A walk in the park

With Orly’s web site down, Birther Report being too toxic to approach, and the Cold Case Posse in hiding, today is a good day to take a walk in the park. Maybe I’ll catch a good photo of something.


I made one nice photo.


Sometimes, you can spot things by zooming in:


Life goes on.

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18 Responses to A walk in the park

  1. alg says:

    That’s a really good idea. If you happen to catch the universe shattering this morning, take a picture and post it on your Facebook page. 🙂

  2. Curious George says:

    Time to sit back and enjoy…….


  3. The first day of Summer.

  4. CarlOrcas says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    The first day of Summer.

    Looks like a great day to enjoy the real world.

  5. bgansel9 says:

    Birther Report being too toxic to approach

    I’m glad to hear you decided to stay away from there. That place is a cesspool.

  6. Curious George says:

    While walking in the park, watch out for bears…….


  7. Thinker says:

    Back before its owner (or previous owner?) left to travel around the world in Barack Obama’s footsteps, Birther Report was kind of a funny place in a buffoonish sort of way. They were all very convinced that Orly Taitz was going to win a lawsuit any…day…now; Darrell Issa was going to start a birther investigation any…day…now; Michele Bachmann, Allen West and other teabaggers would go full birther any…day…now; and the GOP would use the birther nonsense to soundly trounce the Dems in the next election. Back when they believed all that stuff, it was kind of a fun and pathetic sort of place. Now it’s just a cesspool of racist, violence-laced death wishes and homoerotic fantasies.

    I visit occasionally if I see a reference to a specific comment, but otherwise, nope. I stay far, far away.

  8. Curious George says:

    Yes, a cesspool. But for Birthers Behaving Badly, visiting the BR echo chamber is like a drug addict looking for a fix. Brainwashing is such a dirty affair.

  9. Joey says:

    I still like reading Birther Report. The more toxic it gets, the grater the desperation of the birthers and the more I can sit back and smile contentedly.
    If they started making sense and presenting cogent arguments, I’d be a bit uneasy.
    They never fail me.
    Its the best place to observe Obama Derangement Syndrome on the web.
    Think of yourself as an anthropologist whenever you visit their Stone Age village.

  10. Notorial Dissent says:

    Brain being the operative, and in my opinion, largely missing item here. I can honestly say that I have not investigated further than the quotes I see coming out of that cesspool, but if they are a true representation, and I will assume that the ones addressed are the best of a very bad lot, then there is little to no evidence of brain to be washed or had, and even less of intellect present. I do see a swirling mass of general all around vileness, vituperation-not that they would know what that means for vituperation’s sake, and generalized and specific hate, heavily larded with intentional institutionalized ignorance, bigotry and racism.

    Curious George:
    Yes, a cesspool.But for Birthers Behaving Badly, visiting the BR echo chamber is like a drug addict looking for a fix. Brainwashing is such a dirty affair.

  11. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    I’m actually growing bored with BR.

  12. Back from my walk in the DuPont State Park in Cedar Mt., NC.

  13. Orly’s site has been restored.

  14. My new camera is crap. Back to the store Monday.

    Orly’s site is crap too, but…

  15. Birther Weary says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    My new camera is crap. Back to the store Monday.

    Orly’s site is crap too, but…

    Where else can you see a licensed California attorney call for the kidnapping of “Mexican” children and dumping them at the border?

    And the California Bar does …………………………………….nothing.

  16. Keith says:

    I celebrated the shortest day of the year with a play.

    Review of Grounded at Red Stitch in Melbourne

    One woman monolog, literally no set, just some lighting. It was absolutely terrific. Highly recommended.

    I realize you won’t see the same production where ever you are, but you will miss a great play if you let it slide when you have a chance.

  17. This article has been updated with a photo from the park.

  18. Greenfinches says:

    Keith: the shortest day of the year

    and I revelled in the longest day, basking in the sun, and being glad I wasn’t with the druids at Stonehenge………… All downhill now, as the nights grow longer!

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