The Obama Timeline

A fellow by the name of Don Frederick has published what he calls “The Complete Obama Timeline” on a web site and in two books (material prior to September of 2009 appears in the books). He says that the timeline is over 10,000 pages long and spans Obama’s entire life.

What Frederick has done is to search the Internet finding anything negative about Obama published online (both blogs, comments by political opponents and actual news reporting), and placed it in documents by month in PDF format. Some of the stories I found in a quick scan of the material don’t actually relate to Obama personally but to more general topics such as climate change.

I quibble with Frederick’s use of the word “Complete” since he has omitted anything positive about Obama from the report. For example, the only thing about Obama’s December 2014 press conference were criticisms from political opponents, and not what Obama said. The Complete Obama Obama Timeline print edition (Volume 2) says:

This Timeline does not shy away from noting rumors about Obama if there is any possibility they may be accurate.

So yes, there is much about Obama’s birth certificate in there.

Don Frederick was one of the dignitaries scheduled to speak at the aborted Birther Summit and he has been a guest on Mark Gillar’s Internet radio program, and Peter Boyles’ radio show.

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5 Responses to The Obama Timeline

  1. bovril says:

    So, the ‘timeline’ admits it will, post as fact anything which is made up and drawn from the dank orifice of a RWNJ so long as it is negative about Obama.

  2. gorefan says:

    So, the ‘timeline’ admits it will, post as fact anything which is made up and drawn from the dank orifice of a RWNJ so long as it is negative about Obama.

    He gives equal weight to the LFBC from Hawaii as the Lucas Smith Kenya birth certificate. Even though one was verified and certified by the Hawaii Department of Health and the other was certified by Smith.

  3. bovril says:

    I particularly laughed at the incredibly asinine

    The Complete Obama Timeline, is copyrighted material. Those who wish to quote from the Timeline may do so, provided credit is granted to this author and this web site is mentioned. No one is free to copy text from the Timeline, regardless of length, and represent it as his or her own work. That is a violation of copyright law, and is no different than illegally claiming authorship of a book. This Timeline properly credits its sources, and those quoting the Timeline should do so as well

    Since, as Doc has already posted, ALL this crap is public domain that has been copy/pasted from other sources it is wholly unenforceable.

    In point of fact, the sheer volume of copy/paste from the same other sources probably multiply violates any conceivable ‘fair use’ provisions…….

  4. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    I ran into Don Fredrick posting on one of the reviews of the Jerome Corsi book on amazon. When I took what he had written online he complained that I’m not looking at what he wrote in his book. When I took his book apart and pointed out his lies he ran off after insulting me a bunch of times. The man is another intellectual coward.

  5. RanTalbott says:

    So, does the Guinness book have a category for longest Gish Gallop?

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