The Outing of Ronald Polarik

YouTube Photo of Ron Polarik

YouTube Photo of Ron Polarik

I present this rare unretouched photo of Ron Polarik showing the severe facial injuries he received while scanning 700 Hawaiian birth certificates with a scanner (close the freakin’ lid already!). Note Ron’s imaging skills as he provides glare-free lighting for his video presentation.

Reports have surfaced that Polarik (alias XXXXXXXXXXXX) has been identified as none other than the owner of the great mother of all things spun against Obama web site, This assertion appeared yesterday over at Top 10 Bad Guys. I won’t say the name here without more information.

The person behind the Polarik puppet posts from an IP address in or around Longwood FL, as confirmed by several web sites including this one.

Attempts to track down Polarik from his credentials and biographic information have lead exactly nowhere, which suggests that some or all of the biographic information is fake. Given that the name is fake, the signature is fake and the analysis of images is fake, some question remains as why anyone would accept the rest as anything other than fake too.

So I have just two questions before I move on:

Why has Ron Polarik’s Final Analysis disappeared from the web?

and Where is my Cease and Desist order?

[The “Final Analysis” has been replaced by a longer rant at ]


The identity of “Ron Polarik” has been found to be Ronald Polland, PhD of Florida. Dr. Polland is an ardent supporter of Israel, and has no academic credentials in image analysis.

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I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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13 Responses to The Outing of Ronald Polarik

  1. George Orwell III says:

    Polarik’s November 22, 2008 analysis is still there with a slightly different file path than you have above. I’m not sure if this is the same web page you are thinking of though. To be honest it has all become somewhat of a blur at this point.

    Funny thing is I encountered a request to accept a new security certificate when I opened the page. I don’t recall that happening during my prior visits to the site.

    Thinks that make you go Hmmmmm…

  2. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    George, the page you linked to in the preceding comment is Ron’s NEW page, not the classic Final Analysis mentioned in the Hawaii lawsuit. You can tell the new one because it includes Neal Krawetz refutation claims. The new site is full of advertising, and still one big old long web page full of large bandwidth choking images.

    But a security certificate? That is unusual. You have to be really careful accepting a security certificate because that implies some level of trust you grant to the site. I would suggest that one never accept a security certificate from a site unless it is some place you completely trust (like your bank or where you work or something). It didn’t ask me for a security certificate.

  3. This was posted at Koyaan’s blog:

    Steve, Dr. Polarik, PHD (lol) is actually Parker Shannon, aka Beckwith, the same guy who started the “Obama is a Muslim” email, the same guy who started the “Michelle called API” hoax, and of course the turd behind TheObamaFiles.

    I finalized the research earlier tonight, tried to go to bed, but a little too excited right now to sleep.

    I found two more clues to add to my pile here at your site, in your thread about Polarik not being Polarik in the video – the fact that you knew Polarik was in Florida, which is where Parker Shannon recently moved to, and his real voice…

    If you listen to his voice, he does a pretty good job of hiding his Irish accent, most of the time. But sometimes he gets excited and the accent comes out with a heavy brogue.

    I should have figured this out months ago…even his name had a clue:

    P a Rk (park)
    Pol a Rik

    PARKer Shannon

    I’ve even got him captured posting as Rick at another site.

    And btw, Parker only has a BS, which figures since he is full of BS.

    John Dean

    [Note to history: the identification above is wrong. Dr. Conspiracy (2017)]

  4. If Polarik has been outed, and it turns out he has lied about himself in any way (including) having a PhD, he’s finished, and so is, in my opinion Bergism. Certainly there will be some who deny evidence, but look how quickly TechDude vamished from the face of the earth when it was shown that he had stolen someone else’s credentials.

  5. George Orwell III says:

    Like I said, trying to keep track of all the various theories and each ‘Mark’ revision of some of them being put forward out there is getting to be an entire research project all by itself, never mind researching the content within the pieces to start with.

    At any rate, I’m sure you know that still has his articles listed that he has posted over the months and it seems the original “Final Analysis” is still up there. One peculiarity that I noticed at Freeper on that article is that when the page opens, the timestamp is 11/22/08 9:08.58 then changes to November 23, 2008 12:08.58 after all the images from his PhotoBucket finish loading. It could indicate the timezone either he is in compared to FreeperRepublic’s timezone or vise versa.

    As far as certificates go, I’m not a new jack and have some familiarity with the workings going on behind the curtain regarding the web. It’s more to do with my custom settings than anything else most likely.

  6. Polarik posts from the Eastern US Timezone.

  7. It will be a huge service for the country when someone holds this malicious troublemaker to account for the lies that he has told to tens of thousands of Americans who have trusted his fake credentials and the work load he has caused public officials responding to well-intentioned, but misinformed constituents.

    But “Ron Polarik” is not a person; he is a cartoon character, and a cartoon can be conceived by one person, voiced over by another, animated by a third and distributed by many.

    Just because an IP address of the individual frequently posting on the Internet under the name “polarik” doesn’t match the location of someone you think has done the bulk of the Polarik fraud does not rule someone out.

    Malicious individuals can command hundreds of IP addresses belonging to otherwise innocent persons whose computers have been compromised. [See Wikipedia article on “zombie computer“.] This is just an example of how IP’s are inconclusive. One cannot be any more certain of the culprit’s IP address, than his academic degree, his name, and certainly his image analysis skills.

  8. What has me irritated is that Ron Polarik, who has issued “Cease and Desist” orders to lots of other web sites, has never given me one. I want him to come here and post a message so I can snag his IP address and give it to my brother-in-law at the FDLE so I can find out who it is.

  9. John Dean says:

    Well, you got me here 😉

    Polarik’s final post is still there – your URL was off…but I guess you knew that, and I had no idea there was an earlier version. Cool.

    I’ll post everything I have, NLT Sunday. Maybe tonight…not yet in the mood to write it up. Fact is, I have doubts now, because it appears Parker Shannon might have sold his cheap house in Florida back in 2005.

    But here are a few goodies for you and your supporters:

    Polarik’s IP –, gathered from harassing blog posts to someone else. Once banned, Polarik started using proxies.

    Parker Shannon’s house in Florida as of 2005 – here, then here and here. The “liberallunacy” connection is the final nail, here.


  10. I am familiar with that IP address from a Polarik post on December 21. This web site is cool for looking up where an IP address is located.

  11. David Brown says:

    his stuff hasn’t disappeared you moron, you just have your freaking link wrong

  12. Actually Ron Polarik’s “Final Analysis” did disappear and was replaced by something else with a new URL. Thanks for the information, if not for the insult.

  13. misha says:

    Yeah, but can the iPad prove that Obama was born in Kenya?

    If it can’t solve the mystery of Obama’s birth, what good is it?

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