Lacking an edge

What’s my motivation?

I’ve made a number of small mistakes on the blog the last couple of months. Sorry about that. It’s a lack of attention to detail. Let’s face it: I’m bored.

The real edge in birtherism was the question of whether they might sway a close  presidential election. Well, they didn’t. That was really the end of the story.

Sure there are some lawsuits, and Orly Taitz is running for California Attorney General, and Zullo is being his usual inflated faux law enforcement self. You could almost write a computer program to automate an anti-birther blog with a headline generator based on “[insert birther name] fails again!” or “Orly Taitz: [insert crazy thing]!”

But look at me: I’m reduced to covering comments at Birther Report for news. What is the drama in a court decision you substantially knew before the case was filed? (I have to give credit to blogger NBC who seems to have gotten his second wind of late.)

I got an email today from birther Al Halbert who said it was a “slow news day,” as an excuse for writing about my “Private Obot Thread” (I couldn’t find his piece).

The shattering of the Universe is a non event, the only question being whether it will not shatter this month or not shatter some other month. Even ridicule, the last bastion of comfort against the crazies, sounds flat, like beating a dead horse.

As they say, the night is darkest before the dawn.

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16 Responses to Lacking an edge

  1. Curious George says:

    Here’s something to cover. This is the outfit that oversees the Cold Case Posse.

  2. Jim says:

    I’ve really got to hand it to you Doc, coming up with articles about the black hole of birtherism has to be difficult. We know what the outcome in Mississippi will be, not because we have any inside information but because we know Orly. We know Zullo’s got nothing but made up garbage and is basically running an Arpaio-supported scam on the birthers. They are desperate to try anything to affect the midterm elections…so they’re keeping things hidden from their supporters so they don’t have to face another debunking before they have a chance to fire up the followers. All they have left is a hail-mary pass, but they’ve moved the goalposts so far out they can never reach it. So, why am I still anti-birthering?

    1) They’re funny. The things they say and the way they try to twist laws and rulings to come up with any sort of moral victory is hilarious.
    2) I’m hoping Judge Wingate rules that all the evidence has been taken into account and there is no doubt that the President is a natural born Citizen. The response from birferstan will be priceless
    3) I’m hoping that we can get some anti-birthers to the next Zullo begathon and really tear him a new one.
    4) Maybe, just maybe, the IRS or the FBI will charge Zullo with one of the many crimes he’s guilty of.
    5) One more Orly smack-down, complete with sanctions, would be tremendous.

    There’s probably more, but birthers are much more entertaining to me than reality TV, so I keep tuning in.

  3. Thinker says:

    I’ll be an active anti-birther at least until Taitz and Klayman have been disbarred or defanged.

    Which I’m sure will happen any day now. 🙂

  4. Benji Franklin says:

    Doc, you wrote:”I’ve made a number of small mistakes on the blog the last couple of months. Sorry about that. It’s a lack of attention to detail. ”

    Yeah, sure you made a mistake or two. And in throwing together a shatterable Universe, God made a Zoo Low or two, thus placing the entire thing at risk!

    Come on, Doc! Look what a nearly perfect job you have done of coordinating every detail of the most widespread conspiracy of government officials, mainstream media, and Titans of industry in the history of the world to cover up the worst crime in the history of the Shatterable Universe!

    Now’s no time to make it look like you have no more lunatic filled worlds to conquer; if not you, then WHO will keep this conspiracy going through Obama’s third term as President? Don’t tell us you didn’t arrange that too?

    No, no, no. Rededicate yourself with a well-deserved testimonial about how you couldn’t have done it all without the constant support of Mrs. Doctor Conspiracy, (or if she wrung her hands of the Birthers already, you might consider crediting a real or imaginary beloved pet) and fix your eyes back onto the prize, which is keeping those tilting Birthers away from the windmills.

  5. I read the coverage at the Arizona Republic this morning. I finally got to the Phoenix New Times article, at least the first page, after trying several times.

    Curious George: Here’s something to cover.

  6. CarlOrcas says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    I read the coverage at the Arizona Republic this morning. I finally got to the Phoenix New Times article, at least the first page, after trying several times.

    It would be delicious if the judge decided to ask about the posses. He may get into them as a part of the immigration issue if Arpaio keeps giving him reasons to expand his oversight.

  7. roadburner says:

    don’t worry doc, with the mid-terms coming up there’ll be a whole new plethora of wibble coming out of birtherstan for us to enjoy soon!

  8. Keith says:

    I figure that the universe didn’t get shattered this month (I know, a few days to go) because the Koch Bros have reallocated all their money to trying to dig out of their ‘Obamacare is a failure’ failure. Especially in Michigan where they have had to constantly dial back the invective and remake advert after advert each time they say something so completely stupid that their own party crawls under a basket to get away from the stink.

    (too many mixed metaphors? OK, I’ll quit while I’m ahead).

  9. Bob says:

    I’ve made a number of small mistakes on the blog . . .

    This is perhaps PTSD from being on the front lines of The War On Birthers for so long but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep up the good work.

  10. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Its hard to stay excited with birthers these days. They’re just going through the motions. Repeating the same old garbage, or a mutation of, and will continue to do so until Obama’s successor takes over in 2017.

  11. Bernard Sussman says:

    Although the birfers did not sway the election in 2012, they haven’t given up and, in some cases, are becoming even worse than before. Perhaps at this point they cannot sway an election, but I honestly believe that they are trolling for a would-be assassin.

  12. RanTalbott says:

    Andrew Vrba, PmG: They’re just going through the motions

    There’s a small group that’s really getting wound up by Zullo’s tease: they’re convinced that there will be anarchy and/or civil war (possibly in the wake of a military coup), and they’re drooling at the prospect of going all Hutu on the Eevul Librul Minority™ that’s been “oppressing” them.

    Fortunately, it’s safe to assume that nearly all of them are Keyboard Kommandos. Unfortunately, there’s a chance that a few of the others are convinced that Riley is really speaking to them in code, and may try to make Operation American Spring look like it’s namesake.

  13. The Magic M (not logged in) says:

    Bernard Sussman: Perhaps at this point they cannot sway an election

    At least not the way they think they will. The “best” they can achieve is get a whacko Tea Partier to win the respective GOP primary and then have no chance against his/her moderate Democratic contender in the general elections.

    “Maybe this was why Hillary invented birtherism all along! OMG!” *lol*

  14. The Magic M (not logged in) says:

    RanTalbott: and they’re drooling at the prospect of going all Hutu on the Eevul Librul Minority™ that’s been “oppressing” them

    Reading how many of them yapped about how “the blacks will riot if Obama is removed”, I think they’re more trigger happy about another part of the population…

  15. Mistakes happen. So does burnout.

    You’re doing well though

  16. There is another hidden benefit to running this blog that I haven’t said anything about. Let’s just say that haven’t had to buy any compost for over 5 years now.

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