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Federal filings flutter

There are four new filings in Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi, defendant’s ECF documents 98-101, in response to the Taitz’ 11th-hour hail Mary notice of new information.

In Document 98, the Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee representing the Democratic Party, filed a detailed argument as to why Taitz’ “Notice of new information” is neither admissible, nor relevant to the pending rulings in the case. Document 99 is a joinder with the Democrat’s argument from the Mississippi Secretary of State.

New yesterday was a response from the Hawaii Defendants, Document 100. In addition to arguing that Taitz’ “Notice” has no bearing on the pending motions, the Hawaii defendants call the Court’s attention to the Taitz claim (which was based on a punking email sent to her) of a conversation allegedly involving Judge Wingate, pointing out that this is not the first time Taitz has irresponsibly and falsely raised the claims of improper ex parte conversations, citing Rhodes v. MacDonald in Georgia, the case in which Taitz was sanctioned $20,000. From the sanctions decision in that case (Exhibit 4 in the Hawaii response):

In response to the court’s order to show cause why she should not be sanctioned with a financial penalty, counsel continued her attacks on the court, as well as her political grandstanding. …

Counsel sought recusal for the following reasons: baseless speculation that the judge might have engaged in ex parte communication with the Attorney General of the United States …

The Court found that a monetary penalty of $20,000 was imposed upon counsel as punishment for her misconduct, as a deterrent to prevent future misconduct, and to protect the integrity of the court.

The Mississippi Democratic Party promptly filed a joinder with the Hawaii defendants’ brief (ECF 101). I am sure that the Mississippi Democratic Party appreciated the not-too-subtle injection of the topic of sanctions into the proceeding.


Completing the agreement, defendants Obama, Obama for America and Pelosi have joined in the opposition of the Hawaii Defendants and the Mississippi Democratic Party (ECF 102), and the Mississippi Secretary of State has joined in the opposition of the Hawaii Defendants (ECF 103).

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9 Responses to General agreement

  1. Thomas Brown says:

    IMH”IANAL”O, the Defense Attorneys who wrote these Responses seem at last to have achieved the textual finesse required to tell the Court (and all observers) that the Plaintiff is a foul-minded buffoon without actually using unprofessional language.


  2. JPotter says:

    Can I open the bidding on sanctions at $30K? 30,000 American dollars …. anyone? … anyone? Please remember, we’re talking repeat offender here! I would say 50, but no need to be greedy, this is just a starting point! What am I bid for the sanctions on Mrs. Taitz?

    Seriously, if sanctions are imposed, what’s the over/under? I have no knowledge or experience, beyond Taitz’s own past sanctions. It would seem odd to levy a lesser amount, but this is in a different jurisdiction. Are there formal guidelines for such things in MS (or anywhere?), or is it up to Judge’s discretion?

    Based on my complete lack of research and experience, I propose 30K. Appreciate any feedback …. will anyone go higher?

  3. Crustacean says:

    Orly will never learn. After having been sanctioned $20k for making such false claims, she’s back for more! Fascinating.

    Usually, when a person touches a hot stove, they learn to associate the pain with the stove. It tends to cause you to lose interest in stove-touching, even if you don’t really know how hot that thing is.

    But Orly just keeps getting burned, over and over. Something’s way off with her – but I guess we already knew that.

  4. predicto says:

    There are no formal guidelines for the amount of sanctions, although when they are awarded they are often linked to how much the innocent defendants had to spend dealing with the nonsense.

    Unfortunately, sanctions are rarely awarded against crazy people, because judges feel that they doen’t really know what they are doing is wrong. I’m pretty sure Orly has skated around sanctions many times under this principle.

  5. John Reilly says:

    My guess is that judges do not wish to make martyrs out of the “crazy” people.

    As I’ve reported before, a fellow we know who used to be United States Attorney here in Indiana said that the President gets sued everyday. The most junior attorney in the office is assigned to deal with them.

  6. Joey says:

    When dogs and cats lie down together!
    Delbert Hosemann, the conservative Republican Secretary of State of Mississippi has joined with the Mississippi Democratic Party in opposing Orly Taitz’s amended complaint and motions in Taitz’s Mississippi eligibility challenge and RICO action.
    Birthers: bringing Democrats and Republicans together!

  7. Thinker says:

    The problem is that the stoves she touches are almost never hot. Almost everything she files in court would be sanctionable if she were held to the same standards as real lawyers. But her total sanctions are one $20K sanction four and a half years ago, one $4K sanctions for discovery-related BS (which is a different standard) and a couple hundred dollars for violating a rule in her epic case against Phil Berg. And, for the larger sanctions, she still does not acknowledge that she did anything wrong. She believes the judges are corrupt, and she can make a pretty compelling argument that she didn’t do anything wrong because she has gotten away with sanctionable behavior way more often that she’s been sanctioned for it. She gets away with sanctionable behavior all the time. That’s why she continues to engage in it.

    She’s touched the stove dozens of times and only gotten burned a few times.

    Crustacean: Usually, when a person touches a hot stove, they learn to associate the pain with the stove.It tends to cause you to lose interest in stove-touching, even if you don’t really know how hot that thing is.

    But Orly just keeps getting burned, over and over.Something’s way off with her – but I guess we already knew that.

  8. Andrew Morris says:

    It’s a very, very well-drafted slap in the face for Taitz. They pretty much say outright that she’s incompetent as a lawyer. I think she should now sue for libel. And for disparaging her. By law, she can’t, of course. But that’s never stopped her in the past. And if that fails then obviously they’re all guilty of treason, misprision of felony, accomplices, violators of the status quo ante, and Democrats, which is worse than all of the others put together. And if they’re Jewish, then clearly NWO black sheep.

  9. This article has been updated.

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