Polarik’s Hawaiian “affidavit”

An affidavit is a sworn and witnessed statement. The Alan Keyes lawsuit in Hawaii had something called an “affidavit” from Ron Polarik (not a real name). Here’s the signature:

Rod Polarik signature

Ron Polarik signature

The first thing it reminded me of was this birth certificate (click for larger image):

Poople Birth Certificate

Poopy Birth Certificate

I had wondered what Ron Polarik would say under oath, but I guess that will have to wait for someone else. Note that someone has questioned whether XXXXXXXXXXXX is Polarik, but one need but read it. What would be the chances that two different forensic document examiners with unusual degrees made 700 test scans to come to a “Final Report”?

A detailed forensic proof that XXXXXXXXXXXX is really Polarik is available at the Barackryphal blog.

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10 Responses to Polarik’s Hawaiian “affidavit”

  1. Joseph says:

    We (a state police officer and myself) asked the chief forensic document examiner at the main crime laboratory of our home state to examine the “COLB” which Obama posted online – IT’S 100% FORGED FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER – AND SO IS THE ALLEGED “RAISED SEAL”! Strange how you Obama loving freaks will automatically believe any outlandish lie Obama tells. Have any of you ever presented ANY “SCIENTIFIC PROOF” from a CERTIFIED FORENSIC DOCUMENT EXAMINER showing that the ALLEGED online “birth certificate” is authentic? Of course not, attempting to pay a TRULY CERTIFIED forensic document examiner to lie would instantly smash your entire fraud into thousands of pieces!

  2. Joseph: We (a state police officer and myself) asked the chief forensic document examiner at the main crime laboratory of our home state to examine the “COLB” which Obama posted online

    If this were not a lie, you would have given the name of the examiner.

  3. Greg says:

    Why, if a TRULY CERTIFIED forensic document examiner would demolish the COLB have you guys only put forward losers like Polarik? You’d think that since you’re trying to overturn an election you’d want to put your best evidence forward!

  4. Scientist says:

    First your story is nonsense. Second, I wouldn’t trust most police labs as far as I could throw them. They don’t exactly attract the cream of the scientific crop. Here’s a recent story about the NY State Polce Lab, which is actually considered one of the best.


  5. G says:

    Yeah, I smell total made-up B.S. here.

  6. Whatever4 says:

    A real forensic examiner would say that you can’t make conclusions from a digital image on a web site, you need the actual document. A real foresnic examiner said exactly that, as documented on this very website!


  7. Bovril says:


  8. NbC says:


    So desperate…

    And yes, the DOH of Hawaii has confirmed Obama’s birth in Honolulu which means that all the entries of the COLB have been confirmed.
    Since the COLB is a prima facie, legally admissible official record, I have to conclude that you are making up these ‘facts’ because you know it.

    As I said, liar…

    If you disagree then provide us with some real evidence, not some made up hear-say…

  9. JoZeppy says:

    Sure you did. I really believe you. And by the way, I’m Pope Benedict, and when I chatted with President Obama, he assured me it was accurate, and he wouldn’t lie to the Pope, would he?

    With that out of the way, we have nothing to prove. We have a government document, that has been vouched for by the state of Hawaii. In a court of law, the document itself would be self authenticating, and the burden would be on you to prove it false. So go ahead. Prove it.

    And yes…we are all fully aware that your story is 100% b.s. You can’t prove anything from an electronic scan. a TRULY CERTIFIED forensic document examiner would have told you that. But feel free to make up fairy tales while you sit in your mom’s basement. If the birther queen bee can pretend to be a lawyer, I suppose you can pretend to be a cop.

  10. SFJeff says:

    So publish the results? Really- if you have a real credentialed professional who really thinks this is a forgery- and is a law enforcement officer- he has an obligation to come forward to present his professional opinion.

    Let me put it another way- as a person who voted for President Obama, if I came across real evidence that convinced me in my professional capacity that President Obama had committed fraud I would be distributing to all the media. Fox News would love to publish real evidence of anything that could damage President Obama, as would any of the right wing talk show entertainers.

    Tell your “Chief Forensive Document Examiner” to be a stand up guy and to do the right thing, or stop spreading your baseless rumors intended to hurt the President and the U.S.

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