Obama Truth Wiki?

If you read this and know someone who has expertise in things such as vital statistics, law, image analysis, etc., ask them if they have any interest in a Wiki to apply evidence to fringe  statements about Barack Obama. I can set up the Wiki, using the same WikiMedia software used by the Wikipedia, either under the ObamaConspiracy domain or a new one. The proposed Wiki could only be contributed to by registered members.

Maybe this should have been done 6 months ago and now it’s moot. What do YOU think? The comment box is below.

Update: The Wiki operated for some time, but was transferred to another curator and is currently offline.

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I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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  1. Slowly but surely, the wiki is gaining ground. It will appear under a new domain, and not under the Obama Conspiracy Theories Brand. Stay tuned.

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