Malware reappears at Taitz web site

I hadn’t seen any of those pop-ups lately from Taitz, ones trying to make you think you needed to update some software or cure a problem on your computer. They’re back.

The Google Chrome browser flashed red on her site!


I presume this comes from some of her third-party advertising content.

While I was at it, I checked her stats at Taitz has verified results at Alexa now, so we can actually see how many visits she gets:

Metric Obamaconspiracy.org1
Daily unique visitors 1746 803
Daily page views 3578 1650
Monthly unique visitors 25170 10573
Monthly page views 110140 51136


1Obama Conspiracy Theories statistics, as reported by Google Analytics, were for the 31 day period ending November 7, 2014, which excluded the anomalous spike in traffic on November 8-9.

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8 Responses to Malware reappears at Taitz web site

  1. Paul says:

    She’s simply more entertaining, that’s all. Like a train wreck.

  2. Jim says:

    I often wonder, though, how her numbers would look if not for the visits from anti-birthers.

  3. Krosis says:

    I finally realized how the Orly Taitz video game should be done. It should be set in a bizzare, weird fantasy-styled world where everything Orly believes is actually true. Spend your time fighting with Obama-sent thugs in city streets, participate in courtroom processes where you have to find out, though procedurally-generated clues, who was the Obama operative that bribed or threatened the judge, experience the exciting and important “Dentistry” and “Orly Makeup” mini-games.

    The game ends as Obama is frogmarched from the White House, right before a cutscene shows Orly waking up and realizing the whole game was a dream.

  4. Notorial Dissent says:

    FWIW, I get the same malware warning when I run SECURI on her site.

  5. or perhaps a board game

    Krosis: I finally realized how the Orly Taitz video game should be done.

  6. RanTalbott says:

    If you’re visiting Orly’s site, there is “a problem on your computer”.

  7. Dave says:

    I just went over there, didn’t see any problem.

    Checked the Google “Safe Browsing” page, it sees no problem either.

  8. I remember the last time I saw these things, I had to leave the browser on the site for an extended period of time. It may be that the 3rd party advertiser cleaned it up.

    Dave: Checked the Google “Safe Browsing” page, it sees no problem either.

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