The mystery of the missing web site

Orly Taitz’ web site is back up since yesterday, but still there is little in the way of hard information about why it was down.

Is this an improvement?

The Taitz web site is again infested with advertising that tries to trick users into downloading dubious software:


An email allegedly from Taitz appears on the Internet. It says:

My website is down, Obots hacked into it and network solutions suspended the service. they demand I delete all visitor traffic stats and the whole blog in order to reinstate the account, which is insane. I might need to go to another service. Please, let me know, if any of you can help.

That email appears on The Fellowship of the Minds web site in an article titled: “Obama blocks military servicemembers from Infowars. Orly Taitz site hacked.” The only confirmation we have of the email is a Taitz article posted late yesterday containing nothing but links to a YouTube video and web article article, both of which appear to be copies of the Fellowship of the Minds article, itself mainly dealing with Infowars.

I tried reading between the lines of the purported Taitz memo. It might say that her site was hacked (possible) and infected with malware, and that in order to recover it, the entire site had to be deleted and restored from backup. In the process perhaps visitor statistics would be lost. If that’s the case, then why did it take so long? Perhaps Taitz was unwilling to submit to the “insane” restoration procedure and the loss of her precious stats. In fact, her hit counter appears to have survived the ordeal. Taitz uses the WordPress plugin “WordPress Hit Counter” to generate the statistics. One of the features of this plug-in is that you can set it to anything you want.

I accessed the Taitz site using three different browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome), and interestingly they all showed the same hit count, suggesting that perhaps it’s an honest hit counter, not fooled by page refreshes or multiple accesses from the same IP address. In fact, over the time it took to write this article (maybe 20 minutes), the hit counter didn’t change.image

Obama Conspiracy Theories, according to Google Analytics, had about 5.5 million page views since May of 2011.


Taitz is taking her web site failure as proof of how important she is, in this title:

689 news outlets connect to, the closest site,, has only 316 links, less than half of my site’s links. This might be the reason for recent hacking and cyber attacks as an attempt to silence me

Taitz doesn’t say where that number comes from, but a little poking reveals that it’s from, now an company. While Taitz beats BR in incoming links, her web ranking is 167,152, overwhelmed by Birther Report at 84,124.

One huge piece of new information is that Alexa now shows absolute numbers of visits to the Taitz web site, after Taitz “certified” her site with Alexa.1 Alexa shows daily numbers of 1,888 unique visitors. This compares to around 1,200 for my site. (Should I say something about the attraction of train wrecks?) Since there are no monthly numbers, this is the first month for Taitz as an Alexa customer. I’ll be interested to see the monthly numbers when they become available.

1Alexa certification involves a monthly fee.

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16 Responses to The mystery of the missing web site

  1. This article has been updated.

  2. Bonsall Obot says:

    No less than 14 new articles in the last 24 hours. That’s manic behavior, to say the least.

  3. I personally think Taitz’s web site will decline in popularity as birtherism winds down. Taitz has branched out into anti-immigration topics, but she doesn’t do it well, Her site is a train wreck and her articles a mess, illiterate, and derivative. There’s no value in her aggregating stuff poorly.

  4. Bonsall Obot says:

    Frankly, I could post pictures of cats in tiny, comical hats and do better than 2K unique visitors daily, signifying nothing.

  5. The Magic M (not logged in) says:

    Bonsall Obot: signifying nothing

    … except the popularity of our Beloved Alien Feline Overlords.

  6. Another thing of note in the latest Alexa numbers is that the remarkable number of hits on the Taitz web site from Colombia are no longer being reported.

  7. bgansel9 says:

    The only reason Taitz had that many visitors was because people wanted to see who the fruitcake was after her ass got handed to her on MSNBC –

    Also, I know for a fact that at least three of those hits are from me after we changed internet services twice that I know of in that period of time.

  8. Crustacean says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    Another thing of note in the latest Alexa numbers is that the remarkable number of hits on the Taitz web site from Colombia are no longer being reported.

    Columbia? Did you say Columbia? My advice to Ms. Taitz would be to keep a lookout for any suspicious submarines with Florida plates circling her neighborhood.

    Although I’m a recovering Fellowship-of-the-Minds-aholic, I clicked on that link, hoping to see some back-and-forth between my favorite conspiracy-nut blogger (Dr Eowyn) and my favorite conspiracy-debunking blogger (Dr. Conspiracy).

    As part of my FOTM detox regimen, I have to stay away as much as possible. But Doc, if you ever do get a good exchange going there, would you please be so kind as to post a link?

  9. bgansel9 says:

    Fellowship of the Minds sounds like such a collectivist name.

  10. No, Colombia.

    Crustacean: Columbia? Did you say Columbia?

  11. Crustacean says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    No, Colombia.

    Oh Gawd, its so embarasing when I mispell things. Thanks for setting me strait!

  12. Crustacean says:

    Crustacean: Thanks for setting me strait!

    By the way, this is the answer to a riddle: what did one Pillar of Hercules say to the other?

  13. Taitz comments:

    It is extremely had for me juggling my legal and civil rights work, my dental practice and my family. I asked some 7 experts to help clean up the site and have it back and running, at the end I had to fix it myself, as they did not do anything. This is an enormous waste of my time and resources.

    Please, help spread the word, I lost a large number of readers during this sabotage and hacking episode. Please, post links to this web site to as many web sites as possible, particularly Obama and his lackey web sites of the main stream media. It is easy to sing to the quire (sic), but we need to go to the lion’s den, we need to be in his face and in the face of the organized crime running this nation.

  14. Bonsall Obot says:

    “Please to be helping with the mixing of the metaphors, flying monkeys!”

  15. Orly’s verified monthly totals finally appeared at Here are the comparisons:

    Unique Visitors: 33,553
    Page Views: 137,036
    Avg. Daily time on Site: 2:37
    Avg. Number of pages viewed: 1.1

    Unique Visitors: 12,671
    Page Views: 71,704
    Avg. Daily time on Site: 4:08
    Avg. Number of pages viewed: 2.14

  16. Flying monkeys? Did someone say flying monkeys?

    Bonsall Obot: “Please to be helping with the mixing of the metaphors, flying monkeys!”

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