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Doctor Conspiracy

Here are some comments I made elsewhere (deleted or not):

A request that letters should be sent to the Supreme Court appeared in WorldNetDaily. In response to a commenter at The Right Side of Life:

I think it is seriously misguided for anyone to think that somebody writing a letter to the Supreme Court will make them any more serious about the Constitution than they already are. Continue Reading →


Independent Grandmother Transcript

Update: Greg Doudna’s transcript is now available free here at Obama Conspiracy Theories through a special arrangement with the author. Enjoy!

Greg Doudna, whose day job is deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls, has dipped a finger in the well of Obama Conspiracy Theories and published a commentary giving some history and background on the Berg lawsuit and the affidavits attached to it claiming that Barack Obama’s step grandmother, Sarah Obama, had said that “he” was born in Kenya and that she was “present”. Continue Reading →


Associated Press: Obama “plainly” natural born citizen

ANN SANNER, Associated Press Writer wrote in an article titled Candidates meet ‘natural-born’ test despite rumors:

In an argument popular on the Internet and taken seriously practically nowhere else, critics of the candidates argue that each does not qualify to run for the White House because he’s not a “natural-born citizen” as the Constitution requires.

Obama plainly is, because he was born in the U.S.

…The Constitution requires that only “natural-born” citizens hold the presidency. But the Founding Fathers did not elaborate on the term, so bloggers and others have had a field day.

So much for that canard that the mainstream media is ignoring the issue!