Theories.

  8. There does appear to be a filing from Van Horn (dated Tuesday). While Taitz is probably not entirely accurate* in her reporting of the conversation, some sort of communication from his office does appear to have taken place (and with the shutdown, he may have had to handle it himself). I’d attribute the phone number thing to her atrocious handwriting – change a 7 into a 2 and a 0 into a 6, and you have the number of his office.


    *understatement is one of my vices

  9. Andrew Morris says:

    What are the ethics implications of taking a call and making notes while in the middle of pulling teeth? And it cannot be hygienic….!

    In here latest, Oraly is accusing Dawn Wiggins of treason; losing count of how many people she thinks must be hanged. But it would be appropriate if this time there are major sanctions, because she’s using court filings as a way to avoid being sued for libel, and judges don’t usually allow that kind of abuse. For someone who came pretty close to being an illegal immigrant – if it’s the case that she got married while in the US on a visitor visa – and who is still so terribly Soviet in her understanding of how the legal and political systems work here – payback time is long overdue

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