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  1. I am requesting the assistance any of our Patriots in Hawaii with connections to the Hawaii Department of Health or Hawaiian maternity hospitals. I am looking for a copy of a blank Mother’s Work Sheet from 1961 (where Mother information related to a birth is collected).
  2. Can someone explain to me why Berg v. Obama case on justia has many documents, but most other cases I ask for do not?
  3. Does anyone know of the WORKING location for the documents in Donofrio v. Wells?


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I am not a real doctor. I have a Master's Degree.
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7 Responses to Help Wanted

  1. AXJ says:

    Funny AXJ Chapter in Hawaii has not found any witnesses of Obama being born there either. Was Stanley Ann Durham Obama Soetoro really his biological mother at all?

  2. dunstvangeet says:

    So, my question is how many people remember John McCain’s birth. If I went down to Panama, would I be able to find one person who would remember John McCain’s birth? What about if I scowered the Navy. They obviously must have people who directly remember it. Does that mean that John McCain isn’t a Natural Born Citizen?

  3. AXJ says:

    Give us a break, a piece of a fake certificate of live birth with no doctor name and no hospital name does not prove he was even born in Hawaii. In 1961 Hawaii was like a third world country of its own and funny how not one witness still lives isn’t it? Not even his supposed grandmother’s friends recall any such black child…explain how Stanley Ann Durham Obama Soetoro was in Baltimore with a 15 day old black infant? Never existed.

  4. myson says:

    Sorry we are unable to explain such as its 100% false !!!! She didnt go to school in Baltimore !!!

  5. How are they looking?

  6. AXJ says:

    No? Then where did she go to CIA school? We know the truth. 50,000 people living underground in NSA offices get nervous now and then. Why do you really think we go by the letters AXJ and misteriously are #1 on ? Sure, a bunch of clowns in Spain right?

  7. Carol says:

    Apart from the fact this person seems quite unglued- maybe he/she should start looking for Stanley Ann DUNHAM. It’s amazing what you find when you actually can spell.

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