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Archive | February, 2009

Date Filed v. Date Accepted

This came in the mail:

I ran across a birther argument [on Free Republic] I could not answer. Obama’s COLB has a “Date Filed,” whereas other COLB’s posted on the internet have a “Date Accepted.”

The birthers seem to be attaching a lot of significance to this discrepancy. I briefly searched the Hawaii DOH websites to see if I could find any information on what it might mean, but was unsuccessful.

If you have time, you may want to explore this further. I’d be curious to know what you find. Continue Reading →


Left in Alabama

leftinalabamaI wanted to highlight this progressive blog from Alabama. I left Alabama in 1972 to go to graduate school, but I still have family around Mobile.

Anyway these folks are making sensible comments about Obama conspiracies. And they even have a link over here, where they say: is on the case, and they are asking the right questions. Based on the conversation I am seeing there, I’m (cautiously) assuming that Scott Easterling really is an active-duty soldier.

The group that seems most responsible for keeping this conspiracy theory alive at the moment is the “Defend our Freedoms Foundation,” which appears to be run by a Russian-born Dentist from the O.C. who also has a law degree and a real estate license.

Update on that. Orly’s real estate license has expired. The big red X on the map is the state flag, for those who are southernly challenged.

Bless All Y’all!


The Birth Certificate is a forgery!

Fake Birth Certificate

Fake Birth Certificate

Obama Conspiracy Theories forensic document analyst Dr. Conspiracy [not a real doctor or a real document analyst] has ruled the John McCain “birth certificate” submitted as evidence in the Hollander v. McCain lawsuit is a forgery.

For those who know this web site well, let me assure you that this is a serious article from now on, and not a joke, spoof or satire.

The question of where John McCain was born did not carry much interest in the last election; however Fred Hollander brought a lawsuit (dismissed for lack of standing) asserting that John McCain was not eligible to be president because he was not born in the United States. Conventional wisdom (and newspaper articles including Citizen McCain – Washington Post) assert that McCain was born on a US Military Base in the Panama Canal Zone. While some have argued that this is insufficient to make McCain a natural born citizen, Fred Hollander went one step further, claiming that John McCain was born not in the Panama Canal Zone, but rather in the Republic of Panama itself (and not under any US jurisdiction whatever). Continue Reading →


Gina Cobb

Continuing the Obama Conspiracy Theories tradition of introducing readers to opposition web sites we visit today the blog:


I came upon this web site searching for commentary on Scott Easterling. The article I read was Scott Easterling Stands Up! posted under the byline of DemocracyRules. In a comment to the article, DR said:

Please feel free to search within Gina Cobb for my many postings on this issue. I have cited a substantial amount of documented evidence that Obama is not eligible. Continue Reading →


Will the Real Scott Easterling Please Stand Up?

Here’s yet another lesson on critical thinking and the nature of the Internet in spreading hoaxes and urban legends.

There is a blog named Scott Easterling on blogspot. In the article: Why I want to be Court Martialed, “Easterling” says:

My attorney, whom I have grown to respect, has informed me that I can subpoena “President” Obama, and that I can then ask the Court to direct his counsel to produce a valid, legal United States Birth Certificate. If he will do this, I will immediately obey any lawful Order he or his subordinates render.

But is this really Lt. Scott Easterling’s Blog? Commenters here at Obama Conspiracy Theories have been skeptical. Now Orly Taitz says:
1st Lt. Scott R. Easterling Does NOT Have a Blog.

Who do you trust? Do you trust a name on a blog? Do you trust Orly Taitz?