A/Z Day

The term “A/Z Day”1 is appearing as the designation of the great hope of the birthers, the looked-for vindication of all their efforts. It’s the day when Arpaio and Zullo hold a press conference and release some damning indictment against Obama that doesn’t fall apart under scrutiny. It was once called the “March reveal” but, you know, that didn’t work out. Here are examples:

Here’s Barry Soetoro Esq at Obama Release Your Records 13 weeks ago:

#3 Panic Obots/Traitors into flipping and cutting a deal before A/Z Day. Hearing A/Z’s progress on the radio most Fridays should frighten Obots into cooperating with police.

Seven Weeks ago BSE was once again at Gerbil Report™ as part of a dust-up between Falcon, a commenter named Scott and himself:

"Team Scott" seems very confident they can act with impunity without fear of getting exposed after A/Z Day blows the lid off the Ostapo and folks start rounding up the footsoldiers who ran interference on behalf of the Regime.

deleted6377468 wrote at Gerbil Report™ 3 weeks ago:

[Thomas Sowell writing in the National Review Online is] complicit in the greatest fraud in American history. As A/Z day draws ever closer, the rats are leaving the ship.

I’ve been reading some private speculation that basically says that the “scandal” about Zullo receiving a $10,000 gratuity, plus “The Joe Show’s” depiction of Arpaio playing the birther issue for the money has made the Cold Case Posse and Mike Zullo too great a liability for the Sheriff. I would have though that Zullo being caught lying about evidence would be the big scandal, but I doubt Sheriff Joe is smart enough to realize what Zullo did. I think the most important thing that will prevent there ever being a joint Arpaio/Zullo news conference is the questions that would inevitably be asked by reporters. Arpaio would be asked about the ethics of the $10,000 gift, but the most difficult question of all would be about Cold Case Posse financing and their skating around IRS rules for reporting by non-profit tax exempt organizations. Zullo can dodge that question by claiming to be part of the Sherriff’s Department, and Arpaio can dodge that question by saying the Posses are independent, but they cannot both dodge the issue appearing together.

Personally, I think Jesus will return first.

1To the best of my knowledge, the first use of the term “A/Z Day” was by an undercover anti-birther posting at Gerbil Report™. Ironically, a commenter there (Reagans_Ghost) used the term himself in this observation 6 weeks after the initial use. He wrote in August 2014:

You know we are close when Obots come on here and have phony debates with THEMSELVES! Lol! Pathetic! You CRETINS come on here masquerading as "birthers" so you can make racist comments then CHIDE eachother for making said comments , all in the name of trying to make us look bad. I’ve NEVER seen the amount of Obot traffic on here that I’ve seen in this last week! I think you guys know you are done and SOON. When 90% of the first 20 comments or so are made by Obots, you can be damn sure we are CLOSE to A/Z day!

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9 Responses to A/Z Day

  1. I suppose all of the commenters cited this article could be Obots, but I have no information to that effect.

  2. wrecking ball says:

    what do you serve for the “A/Z day feast”? ham or crow?

  3. alg says:

    A/Z Day – It’s analogous to the Second Coming in the eyes of the faithful at Gerbil Report™

  4. Curious George says:

    wrecking ball
    December 28, 2014

    “what do you serve for the “A/Z day feast”? ham or crow?”

    Pigs in a blanket!

  5. Curious George says:

    Acne/Zit Day!

    Any Day Now…… it’s bound to POP!!!!

  6. Curious George says:

    Alprazolam/Zanaflex Day!

    A real yawner…… ZZzzzzzzzz

  7. wrecking ball says:

    ArpaiopaZulla ?

  8. RanTalbott says:

    Zullo can dodge that question by claiming to be part of the Sherriff’s Department

    Only as long as he’s being confronted by the right-wing pseudo-press: any decent reporter is going to find Arpaio’s disavowals in prepping for the event, and anyone who really wants a “gotcha” will have have print and/or video stories in hand to confront him with them.

    I think you’re right about a joint appearance being awkward, but Arpaio has bulled his way through controversies before, and probably feels like he can again.

    Gal-oops has been talking down the idea of “A/Z Day” since at least the failure of The March Reveal™, and possibly longer. He’s been saying that Arpaio’s will have its own “conference”, and it will come first. Which both protects Arpaio from having to handle fallout from Zullo’s inevitable failure when he wants the attention on himself, and gives Zullups a convenient excuse for delaying indefinitely (“Shurf’s not done yet, so we can’t have our party right now”).

  9. The Magic M says:

    wrecking ball: ArpaiopaZulla ?

    Raxacoricofallapatorious (my favourite word ahead of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).

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