Brent Douglas Cole now facing federal charges

Brent Douglas ColeBrent Douglas Cole, sovereign citizen1 and birther, was arrested and arraigned in connection with the shooting of a California Highway Patrol officer and a Bureau of Land Management ranger last year, an incident where Cole himself was also wounded. Those charges were dismissed September 25, 2014, by a Nevada County, California, court, only to be followed by a federal grand jury indictment on a charge of assault on a federal officer. Cole’s arrest was the occasion for the creation of my article category, Birthers Behaving Badly.

The case got scant publicity in the local press, and nothing was published that I can find about the dismissal, which I had to seek in court records. The federal charges appeared in an FBI press release.  Cole is still facing an earlier state weapons charge and was due in Nevada County, California, court October 30, 2014. He didn’t show according to court records. Why? Here’s the note on the court record:


I’m unsure what the status of the case is. I found it under case number 2:14-mj-00212-EFB-1 in the Eastern District of California, with nothing showing except appointment of counsel, October 1 and a “date closed” of 10/2/2014. Now there is Cole v. USA (2255 – (2:14-CR-00269 GEB)) which is a “Motion to Vacate Sentence” filed January 29, 2015.


imageCole was found Guilty on Tuesday, February 11.

Read more or less:

1His sovereign citizen name is Brent-Douglas : Cole.

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7 Responses to Brent Douglas Cole now facing federal charges

  1. Curious George says:

    Birthers are such upright, model citizens. How many times do you think he posted comments over at Birther Report?

  2. That is a very interesting question. I don’t recall seeing anyone named “Cole” posting at BR. The closest I can think of is someone named “selfsovereign” and I doubt that’s him:

    Of course, we’d be looking for someone who dropped off the radar last fall.

    Curious George: How many times do you think he posted comments over at Birther Report?

  3. alg says:

    Ah yes….another upstanding citizen that birthers can be proud to call one of their own.

  4. I tried searching for him at Birther Report, but came up empty.

    alg: Ah yes….another upstanding citizen that birthers can be proud to call one of their own.

  5. Barney Fife says:

    I have been wondering he same thing especially since their was a supposed trial this past week in Nevada County where the prosecution rested. As far as I have read the assistant DA who initially handled this case resigned from her job on February 2nd. Who rested the prosecutions case is what I am wondering and where is Cole, He is not listed as one of the inmates at the county jail in Nevada County either.

  6. Sheriff Taylor says:

    The attorney general is probably trying him Barney.

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