Outed by Orly

Over the years, Orly Taitz has inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) outed many of the birthers. I remember when she exposed “Mountain Goat” as being Charles Kerchner by hitting “reply all” to a Kerchner email, adding: “God speed and all the luck to Mario and you Charles (I wasn’t sure, whether I should use Charles or your web pseudonym of ‘mountain Goat’).” Guess who got that email. 🙄

She published Barack Obama’s social-security number, which subsequently was inserted into a so-far-unidentified public record under the name Harrison J Bounel and started a whole string of conspiracy theories.

Taitz has published unredacted birth certificates of private individuals, certificates supplied by Miki Booth. She disclosed the name of the person at the New York HESC who came up with the crazy story that they had a foreign student record for Obama (this whole episode may have been another “punk the Taitz” operation). Orly lists the names of a co-worker and friends on Facebook. Someone at The Fogbow commented aptly:

I’m disgusted. Just because these people know Ms [redacted] – who may or may not have said what Orly claims she said – Orly is going to make their lives a living hell. Some patriot.

Taitz published an email from “Thomas Washington” that said that he was the person who published Birther Report with assistance from “Bob Nelson.’’ “Thomas Washington” could be a pseudonym, but I don’t think it was the sender’s intention that this email be published with names. Bob Nelson was traced elsewhere. The email itself came from the official BirtherReport email address, so it was authentic.

Orly published the screen name (“calpernia’) along with the real name of her former webmaster. That linked article also contains the full name of a contributor.

I received a suggestion in email this morning about who Joe Mannix, a pro-Mike Zullo poster at Birther Report, might be in real life, and it came indirectly courtesy of Orly Taitz whose blog has the name, a photo of that person, a geographic location and job title.

Foggy says that the identity of RS1_ on Birther Report (Red Steel at the Free Republic) was outed by Orly Taitz too (I haven’t fully searched that one out). I just noted one of Orly’s “Letter from a supporter” articles with the supporters full name and a hyperlink leading to their email address (initials “ch”).

Other “supporter articles” with first and last names1:

It wasn’t Orly Taitz herself, but one of the commenters on her blog who outed the real name of Dr. Conspiracy back in 2009. Fortunately for me, who wanted my blogging not to impact my real job, nobody really noticed, and it wasn’t until years later that I was re-discovered by “KenyanBornObamAcorn” and reported by Jerome Corsi.

Orly has intentionally tried to bring pressure against her opponents by outing them (something called "doxing")  and creating problems at their workplace, including two attorneys. She threw a dart at an IP address map and made accusations against a completely innocent person who lived at the center of the target.

Orly regularly publishes IP addresses of those who criticize her.

Readers: if you have examples of birthers outed by Orly, please leave the URL to the Taitz web site in comments, and I’ll update the article. I’d like to get an encyclopedic collection for future reference. This won’t be an outing article, and the names of private persons outed will not be published.

1A word of explanation about the links. Many of the supporter contacts are pasted from Orly’s emails received at her Yahoo email address. Yahoo provides hyperlinks for things, such as adding the sender to her address book. In that hyperlink, one finds a very long string of stuff including something like:


Replacing “%2540” with an “@” gives the email address.

That’s just the birthers.

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12 Responses to Outed by Orly

  1. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Maybe all that bleach she dies her hair with finally rotted the higher function areas of her brain.

  2. J.D. Sue says:

    Doc, thanks for this. It is this type of identity-invasive conduct that made me first think that Taitz was an incompetent or wannabe KGB agent. Related is her overall-obsession with identity papers/records.

  3. Today’s fortune cookie:

    The laws sometimes sleep, but never die.

  4. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Dr. Conspiracy:
    Today’s fortune cookie:

    The laws sometimes sleep, but never die.

    That’s way better than the fortune I got: “The antidote is one of the bottles of soy sauce. The rest contain an even faster acting toxin.”

  5. Northland10 says:

    Orly Taitz has inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) outed many of the birthers.

    In most cases, I think her outing others is reckless indifference. She has a callous disregard for anybody but her, even her own supporters.

    A few times, she has obviously tried to intentionally out somebody, but even then her recklessness has resulting in identifying the wrong and completely innocent person.

  6. Andrew Vrba, PmG says:

    Northland10: A few times, she has obviously tried to intentionally out somebody, but even then her recklessness has resulting in identifying the wrong and completely innocent person.

    And she doesn’t even give it a second thought. To her, the ends justify the means.

  7. I had no idea that there would be so many when I started, and even with the huge list I published, I’m not to the end.

  8. bgansel9 says:

    She’s a dangerous lunatic.

  9. Krosis says:

    Yes, Dr. Taitz is such a wonderful, larger-than-life character, isn’t she?

  10. Notorial Dissent says:

    I’m sure she has outed any number of people accidentally, she is unbelievably incompetent after all, her track record for on purpose those has been poor at best as far as I can tell.

  11. Dave says:

    I’m going with incompetent. Everything she does is marked with a profound level of not understanding and not thinking.

    In particular, that thing about throwing a “dart at an IP address map” — that wasn’t Taitz, that was a commenter on her blog. She published (as she often has) the IP address of someone who had posted a threatening or insulting comment. One of her commenters was tech savvy enough to turn that into a lat/long, and then into a street address — but not tech savvy enough to know that the result was garbage. But Taitz certainly didn’t even understand enough to make that mistake.

  12. Rickey says:

    I seem to recall that when Neil Sankey compiled a list of Obama’s supposedly multiple Social Security Number and addresses for Orly, he warned her that information could not be relied upon and had to be verified. Orly didn’t care, she ran with it and accused Obama of using dozens of Social Security Numbers, even though many of the addresses on the list were laughably fake.

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