Barack Obama Committed Perjury on his Illinois Bar Application

For some reason, I never get around to visiting, and so hadn’t seen this one:

The Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission (ARDC) Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration for Barack H. Obama Jr. indicated NONE in the box for Full Former Name(s). Since we know that he has been known by other name(s), this statement is perjurious and as an attorney he knows better. What is he hiding? (sidebar)

According to the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois, the “full former name(s)” field is reserved for names which have previously appeared on the Illinois Master Roll of Attorneys and is NOT meant to include any names adoption prior to obtaining a license to practice law in Illinois. – Jeff Schreiber.

Another point is that I have seen no evidence that Barrack Obama ever legally changed his name to “Soetoro.” Yes, I know about the school registration form, but that is not a legal document. I know of children who share joint custody of two parents and are called by different surnames (for example on health records) depending on which parent they are with.

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