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Orly's Recent Post by "Linda O" Proclaims Proof that Obama used the name Barry Soetoro at Occidental.

There is a biography of Barry Soetoro’s Occidental College days. It states that when Barry Soetoro was 18-19 he attended school as BARRY SOETORO. And it wasn’t until he met a girl by the name of REGINA that was the first to start calling him Barack. See: http://abagond.wordpress.com/2008/04/11/obama-at-occidental-college/ 

The importance of this is that it clearly shows that Barry was using his Indonesian name, and of course, his Indonesian passport.

FALSE.  The biography makes no mention of his last name or any alleged use of the Soetoro name. The biography simply states

"She accepted Obama the way he was. He did not have to put on an act for her. She was one of the first to call him Barack instead of Barry. She said Barack was a beautiful name."

Obama, per reports, was called Barry by his friends and family from infancy - before he moved to Indonesia - and until, at Occidental, he made the decision to go by his birth name.

FALSE.  The biography also makes no mention of any use of an Indonesian passport and, in the fact that people began to call him Barack rather than the nickname Barry has no relevance whatsoever to what passport Obama may have used.

The International Herald Tribute (The Global issue of the New York Times) also states: http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/02/08/america/obama.php 

“Nearly three decades ago, Barack Obama stood out on the small campus of Occidental College in Los Angeles for his eloquence, intellect and activism against apartheid in South Africa. But Obama, then known as Barry, also joined in the party scene.”

MISLEADING.  The International Herald Tribu*n*e article merely stated the well-known and undisputed fact that friends and family called Obama "Barry" rather than "Barack" from early childhood until, at Occidental, he made the decision to go by his birth name. It makes no mention whatsoever of any last name used.

The LA Times also claims below that Barry was the choice of names that Barry Soetoro used when he first arrived from Hawaii to Occidental:
“Memories of 1980 at Occidental College’s Haines Hall have the standard fragments of the era: stereos blasting the B-52’s through the dorm, pot-fueled bull sessions about the revival of draft registration, late-night cramming for economics exams. 

“That otherwise private nostalgia took on public significance this month when a former Haines Hall resident from Hawaii known at the time as Barry announced that he was forming an exploratory committee to run for president of the United States.”

FALSE.  The LA Times Article merely stated the well-known and undisputed fact that friends and family called Obama "Barry" rather than "Barack" from early childhood until, at Occidental, he made the decision to go by his birth name. It makes no mention whatsoever of any last name used.

Even Occidental College states that Newsweek reported that Barry entered their college as BARRY SOETORO under his Indonesian passport and NOT as Barack Obama.
It was at Occidental where he stopped being called “Barry” and became Barack Obama, Newsweek pointed out in its account of Obama’s formative years that featured his black-and-white freshman photo on the cover. “It was when I made a conscious decision: I want to grow up,” he told the magazine.

FALSE.  The Occidental College article merely stated the well-known and undisputed fact that friends and family called Obama "Barry" rather than "Barack" from early childhood until, at Occidental, he made the decision to go by his birth name. It makes no mention whatsoever of any last name used.

One of Barry Soetoro’s college buddies says this of our Indonesian student: 

“Tom Moyes remembers the first time he heard the name Barack Obama. It was in the fall of 2004, after the electrifying speech Obama delivered at the 2004 Democratic Convention. That was the oration, of course, which introduced the young would-be Illinois Senator to America and inspired an instant following not only in the U.S. but around the world. Moyes had missed the speech because he was on an extended vacation in New Zealand at the time. “So I pick up this newspaper,” says Moyes, who grew up in San Gabriel and graduated from Occidental College in Eagle Rock, “and it has this huge article about this guy Barack Obama. And it says he had gone to Occidental at the same time I was there. And I said to myself, ‘There’s no way.’ I’d never heard the name Barack; I’m thinking it must be a mistake. “So I call a friend I went to Oxy with, Ken Sulzer, and I say, ‘Ken, I’m down here in New Zealand and there’s this article about some guy named Barack that went to college with us. Who is that?!’” “I said, ‘That’s Barry, man,’” says Sulzer, using the nickname Obama went by during his youth, “the guy with the big afro who lived across the hall from me in the dorm.’

MISLEADING. According to the Verdugo Monthly article, Tom Moyers was just recalling the well-known and undisputed fact that friends and family called Obama "Barry" rather than "Barack" from early childhood until, at Occidental, he made the decision to go by his birth name. It makes no mention whatsoever of any last name used.

It is clear that the students at Occidental did not know Barry Soetoro by the name of OBAMA. Instead he was using his Indonesian name and passport. This story cleverly hides the fact that the confusion came not from the first name Barry or Barack, but because of the LAST NAME Soetoro vs. Obama.

FALSE/UNSUBSTANTIATED. Not a single person of the many interviewed, as reported in the links above, recalled Obama using the name "Barry Soetoro." Every person recalled him being called "Barry." If any had recalled him using a different last name, it is unreasonable to say that they failed to mention that aspect entirely.

There is no credible information whatsoever that Obama ever used and Indonesian passport. The law - of both Indonesia and the US - at the time precluded him from becoming an Indonesian citizen and from losing his US citizenship and the allegation that a US travel ban re: Pakistan has been thorougly debunked by reference to official US State Department records.

Okay so why did Barry suddenly change his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama a year after he entered school? (I don’t believe that REGINA story above.) It was simple. His mother and adopted dad got divorced in August of 1980. So naturally, when he entered Occidental in 1979 he used his Indonesian name…then immediately after his mom’s divorce he desired to revert back to his birth name of Barack Obama.

HILARIOUS. After citing the "Regina story" as "proof" that Obama was called "Barry," she now says that she doesn't believe the story.  This is not unexpected. She and others selectively quote from the AP photo of Obama's Indonesian School Records, which indicates that his mother or step-father listed his citizenship as Indonsian -- while rejecting the statement a few lines away that indicates that he was born in Hawaii.

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25 Responses to Orly Blog Soetoro Fact Check

  1. George Orwell III says:


    He signed his less than spectacular poetry at “Oxy” with the name Barack Obama, so why the confusion?

    Ode to Obama

  2. George Orwell III says:


    President Obama! Are We Proud? Yes, We Are!

    (Case Exhibit, Main Floor, New Wing)

    Come visit theexhibit about Barack Obama and Occidental College — President Barack Obama ’83 entered Occidental College as a freshman in 1979 andcontinued as a sophomorethroughspring 1981.Photos of faculty andthe campus from the archives;the La Encina annual; Obama’s poems in Feast, the student poetry publication;and pictures of Barack Obama as a student snapped by classmates offer aglimpse intoObama’stwo years at Oxy.Plus, the exhibit includes wood from the 2009 presidential platform donated to the archives by an Oxy alumna working in the capital!

  3. mimi says:

    “Wahid Hamid, a good friend at Oxy who attended Obama’s wedding years later, says that even before he became Barack, most friends simply called him “Obama.”


  4. mimi says:

    video of interview at Occidential. At about 6:45 into the clip, they talk about his name. He went by “Barry Obama”, and also “Barack Obama”.

    The following text is from the HuffPo, where I got the video link from:

    “Way back when, Moore asked him, “What kind of name is Barry Obama? For a brother, you know, it’s very unusual.” Obama told Moore about his parents and how his real name was Barack. As it turns out, Moore had recently been to Kenya, specifically, the village where Obama’s father came from. “I told him, Barack is a strong name…you should rock Barack.”
    video link: http://www.calgold.com/calgold/Default.asp?Series=10000&Show=1024


  5. Expelliarmus says:

    Before Barry Obama went to college, he went to high school …. where, surprisingly enough, he is featured with a yearbook photo:


    This, of course, predates the Soetero/Dunham divorce. It is unlikely that Obama would have enrolled at Oxy with a different name than the one that he used in high school.

  6. Expelliarmus says:

    More on the high school days:
    Obama was sometimes called “Barry O’bomber” in high school because of his jump shot. See:http://abcnews.go.com/nightline/Story?id=3082803&page=1

  7. bogus info says:

    Doc Orly and Berg et al is giving lawyers a bad image in my opinion. If I were lawyers, I believe I’d get together and contact the California State Bar to file a complaint? Orly is just trying to get publicity with this current “Motion to compel” to CJ Roberts–Dr. C. is right on target. A group of lawyers should see that she gets that “publicity” from the Calif. State Bar perhaps? LOL

    On Berg’s site, a blogger claimed that Orly had met with “Fitz for two hrs” and that probably “Fitz had instructed Orly to file all these lawsuits.”

    Anybody heard what that Michael Madvek’s reply to Orly was?

    Dr. C–yep she’s trying to get publicity and as my grandmother used to say, is “throwing chits.”

    Think SCOTUS had a court reporter at the “courtesy meeting” to transcribe the “chit chat?”

  8. The Betrayal, quoting Linda Starr, quoting Orly:

    Also, I remind you that Phil is the only one who was a former Deputy AG who prosecuted criminal cases. He looks at this case in ways a prosecutor looks at getting convictions. The other cases which came before the SCOTUS have all been thrown out quickly. Phil cited precedent setting cases that would give him standing.

    Actually Berg is looking at the case more like a conspiracy theorist, or perhaps he’s been warped during his prosecutorial days into thinking everybody is guilty. All of Berg’s so-called evidence is at best unsubstantiated rumors and at worse false.

  9. Think of what would happen, though, if Berg v. Obama ever came to trial.

    1. The Grandmother tape would be exposed as not saying what is claimed
    2. The claims of Indonesian citizenship would be proved false
    3. We would learn who TechDude and Ronald Polarik really are
    4. We would have a very long opinion from a judge ripping Berg to extremely small pieces, possibly laced with ridicule, and possibly with sanctions.

    So why would Berg actually want the case to come to trial? Rationally, he wouldn’t. Perhaps this explains the elementary mistakes Berg has been making, filing in the wrong court, misstating the law, picking crazy legal angles where he lacks standing.

    That is, the issue of standing (which Berg must know well) is really Berg’s shield against losing. He can play the savior of democracy heroically challenging the high and mighty, but without the risk of being exposed as a fraud because he knows his lawsuits will never see the inside of a courtroom.

  10. Keeping in mind the Budweiser commercial from a couple years back, I can see those frogs sitting in the swamp making their frog noises: “barrrrrrrack”, “o”, “bama”.

  11. Uhhh, lawyers already have a bad image.

  12. TRUTH says:

    That same theory you have of Berg never going to court resembles what Obama just did(attempted) with Republicans. He begged them to back his Stimulus plan. WHY would he do that KNOWING he did not need them and his majority would vote for it anyways? BiPartisan…BS!! He doesn’t know what that word means, unless he thinks as Pelosi does…”there is My way, and there is You Agreeing with My Way, thats BI”.

    Yes Boys, your Prez is jumping out of the starting blocks like a real star. His FIRST act was to take steps to get Terrorists released from Gitmo. Next his very first Television talk as the POTUS was on an Arab network speaking to Muslims and apologizing again for the U.S. He has a bill in play that promotes health care for children, but hidden deep is a government health care plan in it. And now he is adding $815 billion to the debt with a fraud of a stimulus FULL of pork barrel spending as he learned in Chicago.

    Congrats boyz, your man is SURE bringing Change.


  13. TRUTH says:

    You said THAT Right DOC!! What again is Obama’s Degree? Glad to see your coming around.

  14. mimi says:

    The Republicans now look like a bunch of partisan politicians, not willing to participate. Obama extended an olive branch, and they didn’t accept. He gave in to certain items, and received nothing in return. I think he played it well. the Republicans look bad.

  15. David Sousa says:

    Your statement that he is releasing all the terrorists from Gitmo is factually incorrect. But I suspect that you know that already.

  16. Patrick McKinnion says:

    I’ve been thinking for a while that Berg really never plans for these cases to be heard in a Court of Law. He’s trying to pitch the cases in the Court of Public Opinion.

  17. TRUTH says:

    Call it what you wish. Release them, Move them to a “better” place, WHATEVER. His #1 priority after taking the cabinet was “Taking Care of the Terrorists”.

    And if you believe, that the October SURPRISE of the Country being in such a Dire Disaster that it was going to fall apart unless immediate action was taken, that it wasn’t planned, then you really need to get out more often. You want so badly to grasp that your savior has arrived, that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

  18. bogus info says:


    I agree with you completely.

  19. TRUTH says:

    Yeah, that frog story relates in more ways than one. That was a great commercial. And the talking lizards. Those should be brought back. Then if they were to relate to today they need to include some snakes.

  20. Cymraeg says:

    Right on! I think that this also applies to Orly, otherwise why would she be filing these outrageous law suits.

  21. mimi says:

    Berg is broke. He needs the money. As of 2008, pending foreclosure on his home (a half-million dollar judgment), maybe more. He has many woes.
    Orly, on the other hand, is just nuts in my opinion. She is enjoying the limelight. But, she’s just nuts. All her crazy motions that mean nothing. But, her fans eat it up.

  22. Brian David Andersen says:

    United We Stand — Divided We Fall

    In the late summer of 2009 the United States population is divided into three groups as America teeters on the edge of falling into the abyss.

    The first division (the largest) totally believes the person currently occupying the White House is a natural born citizen despite the fact that the current White House occupant and his supporters have not produced the proper credentials to prove he is a natural born citizen. These persons also dismiss out-of-hand without consideration or investigation any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz http://orlytaitzesq.com

    The second division does not care where the current occupant of the White House was born and thinks he should remain President of the United States simply because he was “elected.” These persons also dismiss out-of-hand without consideration or investigation any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz.

    The third division (the smallest) demands that any person occupying the White House must prove they are a natural born citizen with the proper credentials. These persons also demand that if the current occupant of the White House cannot produce the proper credentials, the current occupant must resign immediately or be removed by the courts or legislature as soon as possible. These persons also demand a thorough investigation into any potential legitimate foreign birth certificates related to the person occupying the White House such as the document presented in the courts by Orly Taitz.

    In July of 2009, a mother displayed a copy of a long-form birth certificate for her twin daughters that were born in the same hospital of the current occupant of the White House. The twins were born the day before the alleged birth date of the current occupant of the White House. All he has to do is present an identical certified long-form birth document and every one of the constitutional issues will be resolved. Why is there no transparency and honesty regarding a simple document that is supposedly in the files of the Hawaiian government?

    Reality Check: The United States Constitution has specific requirements for a person to be a U.S. Congressional Representative, Senator and President. The words and phrases in the U.S. Constitution regarding the requirements of electing Congressional Representatives, Senators and Presidents are the realities America has followed since the late 1700s. The U.S. Constitution became a full reality in1789.

    What is the term used in psychiatry when a person or a group of individuals lose contact with a reality that has functioned and been followed for 220 years? The disconnected state is labeled psychosis. The specific definition of the word psychosis is:

    “any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality [such as the U.S. Constitution] is lost or highly distorted.”

    So how has America come to the point where two thirds of the citizenry and most of the corporate print and television news media have lost contact with the realities of the U.S. Constitution and live and function in a psychotic state? More bizarrely, why do the first and second division psychotics, label the third group as being racists, bigots or their favorite new buzz word “birthers” as if being a “birther” is a negative mental condition? Why do first and second division psychotics hurl their accusations as the current occupant of the White House cannot produce a real and certified U.S. birth document?

    We need look no further than the persons who nurtured, supported and promoted the previous and current occupants of the White House for the answers to these questions. The current occupant’s first job was provided by Henry Kissinger and then he became a protégée of Zbigneiw Brzezinski. Kissinger and Brzezinski are both Senior Fellows of the Center for Strategic Studies at Jesuit Georgetown University and belong to numerous other elite groups. These two individuals and their organizations are unabashed supporters of a One World Government and New World Order since the 1950s. These individuals and their organizations also inserted the previous occupant into the White House and they planned for and calculated there would be a back lash to the previous occupant’s power and policies.

    They control their created problem (previous White House occupant) and they provide their created solution (current White House occupant) but the base policies do not change. True power is when one group controls both the problem and the solution. The hideous torture still goes on at Guantanamo and other secret prisons while 50,000 additional troops with deadly remote controlled air drones pound Afghanistan and other countries. Since 2001, a flood of legislative bills have been presented and passed by both Democrats and Republicans that erode or outright cancel the liberties and freedoms of all humans on Earth.

    The previous occupant of the White House declared the U.S. Constitution was “just a [gd] piece of paper.” However, divisions one and two as detailed above do not verbally berate the U.S. Constitution — they do one better (or worse) by condemning the U.S. Constitution with their disconnection from the realities set forth in that document related to the qualifications a person must have to be President of the United States. A citizen’s actions or passivity express their berating attitude and mental state far better than a politician’s words. Also a citizen’s actions or passivity are far more powerful and meaningful than a politician’s words.

    At this critical juncture in American History, persons like Kissinger and Brzezinski and groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Jesuit operated Center for Strategic Studies have placed a combination foreigner birthed, Manchurian Candidate and Pied Piper into the White House. And while Kissinger, Brzezinski and company promoted their current White House occupant as the solution to their previous White House occupant with the complicit corporate news media, millions of Americans lost contact with the realities of the U.S. Constitution and slipped into a whirlpool state of psychosis. When one provision of the U.S. Constitution is disregarded by the general public then the stage is set for an occupant of the White House to disregard and cancel other provisions related to the rights of free speech, religion, bear arms and self incrimination.

    The current occupant of the White House claims he was a Constitutional lawyer therefore he should be very familiar with the requirements to be President of the United States as specifically stated in the U.S. Constitution. However, a Constitutional lawyer spends little time in the courtroom but must publish papers or his reputation and function as a Constitutional lawyer perishes. The current occupant of the White House has yet to produce one paper he or his staff wrote regarding the U.S. Constitution. But the current occupant of the White House admitted in the summer of 2009 that he sucks nicotine into his body by inhaling smoke from blazing tobacco sticks at least four or five times a day. Usually a person who declares they have a four to five a day cigarette habit, have in reality, a one to three pack a day smoker addiction.

    If no authentic birth document is tendered or a genuine foreign birth document is presented in a federal court, then the current occupant of the White House knew he was not eligible to run for ANY federal public office. His actions rise to the highest level of fraud and he should be tried in a court of law for his alleged crime(s). But then before the 2008 election, most Americans knew as much about his foreign birth controversy as they did about his addiction to nicotine. In turn, the previous occupant of the White House should be tried for war crimes but the American public remains as passive and silent about that issue as they do about the current occupant of the White House being addicted to nicotine. Henry and Zbig are having a really good chuckle.

    As Americans deal with so many issues, the very small minority of persons implementing the One World Government and New World Order have spun the U.S. citizenry into a splintered and confused mob. But this dispersed mob is not armed with pitchforks and bats in a righteous freedom revolution but meekly sits in front of high definition entertainment while cowering in fear of the created and illusionary fiscal, “terrorism” and health crisis situations. Our captors know…United We Stand — Divided We Fall — as they bury our liberties and freedoms to implement their New World Order in an avalanche of fabricated fear.

    The reason why the names Bush and Obama have not be used in this article is because they are only symptoms of the problem. Had both George and Barack not been born, Henry and Zbig would have tapped others with the personalities, dynamics and results being the same.

    Now is the time for all divisions of the U.S. populace to shed the fear and psychosis and boldly connect with the realities set forth by our forefathers in the documents titled the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    United We Stand as the aware citizenry removes the occupants (Henry and Zbig’s boys and girls) in Washington D.C, all the state capitals and the corporate news media by only electing, listening to and working with dedicated persons who will thoroughly engage our reality into the foundations set forth in America during the late 1700s.

    There is a difference between a person qualifying for citizenship and a person qualifying to be a candidate for President of the United States. The U.S. Constitution is very specific about the qualifications for being a candidate for President– read this eighteenth century document for the details because there are no ambiguities but regretfully there are only smokescreens and distractions by volunteer and paid disinformation agents that write on this and other forums.

    No Federal court has decided the legitimacy, citizenship and qualifications of a Presidential candidate so any and all previous court cases are meaningless. In all previous court cases regarding Barry’s qualifications and citizenship, the defense has not cited any previous court cases because there are no previous court cases.

    The specific task of the disinformation agents is to throw as much mud and crap into the clear waters stated U.S. Constitution so the average citizen throws their arms up in confusion and disgust. Don’t be victim…keep your awareness and state-of-mind and heart penetrating through the mucked waters and fouled air created by Barry’s mud and fog “machine.”

    Barry was supposedly a “Constitutional” lawyer (published no papers) so he knows very well the qualifications for one to be a Senatorial and Presidential Candidate. Does he not release any kind a genuine and long-form birth certificate from any location, his passport, his school records, his driver’s license and so many other documents that would determine his citizenship AND his qualifications to be a Senatorial and Presidential candidate because he very well knows he definitely does not meet the criteria as a Federal level politician AND/OR a citizen?

    The secrecy and cloaking of EVERY document to make the true and certified determination of his qualifications for BOTH citizenship and being a Senatorial and Presidential candidate and the millions of dollars that have gone into hiding the cornucopia of documents by Barry’s legal and writer hit squads are so sad and very telling that he has to be a fraud and liar.

    And that is one of the key issues — Barry and his mentors Henry and Zbig know he does not qualify as a Senatorial and Presidential Candidate so his “machine” and henchmen have committed the highest form of fraud and deception on the America people.

    Anyone living in Hawaii, including government officials or a private citizen SAYING anyone is a citizen because they either have SEEN a long-form birth certificate or they BELIEVE there is a long-term birth certificate is HEARSAY in any court of law. Their observations are worthless but again Barry’s subversive agents on this forum and others attempt to create smokescreens and confusion with their baseless observations about hearsay statements and COLB (certificate of live birth). Are Barry’s henchmen writers on this forum ALL volunteers or are they paid mercenaries?

    A person using COLB to obtain a passport or birth certificate does not rise to the standards of and never will be the sole criteria a Federal Court will use or consider when qualifying a person as being a legitimate Senatorial or Presidential Candidate.

    Let there be no question that if indeed the document does exist, I want and desire a release of and a court of law to determine Barry’s long-form birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii so Barry will exonerate himself from any potential criminal charges of fraud and obstruction of justice. I want this issue to be resolved as much as I want Barry to have been born in Hawaii. Regretfully what we want is sometimes not a reality and truth. And what anyone wants is not the qualifications for another person to be a candidate for Senator or President.

    So now that the smokescreens and diversions have been eliminated:

    Again just in case you missed the most important point, in July of 2009, a mother displayed a copy of a long-form birth certificate for her twin daughters that were born in the same hospital of the current occupant of the White House. The twins were born the day before the alleged birth date of the current occupant of the White House. All he has to do is present an identical certified long-form birth document and every one of the constitutional issues will be resolved. Why is there no transparency and honesty regarding a simple document that is supposedly in the files of the Hawaiian government?

    Because Barry is:

    1. a Kenyan Citizen
    2. an Indonesian Citizen
    3. a U.S. citizen but does not qualify as a candidate for ANY Federal political office.

    Sit down, take a deep breath and relax while you take the time to READ the U.S. Constitution and find your answers in the same document that also motivates Barry’s complete silence and concealing any revealing documents related to his true ancestry and birth.

    When you finish reading the U.S. Constitution, stay focused and determined and do not let Barry’s volunteer and paid disinformation agents muddle the clear waters and air stated in the U.S. Constitution.

    And hopefully the moderator of this forum believes in and follows the first amendment and does not censor me for pointing out the disinformation agents and “machine” running interference for the unqualified and fraudulent Barry for the past two to three years.

    Brian David Andersen

    A Non-Party Affiliated,
    Free, Independent &
    Very Proud “Birther”

  23. kimba says:

    Baloney I suspect you are a conservative, evangelical, southern white man.

    Funny how the birthers scream for realists to be censored at their sites, but expect to not be censored elsewhere. If you understood the First Amendment you would know it protects you from the government limiting your free speech, it doesn’t protect your speech on a private website. Birthers scream Constitution and yet very few have actually read it.

    The majority of the people in this country, including the entire Congress, know Barack Obama is eligible. It is a small, vocal minority that is wrong and making a case that cannot be won. In addition I think you all suffer from a shared psychosis called folie a plusieurs: a psychosis in which a dominant person develops a delusional belief and transmits it to other susceptible individuals. You are susceptible because you fear and are confused by the social change that is inevitable with President Barack Hussein Obama. Your birther fantasy arguments are a manifestation of your psychosis, fear and confusion.

  24. Greg says:

    1. Look up Federal Rules of Evidence 803-804. Hearsay IS accepted in court. In fact that is the only way that ANY birth documents come into evidence. A birth certificate, whether long form or short form or whatever, IS HEARSAY. In Federal court, a birth certificate, or certification of live birth, comes into evidence as a public record (FRE 803.8) or as a vital statistic (FRE 803.9):

    “Records or data compilations, in any form, of births, fetal deaths, deaths, or marriages, if the report thereof was made to a public office pursuant to requirements of law.”

    And Obama’s COLB is self-authenticating in Federal Court, (FRE 902) because it is under seal.

    And the testimony of the Hawaiian director of the Department of Health would be admissible under FRE 901 to authenticate the document, if it came to that.

    If you’re going to pretend to make a legal case, at least become familiar with the terms you’re using!

    2. I love the claim that “every constitutional issue” will be resolved if Obama shows his long form birth certificate juxtaposed with claims that he’s (b) an Indonesian citizen or (c) a U.S. citizen not qualified to be President. When you write something you know not to be true, generally, that’s called a lie. You’re lying when you say that “every constitutional issue” will be resolved, since you have identified constitutional “issues” that cannot be resolved with a birth certificate.

    (“Issues” is in quotes because they, like the birth certificate, aren’t real issues, but only more BS written by people who have never gotten closer to the law than to hear Daniel Shore shout “Objection, hearsay!” in Boston Legal!)

  25. I suppose you think what you wrote is profound, but in the final analysis, it is just empty oratory, with nothing to do with the law and how things get decided. Your hand-waiving does not magically erase the common law of the United States. While we’re reading the Constitution, perhaps you should spend come quality time reading United States v. Wong, I daresay you will find some concepts in it that you were totally new to you.

    A birth certificate is a birth certificate, whether it is a photocopy or a computer abstract. All your oratory does not erase the Federal Rules of Evidence, the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution, not the prima facie nature of the document. The only valid objection you have to the document is that it doesn’t agree with your delusion.

    At least you will get your one expressed desire. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. No question.

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